Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken

 Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken

Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken

A school dedicated to a curriculum surrounding the individual student while cultivating responsibility, cooperation, communication, and creativity among their learners, Stevens Cooperative is a vehicle of success for their students. 

Mission Statement

“We imagine a world with well-informed, engaged citizens who are motivated to make a difference. In partnership with our diverse faculty, staff, families and the greater community, Stevens Cooperative School students explore, question and communicate in ways that will inspire and shape the future.”


Hoboken Campus

301 Garden Street, Hoboken

1st – 8th grade, Hoboken Main Office

339 River Street, Hoboken

3s, PreK, Kindergarten

301 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

2s, Technology and Science Lab

Newport Campus

100 River Drive, Jersey City

Kindergarten – 8th  grade



Enrolling students from 2 yrs of age to the 8th grade, you will be sure to find a diverse community of learners at Stevens! Stevens Cooperative school encompasses leadership, culture, hands on learning, inquiry, research, and intellectual dedication within its curriculum. For instance, the experiential learning program lets students from the 3rd grade through 9th grade go on overnight or week long trips to Boston, camping, or Washington DC. For more information on the experiential learning program, click here;

One experiential learning program emphasizes the school’s emphasis on cultural intellect. This program is called the “Mexican Exchange Program” and is for 8th graders only.  For 8-10 days, students from a bilingual school in Mexico City come to Stevens Cooperative school to study while Stevens Cooperative School 8th graders have the opportunity to go to Mexico City, study in a foreign student exchange program, and live with a host family all while experiencing and learning about a different culture!

In preparation for high school, Middle School students and their parents are assisted by the school in applying to high schools and prepped for high school placement tests. For more information on the high school test prep, click here:

“Our program of study is designed to challenge our students as well as stimulate curiosity, inquiry and rigor of thought. Our students are the focal point of the learning process and build academic competencies through a robust array of course offerings.”

For detailed information on courses and class syllabi, go here:

The school provides afterschool and morning programs such as study groups, tutoring, homework help, childcare, enrichment courses, and “special classes.” For more details click here:

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is important for young kids! It helps them release stress, obtain energy, and stay fit. Stevens Cooperative school has a structured recess and physical education program: “Activities include many cooperative games, obstacle courses, jogging, running and ball-handling and team skills in basketball , volleyball and soccer.”


Does this school pique your interest? If so, click here to find more information or to apply:

Stevens Cooperative School is the place to send your child if you are looking for a learning community that emphasizes leadership, cooperation, and cultural intellect. What do you think about this school? Sound off in the comments section below!

Early Beginnings Day School: A Head Start On Education

If you’re looking for a  program designed to prepare your little ones for their future academic careers, Early Beginnings Day School is for you. Early Beginnings Day School helps assist their students in beginning to comprehend the learning process and their role in the classroom. The school is committed to helping each student develop and progress cognitively, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically.

Contact Information

338 Grove Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Tel. 201.918.5623

Fax. 201.918.5693




8:30am – 2:30pm


2:30pm – 5pm

Before Care:

7:00am – 8:30am

After Care:

2:30pm – 6pm


Programs are split into three groups:

 Tiny Tots

 For children between the ages of 12-24 months.




For 2 year old students.




For three year old children



Social Development


Social development curriculum at Early Beginnings includes instilling self direction, confidence, and the ability to express feelings in all students. Group work, positive interactions, sharing, collaboration, manners, etiquette, and play will be emphasized.


For more information on the social development curriculum at Early Beginnings, click here:


Visual and Performing Arts

 Art, Dance, Theatre, and Music are included in the Creative Arts program at Early Beginnings. Developing students visual and creative sense and abilities at an early age is essential to their development. That’s why Early Beginnings gives its students opportunities to role play, tell stories, sing songs, play instruments, dance, and make art projects.


Health, Safety, and Physical Education

Teaching children at a young age the importance of exercise and safety makes way for them to practice healthy habits in the future. The Health and physical education curriculum includes hygiene, exercise, fitness, nutrition/health food choices. and the development of gross motor skills.


Language Arts and Literacy

 Language usage, speech, reading, and writing are some of the subjects included in the language arts and literacy curriculum. Phonics and reading comprehension is stressed in developing student’s speech and reading skills.



Numerical values, counting the amount of things, and discerning the shape of objects are just some of the activities that students will complete when learning math at Early Beginnings! Patterns, drawing graphs, and classifying objects help to develop students’ number sense and prepare them for Kindergarten math.



 Students at this age have a keen sense of curiosity and wild imaginations which contributes to their desire to learn about the physical world and their surrounding environment. The science curriculum will allow students to explore and observe plants, living things, and animals. Students will also study rocks, water, soil, and the weather.




  • Children will display curiosity about science objects, materials, activities, and longer-term investigations in progress.

  • Children will observe questions, predict, and investigate materials, objects and phenomena during classroom activities indoors and outdoors during any long-term investigations in progress.

  • Children will use basic science terms(e.g., observe, predict, experiment)” (


Social Studies and Life Skills

Students under this subject will understand the different features of a community and neighborhood while also learning about the roles of community workers such as police officers or crossing guards. Students will also learn how to collaborate with each other, complete tasks and duties such as organizing objects, tidying up, and cleaning, and will follow classroom routines which will help develop their understanding of rules..


In today’s technology-driven world, students’ understanding of computers is important. Under the technology subject, students will learn how to use the mouse, turn smart toys ‘on” or “off, and will play  age appropriate computer games.

For more information about Early Beginnings Day School, visit their website at

Early Beginnings is unique in its individual based approach to education and application of real world skills to student learning. So, does this school pique your interest? If you’re looking for your child to have a head start in their education, Early Beginnings sounds like a an environment in which learning, the real world, and play are all integrated seamlessly. 


The Brunswick School :Early Childhood Center In Jersey City

The Brunswick School A New Early Childhood Center  In Jersey City

A new school in Jersey City that focuses extensively on early childhood development and the uniqueness of individual learners. Opening this year, The Brunswick School provides an active learning curriculum, instilled in the arts theme, for students between the ages of 6 months to 6 years.The Brunswick School Early Childhood Center In Jersey City


189 Brunswick St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 420-1550
Open M-F 7am – 7pm

Mission of The Brunswick School

The academic mission of the school is based on educational theorists such as Lev Vygotsky and Erik Erikson who focus on the social and emotional development of children during their early years. Their theories are adopted by the Brunswick’s School curriculum by implement learning with play activities and fostering strong teacher and student relationships.  Likewise, the cognitive development theories of Jean Piaget focus on assigning activities to the appropriate grade and age level.



Activities at the infant program (6 months-18 months) are used to teach children things like color recognition and sing-alongs which enhance artisitc expression and language development. Socialization and movement are also stressed during the infant program.

Young Toddlers (19 months-2.5 years

The Young Toddlers programs is designed to achieve preparation for the beginning of students’ academic lives. basic letters and numbers are taught. Young Toddlers will be learning subjects such as literacy, mathematics, color/shape recognition and use of fine and gross motor skills “to begin on the journey of independent eating and eventually, doodling/writing.”

Older Toddlers

The Brunswick School Early Childhood Center In Jersey CityCreated for two and a half and three year olds, the Older Toddlers program helps to instill further independence in students while fostering the transition to a more structured and academically advanced learning environment. The classroom is divided into areas labeled for play or learning content. Curriculum includes small group learning play, solving basic math problems, and artistic knowledge. “At this stage, language acquisition will include the understanding of the purpose of printed materials. Toddlers will engage in activities guiding them to produce written pictures and letters with the purpose of communication.”


Participatory learning is focused on during the preschool program which is for 3 and 4 yr old children who are completely potty-trained. The curriculum includes literacy and communication skills, number sense, problem solving, movement, music, and creative arts Independence, self help skills, and curiosity are fostered during this stage. Moreover, “classroom activities will be based on visual art themes. Students at this stage will begin focusing on colors, different visual art mediums, as well as dance and dramatic play.”


For 4 and 5 yr old children, the Pre-Kindergarten program at Brunswick  is perfect to prepare them for elementary school. Math, literacy, reading and writing, and communication are especially focused throughout the pre-kindergarten program. Aspects of the writing curriculum, for instance, include phonemic skills and fine motor development. Problem solving, emotional, social, and physical growth are also stressed upon within the curriculum throughout the pre kindergarten program. Moreover, “like their toddler and preschool education, creativity will largely be incorporated into each lesson plan at an even higher level in Pre-Kindergarten now including speech, live performances, independent artistic expression and free-dance.”


For 5 and 6 yr old bundles of energy, the Kindergarten program at Brunswick will prepare them for the first grade. The learning process and product oriented curriculum includes students documenting their own growth and progress (teachers of course will be submitting professional documents of  individual students’ progress). The Kindergarten curriculum includes Science, Social Studies, Math, Technology, Literacy, and Writing. “At the Kindergarten level, teachers will create a structured environment in which students share responsibility for keeping the classroom neat and orderly, know how to get and use materials properly, and function with increasing levels of independence”

Interested in learning more? Contact the school for more information here:

The school is having an Open House where you can get a tour of school, meet the staff, and learn more about the curriculum and instruction:

To sign up for the Open House event, click here:

The Brunswick school is hiring. To view job descriptions and apply for positions, click here:

To view updates and more information about the Brunswick School, “like” and “follow” their facebook and twitter pages:

So what is your opinion on the school? Do you have little ones in need of a day care, early education program, or kindergarten? It is interesting how the school’s curriculum is instilled in a visual arts theme, no matter the content, since students at this young age learn more quickly through visual expression. 

The Brunswick School: A New Early Childhood Center  In Jersey City


A Snapshot Of The Scandinavian School of Jersey City

The Scandinavian School of Jersey City



210 9th Street

Jersey City, 07306

(917) 536-7911


School hours: Monday through Friday 8.30am-4pm. They offer an extended day program from 4pm-5:30pm


The Scandinavian School of Jersey City  is the first full day Scandinavian inspired educational institution of it’s kind. Educating students from the ages of 1½  to 6, the curriculum is based on the inquisitive and creative nature of children at this age. Learning is project based and culture is an integral part of the curriculum and instruction: both English and Scandinavian are taught as languages.

The school was founded in 2010 by Maria Germerud-Sharp and focuses on the Scandinavian educational approach which is feeding students organic food, valuing childhood, stressing the importance of democracy, and incorporating more outdoor activities in the daily schedule. The curriculum includes  literacy, numeracy, science, art, music and technology.


Ongoing observations, documentations, and reports are made by teachers in order to convey to parents their child’s progress, success, and problem areas. In the classrooms, teachers facilitate ongoing discussions of inquiry and incorporate learning with play. Moreover, the students are often put into small groups when working on in class assignments.




To view each staff and teacher’s biography and credentials at The Scandinavian school, click here:


To view the school’s events and deadlines, click here:



For information on application, how to schedule a visit, Open House dates, and more, click here:


Contact Information:

(917) 536-7911

email: [email protected]


Annual Tuition for 2015-2016 school year:

Full Day 8:30-3:30pm:

5 days/week:                    $18,500

3 days/week:                    $13,900

2 days/week:                    $11,500

Extended Day 8:30-5:30pm:

5 days/week:                    $20,080

3 days/week:                    $16,200

2 days/week:                    $13,900

Half Day 8:30-1pm:

5 days/week:                    $15,100

3 days/week:                    $10,400

2 days/week:                    $8,100

The Scandinavian School of Jersey City


The Scandinavian School of Jersey City is written about here:  The interest story details Maria Sharp’s biography and a typical day in the school.                                                                                                   

The unique approach to education as multi cultural and personalized geared with the school’s focus on spacious, playful learning environment makes this school distinct in Jersey City. Are you interested in learning more? If so, visit the school’s website, here:

Please check the press release for the SSJC Kindergarten :SSJC.docx


Viaquenti Academy: The Village : Preschool in Jersey City

Viaquenti Preschool Academy 

Viaquenti Academy Preschool in Jersey City


Viaquenti Preschool

285 Newark Ave,

Jersey City, NJ 07302




Located in Jersey City, Viaquenti Preschool is a school in which the curriculum is geared using the Multiple Intelligences theory. Teachers gear projects according to the skills and interests of students. Moreover, teachers observe and produce assignments to develop potential talents and interests in students.


The mission of the school is described here:


Below, the goals for Viaquenti’s students is taken directly from the website.


“Goals for Our Students

  • Children will explore their abilities, skills, and talents by having enrichment opportunities in various domains.

  • Children will enhance their cognitive skills and will make use of them to create meaningful products and solve every-day problems.

  • Children will become competent in managing their bodies and acquire basic gross and fine motor skills.

  • Children will be capable of finding the best solutions to solve hypothesis and assumptions that arise from their own interest.

  • Children will learn the value of being part of a community and will develop an inner motivation to contribute to its progress.”



The staff includes diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. Teachers at Viaquenti are trained observers, engaged listeners, and detailed researchers. They observe, research, educate themselves, and report on their findings in the classroom and on their students in order to facilitate a consistently improved learning environment.


For more information on the staff and individual teachers, click here:



 The school has various academic, enrichment, and after school programs available. The academic programs are divided between Early Preschool, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten.


      Early Preschool:

      Early preschool is geared for students between the ages 1½ to 2 years old. The program focuses on the child’s curiosity during this age. Teachers provide activities to help students develop their motor skills and language skills. This includes activities such as finger painting, playing ball, and asking the “why” and “how” questions about the world around them.


Here is the link detailing the daily class schedule for early preschool students:


For more information on the Early Preschool program, click here:



 A program for children aged 2-3½, the Preschool at Viaquenti supports the cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of students at this age. Language, Arts, and Physical Education are the main components of the curriculum at this program. Through specific activities and projects, students develop verbal, visual, linguistic, and observational skills.


For more information on the Preschool program, click here:



      For students between the ages of 3-5 years, the Pre-Kindergarten program helps to prepare students for kindergarten. Students develop collaboration and creative skills. Throughout the day, students do fun activities and assignments that include Math, Science, Literacy, Music, and Visual Arts. Teachers create development plans for individual students based on their observed learning styles and hobbies.


Here is a daily schedule for Pre-Kindergarten students:


     Additional Programs:

     Viaquenti also provides an after school program from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The after school program includes classes geared toward students’ hobbies. Classes cater to the linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, and visual intelligences and interests of students. Below are some after school classes that students can participate in. This was taken directly from the school’s website:

 “Circle/Story Time:During this time children will discuss the plans for the day and go over any topics involved in our activities. This is also a time when we can either have a teacher read a story or have the children participate in Creative Thinking by creating their own stories on our felt board.

Physical Health: Time to stretch! Before the children sit to do their work they will have time to stretch out and exercise together. We will discuss the importance of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Music- Children will play music instruments, practice and learn new songs, and even show off their dance moves.

Mathematics/Literacy: Children will split into groups according to skill level to work on either Math or Literacy depending on the day.

Art: The class will get the chance to work with many different art materials. We will be working on our own creative expression as well as learning about some well-known artists. The children will be looking at various art pieces for their own enjoyment and to attempt to recreate them!

Science: During science we will be going over many different topics and performing fun science experiments to supplement our learning!”


To view schedules of the after school program, click here:


To view the daily schedule of the Early Preschool after school program, click here:


The school also provides a Summer Camp program. It offers half, full, and extended day programs for children ages 1 ½ to 6. The program includes age appropriate classes and activities. Children in the summer camp program go on field trips and take special classes such as soccer, music, cooking, and Spanish. Students will also be able to enjoy themselves on the school’s outside playground.


For more information on Viaquenti’s additional programs, click here:



For information on how to apply and register for admission, click here:


To learn more about the school and schedule a visit or tour, click here:



The school is a bit expensive, with tuition at $10,800 for Early Preschool students. For full day, Early Preschool students, the tuition is $13,050. For extended day (which includes after school programs), Early Preschool students, the tuition is $14,850. For more information on tuition costs of other programs, click here:




A Yahoo Local User (12/02/2011):

“Our daughter has been attending Viaquenti for a yr now. Everything about this school reflects excellence. The teachers, the education, students, security, cleanliness, etc. This is the 3rd child we have sent to preschool and this is our best experience by far! The teachers are educated, caring, and motivated. I can check up on my child at anytime and always walk into class and witness and educational activity taking place. My child is 3 and can recognize and spell mom, dad, go, no and other words. She can count in Spanish and English, knows about volcanoes, and can name all the planets. I could go on and on, but rest assured that if you entrust your child to the Viaquenti Preschool, you are leaving your most precious gift in very capable hands.” (

I was unable to find more reviews on Viaquenti Academy as it seems that this school is fairly new. Here is a link to some useful information on class size, teacher to student ratio, and some staff specialists:

So, does this sound like a school you would like to send your kids to? Tell me in the comments below! I feel like the extended day program is great for working parents with very young children!

Viaquenti Academy Preschool in Jersey City

All Saints Episcopal Day School: Service, Spirituality, and Academic Rigor

Just an 11 minute bus ride from the vast Hudson River, a picturesque, small, quaint school by the name of All Saints Episcopal Day School resides in the essence  of Jersey City. All Saints is a private, non denominational school which, with its medieval-style buildings that are still somehow unformidable, is a place that seems to have perfected the  academics-and-environment- type learning model.


Schools in Jersey city




All Saints Episcopal Church are specifically committed to instilling a genuine love of learning in their students and to assist in developing their students’ sense of personal spirituality through social action.  The school also ensures that their students learn about different faiths and foster an environment in which diversity thrives.


Here are some of the other core beliefs of All Saints School, taken directly from their website:



  • Children need opportunities to grow intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically and spiritually;

  • Cooperation and teamwork are key elements for personal development;

  • Children can make a difference by giving of themselves to others;

  • Self-awareness is essential to understanding our connections to our neighbors and our world;

  • Education should instill an appreciation and responsibility for the earth and all living things;

  • Children are best served when families and schools work in partnership with one another.–Philosophy

Pre-schools in jersey city



707 Washington St

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Before delving into the programs, I thought this link provides interesting information on the school’sstudent to teacher ratio, demographics, student population, and other details:




Pre-k schools JC


  Elementary School Program:


   The elementary school division at All Saints includes grades 1st to 4th. When students move from Kindergarten to First Grade, they leave the Early Childhood Center to the building on Washington Street, which houses Grades 1-8. During the elementary school years, the staff at All Saints begin to become more independent and can take more ownership of their education. The curriculum and instruction is very hands-on approach and students begin to participate in community service activities during their elementary school years.


For more information on the general elementary school program and individual grades, click here;



Middle School Program:


middle school jersey city


   The middle school division includes grades 5-8. The curriculum and instruction is dedicated to the social and cognitive development and growth that takes places during this age and academic level. The program is also focused on preparing students for high school and both, learning core subjects as well as social skills is emphasized during this academic level.


For more information on the Middle School Program at All Saints, click here:


  Other Programs:


elementary school jersey city


  Besides core classes, special subjects are also integrated into the curriculum at every grade level. These special classes include  Art, Technology, Theater, Dance, Music, Physical Education, Health, World Language, and more. School performances and assemblies also take place throughout the school year which can range from school plays to dance performances to forums on school leadership for fourth graders.


Tuition and Financial Aid:


The tuition at All Saints Episcopal Day School is $18,700/yr for students from Kindergarten to the 4th grade. For grades 5-8 (middle school), the tuition is $19,600. Financial aid is available for those who apply for aid and who demonstrate a need. For more information on payment plans, how to apply for financial aid, and additional fees, click here:–Financial-Aid


Parents’ Reviews


“My son is thriving at All Saints, and we are thrilled to be part of such a fantastic educational environment. As a current kindergarten student, he is truly excited about going to school each day. He has grown so much since his first days as a student in the school’s Nursery Program. The teachers and staff are warm and nurturing. And the school’s curriculum is engaging and comprehensive. All Saints is truly a wonderful school.”

Posted by a parent on 10/08/13 on


“Our son has been attending All Saint’s Day School since nursery and is now in fifth grade. Our son loves his school! He is happy and feels safe and comfortable in his environment. There are so many things we like about the school but to name a few we like that they have a challenging curriculum and we appreciate its core values and beliefs. As well, the school has an excellent system and policy regarding parent and teacher communication is that is effective and an emergency system that works well for reaching parents at a moment’s notice. The school offers music, arts, languages, and sports too. The school is major part of our lives and we could not be happier with our decision to remain at All Saint s. Thank you All Saint s! -All Saint’s parent”

Posted October 30, 2014

– a parent  on




Interested in learning more? To schedule a visit, email the Admissions Office at [email protected]


For more All Saints Day School’s contact information, click here:


So, what do you think about this school? Do you think you might be interested in sending your children to All Saints? Besides the seemingly impressive curriculum and community service student participation, the school’s buildings and exterior are lovely and look like something straight out of an amusement park!


Private schools in JC


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