Tips and Tricks for Taking Toddlers to the Beach

1. Find a beach fits your style. For me (for all of us, maybe), Asbury Park feels like everything I love about Jersey City, but on a beach. And it’s about an hour drive so even if the traffic is annoying, it’s not annoying for long.

2. Apply sunscreen at home before you get them dressed. Use the spray kind. Bring that with you. Periodically spray them while they play.

3. Asbury Park has metered parking and a parking lot. The parking lot is a little more expensive, but there’s no time limit and it’s easy to remember where your car is. I park in the lot every time.

4. You have to pay to get on the beach. If you think you’re going to be a regular, you might want to buy the season pass. If I were the person buying the tickets instead of the person corralling the toddlers, I woulda bought the season passes. My partner refuses to fill out forms, so we wound up with day passes.

5. There’s a splash pad, but it’s not that much better than the ones we have at our local parks in JC so we’ve never paid the price of admission for that. They have mini golf too, but we’ve never attempted to take our 2 & 3 year old in. Maybe next summer.


6. There’s an amazing playground. We typically save that for the end of the day– it’s the cherry on top at the end of a long day in the sun.


7. Bring your own buckets, shovels, trucks, towels, and extra clothes.

8. Do yourself a favor and wear your bathing suit to the beach with a sundress and flip-flops. Don’t try to manage kids while you’re fumbling with your bra in the public restroom. This goes for the kids too. Arrive beach ready.

9. Try to find a spot near someone else who has kids. Encourage your kids to dig or build with those kids. More kids = more parents = less stress.

10. Find a spot near the water. You don’t want to keep getting up to fill up buckets that will be almost empty by the time they get back to your spot.

11. When we went, the water was so cold that I wasn’t at all worried about the kids going in without me. They approached the shoreline, and when the water tickled their feet, they shrieked and ran away. This game lasted about half an hour, which is also known as forever in ToddlerLand. It was awesome.

Also there are lifeguards there so if there was an emergency, I wouldn’t have been on my own.

12. Pack a lunch that’s already chopped up, like strawberries or chunks of sausage. Bring toothpicks as utensils. (Don’t let them hold the whole container!) Juice boxes are also a great beach treat.

13. Asbury Park has people stationed on the beach who rent out lounge chairs and umbrellas for $10. Before I had kids, I might have scoffed at that price and lugged my own chair. Now it’s part of the reason I like that beach.

14. The boardwalk has enough food, shopping, art, and oddities to make it fun, but not too many to make it unmanageable. There are no rides or overly intoxicated twenty-somethings.

15. Take it easy. It’s a beach. Be as prepared as you can be and don’t forget to check the weather before making the trip!

This blog is written by Mel and she is the founder and CEO of The Moxie Group, a consulting company for all your marketing needs.

Mom, Entrepreneur and Director. All in One Woman: Elizabeth Cain

Elizabeth Cain Jersey City

JCFamilies: You are a busy lady! You have a four-year- old, work as Jersey City’s Director of Cultural Affairs, and own two businesses (Hound About Town and Hazel Baby & Kids.) I picture you waking up at like 5 am. Am I close?

E. Kane: No. Well, some days. I do wake up first – before my husband or son. I just lay in bed and go through emails. Then I get ready, get Landon off to school (my hubby and I do this together, which is nice), and have my coffee on my way to work.

JCFamilies: What’s your favorite coffee spot?

E. Kane: It changes depending on what I want to eat with my coffee. I like Smith and Chang,Dames, Beechwood, Short Grain…

JCFamilies: Is that your only downtime then? The morning?

E. Kane: Hmm…Yeah. Probably.

JCFamilies: So tell us about starting your businesses, Hazel Baby & Kids and Hound About Town. Was the process what you expected it would be?

E. Kane: I think there are always surprises, but I’m the type of person who runs into something and just tries to solve it and move on. I roll with the punches. I mean, I would prepare as much as possible, but I don’t get overwhelmed easily.

JCFamilies: Was there anything in particular that stands out as particularly challenging?

E. Kane: I think unpacking the initial inventory was a lot, but it was also really fun. I think the biggest challenge of a small business is that you don’t know where your money is coming from, or if you’re going to have it. You never know if you’re going to get paid or not, if you’re getting a paycheck. It’s all on you. Luckily we live in a community that’s supportive of small businesses, which is what I love about Jersey City.

JCFamilies: What else do you like about Jersey City?

E. Kane: I travel a lot, and I noticed that you don’t get the kind of hometown feel in other towns that you get in Jersey City. Especially in urban areas.

JCFamilies: Would you change anything?

E. Kane: Nothing I can think of.

JCFamilies: Not to push the issue, but what about for your son? Maybe the schools? Is your son in the public school system?

E. Kane: He’s not, but that’s a whole different conversation. My son has food allergies, so he goes to the Scandi School. They’re vegan, and they teach the kids about food. They teach them how to cook. They don’t let outside food in, so it really helps a lot with his allergies.

JCFamilies: How did you come to recognize that problem?

E. Kane: He was basically covered and really thin…I mean, he had skin issues when he was a baby. Like on his neck and stuff. Before I knew, I was eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in the mornings and then breastfeeding him. Turns out he was allergic. I would bring him to the doctor and they thought it was heat rash. But he was so thin as a little baby.

And I didn’t see other babies with heat rash. It just didn’t sound right. I worked for an allergist in college, so I knew about the severity of food allergies.

JCFamilies: Thankfully you figured it out.

E. Kane: Absolutely. It’s terrifying. I can’t send him to school, I can’t send him to birthday parties…I really want to start a support group because it’s so scary.

JCFamilies: How would you describe your parenting style? What’s important to you as a mom?

E. Kane: We do a lot of positive gentle parenting, and his school supports that too. It’s like community parenting. We set boundaries and there are consequences. We do workbooks and have playtime. We try to keep a good balance. It’s hard, but I try to spend as much time with him as possible. My mom takes care of him too.

JCFamilies: What does he like to do?

E. Kane: He likes to dig, so we build things. (He’s four.) We’re doing Legos a lot now. He goes outside and a pile of dirt will entertain him for hours.

JCFamilies: Some moms might say that you “have it all”; Got any tips?

E. Kane: Well, I think the secret is that you can’t do it alone, and you can’t be afraid to ask for help. I ask my mom, my husband, my son’s teachers, my friends. Everyone! And I also don’t get all bent out of shape if something doesn’t work out. It’s constant prioritizing, but a lot of it feels pretty natural.

JCFamilies: Natural? What’s your educational background?

E. Kane: I went to the University of Vermont. I went because everyone else was going – our generation was all going. But I would definitely go again. I’m not utilizing my degree – I was a Pre-Med/Nutrition & Dietetics with a major in Chemistry.

JCFamilies: Do you regret that course of study at this point?

E. Kane: I wouldn’t change my experience for anything. Life took me in a different direction, and I’m glad it did honestly. I’m not a 10-year planner. I don’t look out into the future that far in advance. That’s not the type of person that I am. My benchmarks are more short term.

My long-term goals are to be able to spend time with my family, make money, be secure… and so my short-term goals are always focused on what I have to do today to make them happen.

JCFamilies: At one time, you were a single lady with a completely different life. What was the transformation like?

E. Kane: It was kind of organic. The timing just ended up being right for everything. I met my husband at a show in Maxwell’s where he was playing with his band. He lived outside Philly at the time. That was probably in 2007.

JCFamilies: That’s not even ten years ago. It’s 2016 now. A lot has happened since then!

E. Kane: Wow. Yeah.

JCFamilies: So what were you doing at that time?

E. Kane: I was working for Silverman doing the building part of the business – we did purchasing, design and building. I was also directing the Downtown Special Improvement District. I’ve never really done only one thing. Even when I was single I was working and bartending at night.

JCFamilies: So how did you know how to start a business?

E. Kane: We had a lot of support. Friends and people I knew. I did a lot of research. There was a lot of trial and error.

JCFamilies: What are you working on now?

E. Kane: We’re setting up the online stores at Hazel Baby & Kids, so we can help new moms with their registries. That’s exciting. And we’re setting up entertainment in the parks with the city.

JCFamilies: You’re amazing Elizabeth.

E. Kane: Really I just want to leave everything better than I found it.

JCFamilies is represented by Mel Kozakiewicz. Mel is the founder and CEO of The Moxie Group, a consulting company for all your marketing needs.


Why you should come to Exchange Place Plaza on June 10th?


Not that any of us need a reason to strap the kids into the double stroller and get out of the house, but sometimes we need a little motivation (or at least a destination.) Never fear – JCFamilies is throwing (another!) party. Save the second Fridays for the next five months for the Feministival.

The JCFeministival is a monthly party-in-the-park type event that brings local female business-owners out of their shops and gathers them in the sunshine overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful skylines. (Did someone say Springtime selfie?)

Imagine yourself (and your entourage – screaming children are especially encouraged) wandering around the Exchange Place Plaza on a Friday afternoon while the kids are suddenly clapping to music, or focusing on a magician, allowing you to socialize with other women who absolutely understand your simultaneous need to hold your kids close and watch them run far, far away. Don’t worry about forgetting the snacks. There’ll be food there.

At the Feministival, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the water glisten and chat with women who somehow had the wherewithal to start and grow businesses. You’ll connect with women who are passionate about their work, women who have something to share with the world. Women who, in addition to being your almost neighbors, are also health care providers, artists, and educators. Women who inspire.

Come find me! I’ll be the one with the messy-bun and the black t-shirt that one of my kids just spilled yogurt on. (Oh wait. That’s all of us.)

 who You! And your kids. Everyone’s invited!

 what JCFeministival!

 where Exchange Place Plaza

 when Second Fridays, 3-8 pm (5/13, 6/10, 7/8, 8/12, 9/9)

 why To support local female business owners, to make friends, to watch

 how If you’re not up for a walk, the Light-Rail stops at Exchange Place, the kiddies giggle, to bask in the glory of our city and so does the PATH.

Mel Kozakiewicz is the founder and CEO of The Moxie Group, a consulting company for all your marketing needs.

“We love Boobies” Chicpea’s Breastfeeding Story. SHE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!


We love boobies.

As some of you may have read my birth story, the next post is a continuation of the trials and tribulations of becoming a new parent. I tell it like it is!! As mentioned in the previous post, I was really determined to breastfeed my “Mini-me.” Even though it wasn’t really a “thing” in my family.

I remember when I asked my sister once why she didn’t want to breastfeed to which she said to me “It’s just not natural”  WHAT?! so having dudes grope your boobies to get off is?! How is doing the thing your breasts are designed biologically to do, unnatural? Humans were meant to drink human milk, and formula is made from cow’s milk.I don’t blame her for reacting that way. This is the problem with society and I need to vent about this.

It’s cool for chicks to walk around half-naked or take “butt selfies” (which is totally cool, not against it and maybe I do from time to time. FOLLOW ME @chicpeajc 😉 but it’s not okay for a mom to feed her child from a boob in public. Really?! Really.

I know this topic has been exhausted in the media but I find it completely crazy that breastfeeding is still totally not accepted by the mainstream. That moms have to cover themselves when trying to feed their human child because it makes others uncomfortable.

First, it is by LAW permitted for a woman to breastfeed anywhere she wants. The rates are steadily improving and the topic has gone from being a “lifestyle issue” to a “public health issue.” So now you have the federal government recognizing that we spend upwards of $13 billion per year in costs related to formula raised sicker babies & children, yet the public still has a problem accepting woman nursing in public or taking time at work to pump for her baby.

After I had Mini-me I had major difficulties breastfeeding. For about 3 months I had to use nipple shields (which protect that tender tissue) and I had to pump all the time like a crazy woman. Breastfeeding does not come easy for everyone and whether you tried to or not doesn’t make you a better or worse mother. No judgment zone, we all do what we can.

Anyway, I remember the first time I ventured out with my baby in public and it was time for her to eat. It was probably the most stressful moment of my life. I remember she was crying her eyes out, I was trying to put the nipple shield and also figure out how to use the breastfeeding cover-up… the whole experience was awful and traumatizing. I remember thinking to myself, why am I using this cover-up? Is it to make sure people around me don’t get uncomfortable with maybe seeing a nipple? FUCK THAT. It’s a nipple people. We ALL have them! The cover ups are just not cute and never matched my LOTD (look of the day)

I came home and immediately put the cover-up in storage.  I decided that I am going to feed my kid wherever and whenever she wants and I don’t care who I offend; that’s their problem.

I remember once I was carrying Mini-me on my hip and ran into a friend on the corner of Grove and Christopher Columbus (which is very high traffic). Mini-me puled down my shirt, exposing me to all of Jersey City. When my friend finally noticed she said, “Lynn, your nipple is hanging out!” I just shrugged and continued my conversation. Why are people so afraid of seeing nipples?! We all have them!

The moral of this post is. Breastfeeding can be really hard, it’s exhausting, it’s challenging but it’s also really good for babies, and boobs have dual usage – they’re nice to look at, great to feel, and superb at providing complete nourishment for a growing human!

We love boobies. I sure do.  

FOOTNOTE:  If 90% of US families could comply with medical recommendations to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, the US would save $13 billion per year in healthcare costs and prevent an excess of nearly a thousand deaths annually. Current US breastfeeding rates are suboptimal mainly due to lack of support culturally and the high percentage of women returning to the workplace 12 weeks after birth. [from the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, April 5, 2010]

Exclusive breastfeeding has been shown to reduce or prevent:  Necrotizing enterocolitis[bacterial infection], otitis media [ear infections], gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, dermatitis [eczema], SIDS, asthma, leukemia, type 1 diabetes, and childhood obesity. 


Easter Events in & around Jersey City


Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association and JC Families Easter Event

Hamilton Park, Jersey City

Saturday, March 19, 2016, 10am to 12:30pm

Free event

Enjoy the annual egg hunt picture with the Easter Bunny, goodies for the kids, food, entertainment and a DJ dance party!

Egg Hunt new logo


Easter FUNDAY at Hazel Baby & Kids!

Join the HDSID in bringing the Easter Bunny to Downtown JC for all the kiddies out there to enjoy! Free pictures and candy for all you kiddos out there!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Hazel Baby & Kids for hosting the event!

RSVP here:








Van Vorst Park

257 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ

Saturday, March 26th , 2016, 12pm (Rain Date: April 2nd )

Ready to Hop? Egg Hunt returns to VVP, followed by Easter Bonnet Parade and Competition! Easter Bonnet Competition at 12:45pm. Now, hop to it! Tapestry Church’s Easter Eggstravaganza!


Tapestry Church 2016 Easter Eggstravaganza

Gateway Park – 23 Merseles Street Historic Downtown, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Saturday, March 26, 2016, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

FREE Event.

Registration is required. Pre-register today to avoid registration lines on the day of the event. Click here to register: Featuring over 25,000 Easter eggs including money eggs, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, crafts, and the Easter Bunny! The Egg Hunt begins at 12 noon. Everything is completely free and all are welcome to register.


Hoboken Grace Church Easter Egg Hunt

Mama Johnson Field, 4th and Jackson, Hoboken, NJ.

Saturday, March 19, 2016, 10 am to 12 pm.

Free event

Over 10,000 candy-stuffed eggs will be found by children ages 1–12. Face painting, crafts, bouncy houses, music, games and pictures with the Easter Bunny for all. Pre-registration is recommended.

Hoboken Grace


Hoboken Family Alliance Spring Fling Egg Hunt 

Columbus Park, 9th and Clinton, Hoboken, NJ

Saturday, March 19, 2016, 10am to 12pm (Rain date: March 20)

Free for HFA members & $5 suggested donation

The Hoboken Family Alliance will host its 18th annual Spring Fling Egg Hunt. The egg hunt will include a stroll through the Spring Farm Egg Hunt, a “bunny-hop” and egg races. Children can trade their (empty) eggs for a bag of goodies to take home, there will also be photo opportunities with props courtesy of Hoboken High School art department.

Hoboken Alliance


Wicked Wolf Tavern Breakfast with the Easter Bunny 

120 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ

Saturday, March 26, 2016, 9am to 12pm

Tickets are $15/person and children 3 and under are free.

Join the Easter Bunny for breakfast! Meet the famous bunny, take pictures with him and enjoy a breakfast buffet and some fun arts and crafts.

Wicked Wolf tavern


Urban Jungle & Play, Easter egg Hunt & Painting

1140 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ

Saturday, March 27, 2016

Child: $5

Egg painting, cooking decorating, activities followed by an Easter Egg Hunt
Urban Jungle Play


New York City

Easter Sunday Cruise 

Spirit Cruise, Lincoln Harbor, Weehawken, NJ

Sunday, March 27, 2016, 12.00pm to 2pm

Tickets are $59.90/adult, $35.95/children ages 3 – 12 and children under 3 are free.

Share a grand buffet with the Easter Bunny including kid-friendly items like pizza, chicken fingers, etc. There will also be music, dancing and a great tour of the Hudson and East Rivers, Ellis Island the Statue of Liberty.
Easter Sunday Cruise


Children’s Museum of Manhattan, NYC

Friday, March 25 & Sunday March 27, 2016 | 10am-4:45pm| All ages
Saturday, March 26, 2016 | 10am-6:45pm| All ages

This event is free with paid museum admission.

Hunt for hidden egg icons in the museum! Grab a scavenger hunt booklet to record where you spot them and bring the booklet to the lobby to collect your Easter prize!

Children's Museum of Manhattan 


The Great Easter Egg Hunt – Tribeca

10 Desbrosses St, (between Hudson and Greenwich), NYC

Saturday, March 26, 2016, 11:00am to 1:00pm

Free Event

The Lower Manhattan Community Church sponsors this free annual holiday fest featuring egg hunts for children up to the third grade. Games, prizes, crafts, face painting and pictures with the Easter Bunny!


Annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival 

Fifth Avenue between 49th and 57th, NYC

Sunday, March 27, 2016, 10am to 4pm

Check out wacky hats and other sorts of bonnets as you enjoy the Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue!

Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival

———————————————————–Carl Schurz Park 9th Annual Egg Hunt

East End Avenue at East 89th Street North Lawn, NYC

Saturday, March 19, 2016, 1:00pm to 3:00pm (Rain Date March 20)

FREE but donations accepted

Meet the Carl Schurz Bunny! East Side West Side Music Together will entertain you while you are on line. Kids will receive an egg collection bag and glitter cheek, or hand stamp.


Frozen Easter Egg Hunt – Midtown West

1335 6th Ave (Btwn W 53rd St & W 54th St), NYC
Friday, March 25 – Sunday, March 27, 2016, 11:00am

Families are invited to celebrate this fun-filled holiday with an icy spin on the traditional Easter celebration. All kids (ages 14 and younger) will receive a complimentary mocktail with entry and are invited to take part in NYC¹s only Frozen Easter Egg Hunt featuring five custom Easter eggs frozen throughout the winter wonderland for guests to find. Those who find all five will be gifted a treat basket, courtesy of the ice bar.


NYC Fire Museum Easter Egg Hunt, Soho

New York City Fire Museum, 278 Spring St, NYC

Saturday, March 26, 2016, 12.00pm to 1.00pm
$8 adults, $5 children
Head to the popular NYC Fire Museum to hunt for eggs inside the firehouse. Bags are provided to collect the treats and museum admission is included. When you’re done, pose for photos with Hot Dog, the FDNY mascot.

Our Saviour New York Central Park Hunt – Central Park
Saturday, March 26, 2016, 11.00am

Free Event
Join Our Saviour New York for its annual egg hunt on the Heckscher lawn in Central Park. Children ages 4-11 can gather thousands of treat-filled eggs and the Easter Bunny will be on hand for free photo-ops.

Central Park Egg Hunt


Creative Kiddie Easter Cruise – Stuyvesant Town

Skyport Marina, 2430 FDR Drive, NYC

Saturday, March 26, 2016, 1.00pm to 4.30pm

$35 in advance; $40 at the door
Sail the high seas (or the East River) as you party with the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs aboard The Lucille. The cruise will take you down the East River for striking views of Lady Liberty, and includes lots of fun like balloon animals, face painting, popcorn, cotton candy and arts & crafts.

Community Egg Hunt Greenwich V

Community Easter Egg Hunt – Greenwich Village

First Presbyterian Church,12 West, 12 St, NYC

Sunday, March 27, 2016, 1.00pm

Free Event
Following its Easter worship services, the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York will be hosting its Annual FREE Community Wide Easter egg hunt.

Carl Schurz Egg Hunt



Join our Team


Are you passionate about children and making a difference in the community? Want to apply your communication, organizational, marketing and business skills? 

JCFamilies is currently recruiting for volunteer positions! Come join our dynamic and driven team as we work to bring a wholesome parenting experience to Jersey City and beyond!

All roles are very flexible and even a few hours every month is helpful. Volunteering with JCFamilies is a great way to develop skills, learn more about a variety of career paths, build a foundation for transitioning back into the workforce, expand your network, make friends, spend time outdoors/with animals/with kids, and connect with our wonderful community.

If you would like to be part of our team, please fill the following form:

Social Media Ambassadors

JCFamilies currently has open volunteer Social Media Ambassador opportunities. Social Media Ambassadors will work with our team to raise awareness of our organization and grow our presence.  

Responsibilities and requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Post updates and share our initiatives through photos, videos, stories and information. Like, comment, share and re-tweet posts from JCFamilies’ social media accounts
  • Promote upcoming events and other JCFamilies’ activities
  • Collaborate with the JCFamilies’ team to ensure timely updates and a coordinated approach to our marketing efforts
  • Find opportunities to promote our social media channels online and offline
  • Actively engage online audience during events by tweeting highlights, photographs and video clips (always using the hashtag #jcfamilies)
  • Requirements: commitment and strong interest in the Jersey City community, in wholesome parenting and family topics, proficiency in social media platforms, excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills

Event Assistants

JCFamilies currently has open volunteer Event Assistant opportunities. Event Assistants will work with our team to help put together our events and have a chance to meet new people, promote our work to the community and answer general inquiries while informing and educating attendees about JCFamilies.

Event assistants are essential to the smooth running of each event and ensuring participants have a nice experience. Event assistants will also answer any general enquiries and spread the word about JCFamilies.

  1. This is an active role requiring a ‘hands on’ approach. Skills required for this role include the ability to follow instructions in addition to being extremely punctual, polite, friendly and confident in dealing with the public.
    Tasks will differ depending on the specifics of the event, however, key assignments may include:
  2. Set Up Team: Be a part of the team that puts together JCFamilies’ Events. Assist our team of organizers in setting tables/chairs, decorating, welcoming participants and guests, and more.
  3. Tear Down Team: Help JCFamilies’ Team break down tables/ chairs, remove signs, and more.
  4. Master of Ceremonies (MC): Be the official host of JCFamilies’ Events presenting performances, speaking with the audience, entertaining attendees, and keeping the event moving.

Requirements: commitment and strong interest in the Jersey City community, in wholesome parenting and family topics; excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Print Media Ambassador

JCFamilies has current volunteer Print Media Ambassador opportunities. Print Media Ambassadors will assist JCFamilies in ensuring that printed material (i.e. posters, leaflets and guides) is delivered to a range of community settings in the local areas.

Responsibilities and requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify suitable businesses to approach (i.e. health care providers, food/hospitality, libraries, schools etc.), and ask if posters can be displayed.
  • Place posters in local parks
  • Keep a record of the locations where material was distributed
  • Requirements: Commitment and strong interest in the Jersey City community, in wholesome parenting and family topics; excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Fitness Ambassador

JCFamilies has current volunteer Fitness Ambassador opportunities. Fitness Ambassadors will be an energetic fitness enthusiast and will be passionate about healthy living. As JCFamilies participates / partners with other organizations on bringing fitness events to our neighborhood, the Fitness Ambassador’s responsibilities will include, but won’t be limited to:

  • Creating a JCFamilies’ Team
  • Coordinating and supporting the events preparation
  • Act as a cheerful community animator, providing fun and excitement to all involved in each fitness event
  • Requirements: commitment and strong interest in the Jersey City community, in fitness and health topics; excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Content Writer

JCFamilies has current volunteer Content Writer opportunities. Content Writers will support our team in creating content for our website, newsletter and social media.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Research of relevant topics: parenting, early education, children’s activities, events, etc.
  • Writing of relevant website, blog and social media content
  • Interviews, meetings and collaboration with the JCFamilies team
  • Requirements: commitment and strong interest in the Jersey City community, in wholesome parenting and family topics; excellent interpersonal and communication skills

If you would like to be part of our team, please fill the following form:


Super Bowl in and around Jersey City

Superbowl is this Sunday at 6:30 pm!! Get ready and plan with family and friends.

Check the spots where you can watch the game or get ready to stay at home while eating deliciously.


Graze & Braise has special gluten-free, paleo buffalo wings available for delivery through FastBoy .

Loradella’s is offering a large pie, 10 wings, and a 2 liter bottle of soda for $21.99

Talde is offering pick-up of their wings, kale salad, and pretzel pork dumplings for Sunday. All orders need to be in by Saturday at 3pm

Lucky 7s is hosting a viewing party beginning at 6pm and they’re also offering catering for a minimum $100 order. Orders must be in by February 5th

Carvao BBQ is celebrating with a guest DJ, giveaways, and drink specials beginning at 4pm. Space is limited.

Amelia’s party begins at 5pm with happy hour drink prices and a special menu.

McGinley Square Pub will have 125 inch screen projection, special cocktails and trivia, They’re expecting to start at 1pm.

HopsScotch will have the game on their 20+ TVs and have food and drink specials.

Thanks to jerseycityeats for the previous information

9CTavernPre Game Bowl Time Happy Hour from 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM: Sit back, relax, eat, drink and enjoy the game on one of our big screen t.v.’s. We’ll prepare the food and drinks while you score big. We’ll be playing the game with sound. Get in early and get your seats.

Dorrian’s Red Hand: On game-day customers can enjoy $10 Bud Light pitchers and $5 Fireball shots while watching the game on one of their many high-definition, big-screen TVs.

The Brightside Tavern: Game Day will feature food and drink specials as part of the Tavern’s annual football party. The main dining room has two huge 80-inch TVs and two additional rooms with massive 120-inch screens.


If you plan to stay at home with family and friends you can order online platters from Shoprite:

They even have options for pregame, game and half- time and desserts and decor.

Check the options here  and here


If you are in hoboken or planning to go, check these options brought to us thanks to hoboken happy hours.

The Ale House: 

  • $5 Personal Pithers
  • $5 Well Drinks
  • $5 Jameson & Jager Shots
  • $3 Bud Light & Budweiser Bottles
  • $2 Manning shots every time Peyton throws a TD

The Ainsworth: offering two 4-hour open bar packages for the big game. Both include an open bar and hors d’ouevres, and then you have a choice between standing room only or reserved seating.

Click here for standing room only tickets.

Click here for reserved seating tickets.

Cadillac Cantina: Cadillac Cantina will have the sound on all game and will be celebrating all night!

City Bistro: offering the following specials for the big game:

  • $4 Coors Light, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Seasonal, & Angry Orchard Drafts
  • $6 Appetizers (Special Menu)
  • Complimentary Buffet at Half Time

Green Rock: will be giving out half priced drinks for 11am-2pm if you wear a Green Rock shirt, and will be offering the following specials all day:

  • $5 Green Tea Shots
  • $12 Pitchers
  • $40 Bomb Pitchers
  • $0.50 Wings

McSwiggans: is offering a half price menu along with the following specials:

  • $11 Bud Light Pitchers
  • $15 Blue Moon Pitchers
  • $15 Goose Island Pitchers

Texas Arizona: Texas Arizona will have the sound on for the game and be celebrating all night.

Willie McBride’s: In addition to raffling off a Mountain bike, Callaway Golf bag and beer coolers, Willie McBride’s will be featuring the following specials:

  • $3 Domestic Drafts
  • $12 Miller Lite, Bud light, Coors Light and Yuengling Pitchers
  • $8 PBR Pitchers
  • $3 Shot Specials
  • $15 Beer Buckets

Black Bear: Black Bear will be running a free box pool for the first 100 people in the bar for a chance to win memorabilia and a 40″ HDTV. Drink specials will be the following:

  • $4 Blue Moon Pints
  • $6 Jack Daniels drinks
  • $6 Manmosas
  • $11.99 Coors Light Pitchers

Little Town Social: Little Town Social will be featuring a premium OPEN BAR that will last from kickoff through the end of the game. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased by clicking here. There are also table and bottle service packages available, email [email protected] for more details.

Maxwell’s: Maxwell’s will be running a free box pool for the first 100 people to arrive for the game with prizes for the winners. The drink specials are the following:

  • $15 Buckets of Bud Light, Budweiser & PBR
  • $5 Shots of Jameson & Avion

Pilsener Haus: Pilsener Haus will be offering the following specials:

  • $4 1/2 Litre of Pilsener Haus Original
  • $7 1/2 Litre of Pho + Wings
  • $10 Bier and a Brat Special

Tally Ho: Tally-Ho will be hosting a beer pong tournament during the game and the winner will receive two flat screen TV’s and $300 worth of gift cards. They will also be offering the following specials:

  • $5 Jack Daniels Drinks and Shots
  • $9 Pitchers of Coors Light
  • $5 Boneless Wings
  • $5 Nachos
  • $14.99 for 20 Wings

Baby Steps Pediatrics at CarePoint Paulus Hook, Jersey City. Individualized and personal services for our little ones.

 Carmen Lebron Doctors in jersey city carepoint

We have a new pediatrician service in town! That is always a good news.

Dr. Carmen Lebron, the owner and practitioner gave us some details for our families to learn more about Baby Steps Pediatrics.

“Baby Steps Pediatrics is the name of my solo pediatric practice and I’m running this together with 2 other doctors. We have made this CarePoint Location our home, I’ve been in practice for 10 years in New Jersey where I graduated medical School and also did my pediatric residency program here and I’ve had my own practice for 3 years”.

This October, Baby Steps Pediatrics moved to CarePoint Location in Paulus Hook, Jersey City. “The location is excellent, we are right in the heart of Downtown, where you can find so many families and many little children. It is a convenient location because they can walk down to see their doctor. In fact, those days that I don’t have proper office hours, I do sick visits in the area” Dr. Lebron explained.

Baby Steps Pediatrics at CarePoint Paulus Hook

Baby Steps Pediatrics Business Hours are:

Monday and Tuesdays: 9 am to 1:30pm.

Wednesdays  and Thursdays: 2 pm to 7 pm.

Fridays: Closed for regular office hours but they are available for sick calls.

Saturday: 9 am to 2pm.

Doctor Lebron is available 24/7 for emergency calls.

Baby Steps Pediatrics at CarePoint Paulus Hook Doctors in jersey city

Baby Pediatrics has lab services limited for their own patients, take mostly all insurances and they also participate with Medicaid wellcare.


Why should I pick Baby Steps Pediatrics for my little one?


“My services are rather individualized and very personal. I don’t favor the business model of packing as many patients as you can do in a day although I try to see less patients and adapt to their needs. I can not rush a visit. Also for new moms, I have 2 lactation consultants in the community where I refer to because we recognize that having them on board is a great service”.

Baby Steps Pediatrics at CarePoint Paulus Hook Doctors in jersey city

Dr. Lebron invites expectant families to a complementary visit where she talks about some baby basics and breastfeeding. Please call her to make an appointment.


150 Warren Street, Suite 118

Jersey City, NJ 07302

[email protected]

Tel.  201-600-4306

Fax  800-915-7830


Ideas For Playing In The Snow

Brr! It’s cold out there! But we know that won’t stop your little ones from wanting to throw, jump and play in the snow! We’ve created a list of Ideas For Playing In The Snow. Make sure to bundle up before you go out!

1. Play snow tic tac toe: Get in touch with your competitive side! Use sticks to create the grids and pinecones, rocks or any other nicknames could be used as game pieces.

2. Make snow angels: This is an oldie but goodie! Get your camera and take some amazing pictures!

3. Sledding: Speeding down a hill on a sled in the snow is so much fun! No sled? No problem! Here are some DIY ideas to keep you in the action.

4. Snowball fights: Challenge your family and friends. It’s all fun and games until someone gets snow down their snow suit!

5. Build a snow fort: Protect yourself during the snowball battle with a DIY fort!

6. Bring Frosty to life: Build a snowman, or woman or family! Dress it up with a scarf and a corn cob pipe if you have one.

7. Bring the snow inside: It may look pretty outside, but sometimes that weather is too brutal. Fill a snow sensory bin with snow and let your kids have fun!

8. Have a winter wonderland scavenger hunt: Hide some things in the snow and give your littles ones clues on how to find them.

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because there’s snow on the ground! Check out some more fun ideas perfect for snow days!