Birdhouse Bunting | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Moms, I’m sure you cannot wait for Spring! I hope this Birdhouse Bunting is a fun project for you and your children while you wait for the weather to get a little nicer outside 😉 Party buntings are still very popular, usually shown as upside down triangles on a string, this bunting is even more fun for kids because it showcases their actual drawings. Enjoy this craft and leave a comment below if you end up trying it out!

Materials you will need:

  • Construction paper or card stock in 3 colors
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots, hot glue or clear tape
  • String
  • *Optional – bird stickers or chenille chicks

Step 1

Choose three colors of paper that are colorful and compliment each other.

Step 2

Have the kids draw birdhouses on each sheet of paper. A birdhouse shape is very easy. All you need to do is draw a rectangle or square with a triangle on top. A circle or heart becomes the ‘entrance for the bird entering the house’.

Step 3

Decorate each house with markers. Dots and lines are very simple for young children and they look great!

Step 4

Carefully cut out each birdhouse with scissors.

Step 5

Turn the birdhouses over and place them equal distance apart. Tape or glue a string along the top of each house like the image shown above. I used dots of hot glue, but glue dots from the scrap booking isle at a craft store will work, as well as clear tape.

Step 6

Add some bird stickers to the middle your birdhouses, or hot glue a chenille chick as I did in the picture shown. This is the part I guarantee most kids will love the most!

Hang your Birdhouse Bunting on the wall using clear tape and enjoy!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is the ‘Queen of Cute Characters’. She is an avid crafter, children’s book illustrator and owner of her own arts business. She loves all holidays; especially Halloween! You can find her online at She loves hearing from moms with questions so feel free to reach out with any particular comments about her crafts for JCFamilies!

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