What Can We Learn From Kate and Anthony?

A note from a local  Hoboken/Jersey City therapist

What Can We Learn From Kate and Anthony?

A note from a local  Hoboken/Jersey City therapist






The recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain raise many concerns and questions.

Why would someone who seemingly has everything reach such despair and decide to take such a drastic action? Having no personal knowledge of who Kate or Anthony were or their history of mental health diagnosis, I still wonder:  how could the signs be missed? These celebrities have received much attention, but among us, in our community, our block, or even across the hall, there are other women and men who are suffering daily from similar symptoms.

Our society is obsessed with the façade; how things appear on the outside. We make sure to chronicle and post every bite we take, every drink we have, every family outing, workout, or event we attend. We are consistently obsessed with how many people have viewed our post, or how many likes we’ve received, ignoring what’s in front of us. If aliens checked our social media accounts, they would think earth is utopia and that everything is just fantastic 100 percent of the time. Little would they know that behind this idyll exterior are people that feel trapped in a hell of their own making; people that often don’t know how to channel those negative feelings.

A note from a local  Hoboken/Jersey City therapistDepression has many symptoms including interference with sleep (sleeping too much or having trouble sleeping), change in appetite, lack of motivation, inability to derive pleasure, feeling tired and having little energy, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and in some cases harmful ruminating thoughts that one would be better off dead. Some of these symptoms can be caused by other medical conditions or can be attributed to work or life stressors. To be certain about the severity or origin of these signs, it is important to be assessed and, if needed, treated by a professional.

With all the advancements in technology and science, many people still have a negative view of mental health or what it takes to be mentally healthy.. People are often afraid to seek professional help. Some think it is embarrassing to talk to a stranger about their personal inner world. Others do not want to admit there is something wrong with them. Some think it would be beyond their financial means or that their employer might find out if they used their health insurance. Immigrants face the challenges mentioned above but encounter a whole other layer of stigma and barriers to professional services. This ambivalence about seeking help causes many to miss an opportunity to better understand their symptoms and make sense of their emotions.

A few years back, I met a client who had a very hard time coming to terms with starting therapy. She was in her late twenties at the time, a Chinese immigrant who moved to the United States with her parents as a teenager.  On our first meeting, she told me that her world as she knew it was crumbling. She was always taught at home that any difficulties or struggles must be kept in the family, but she got to a point where she just couldn’t bare the pain. Her parents made a good living in America and could afford paying for her tuition to an extremely expensive college. They purchased an apartment for her and got her a fancy new car. After college she was able to get a job in a large accounting firm. She was trying hard to assimilate in and live the American dream that had been instilled in her since childhood, but she was having a hard time. Shortly after she began experiencing anxiety attacks, which became more and more debilitating. She stopped riding public transportation and getting to work became almost impossible. The pressure at work, in addition to her parents’ consistent pressure to marry a Chinese man in an arranged fashion, made her feel lost, vulnerable, and unable to go about her life as it was. In therapy, she learned how to make sense of some of these debilitating experiences, and more importantly, how to cope with them. With time, her depression and anxiety symptoms subsided, and she no longer had panic attacks. This brave young girl’s experience is just one of many testaments to how crucial it is to seek help when needed.

If there is anything we can learn from Kate Spade’s and Anthony Bourdain’s suicides, it is that mental illness can affect anyone. Life is demanding, full of daily stressors, and often unforgiving. Being part of society, part of the daily cycle of obligations, bills, kids, activities, all the while maintaining a certain image out there can take a toll on us, sometimes a heavy one. People’s personal history, immigration status, circumstances of abuse, and family struggles affect their mood and mental wellbeing. As history has taught us, money + fame + success is not a recipe for happiness or to one being self-content. Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and dozens of other known public figures have reached an abyss so deep where death felt like  the only way out. We all need help sometimes, but we need to be brave and have the courage to ask for it.

There are different types of treatment, and like most things in life, there is no “one size fits all” solution. In emergency situations when one feels they might harm themselves or others it is vital to go to the emergency room and be assessed by a psychiatrist. Often, mental illness is compounded by substance use and this might require different types of specialized treatment. To find the right kind of help, It is often useful to ask friends or family about their experiences with a professional. This can help conceptualize what to look for or which questions to ask. In addition, there are several websites to assist in finding a therapist (i.e. “Psychology Today” or “bark team”). Finally, many community centers offer support groups and other services. Reaching out is hard at times, but it can be the difference between becoming part of the statistics and discovering  path to a better life.

About Penny Spector Shleifer Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Hoboken, NJ-07030

Hoboken/Jersey City  therapist 

The world we live in is complicated. Many of us are faced with uncertainty and harsh demands. It’s often hard to function under so much pressure. My aim is to provide you with a nonjudgmental, supportive environment and to help you understand and face your challenges. I am a licensed clinical social worker with a Masters degree from the university of Southern California. I have over 10 years of experience working with families and adults of all ages. I work with a wide array of clinical issues including depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, and relational difficulties.

I am an involved, caring therapist and believe in the therapeutic importance of fostering a strong trusting relationship with my clients. My style is non-formal, vocal , and collaborative. I focus on clients’ current circumstances and distinct individual needs.

I am proud of my unique approach and look forward to talking to you. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation prior to the first visit.

[email protected]


Things to do on Father’s Day in and around Jersey City

Things to do on Father’s Day in and around Jersey City

Let’s Celebrate the Man in Your Life! He’s your Husband, Their Dad, Your Father, Your Brother, Your Uncle, Your Son, Your Son-In-Law, Your Nephew, Your Nephew-In-Law, Your Mentor, Your Teacher, Your Coach, Your Pastor, Your Friend … and there are just as many ways to celebrate this man and all that he does and adds to life every day! We’ve compiled a diverse list of things to do on Father’s Day in and around Jersey City to help you celebrate dad.

Celebrate DAD all week and the entire weekend!!

Father’s Day Celebrations in Jersey City

  Father’s Day Art Buffet

Things to do on Father's day in and around Jersey CityT-Shirt painting by the kids for their dads (yeah, dads can wear that!)

Make a card for the dads. Music for kids by Ms. G

Buy the ticket here:

This event is sponsored by

 Fathers & Fairies Dance

Come dressed to impress and enjoy pizza and a great evening together celebrating Father’s Day. Take advantage of plenty of photo opportunities with the memorable evening as you put things to do on Father’s day in and around Jersey City on your schedule for the week.

When? Friday, June 15

Where? My Gym Hoboken for members and non-members

For More Information and For Tickets: 201.758.8390 or [email protected]

 Daddy – Daughter BRAID Class

How many times does Dad wish he could do her hair, as well as momma, does? Give him some help, and he will enjoy this special bonding time with his daughter(s) as well as being able to help keep them looking great. This is a unique thing to do on Father’s day in and around Jersey City to celebrate Dad, provide lasting memories, and a new skill.

When? Thursday, June 14 7 – 9 pm

Where? The Hair Room – 213 Montgomery Street – Jersey City NJ 07302

For Tickets and More Information or to RSVP: [email protected]

 Jersey City’s Charity Basketball Game

Things to do on Father's day in and around Jersey City

Enjoy watching a great game for a good cause. This is sponsored by The B All In Foundation. If dad and the family like basketball, this could be one of the fun things to do on Father’s day in and around Jersey City that everyone will enjoy together.

When? Saturday, June 16 at 4 pm

Where? Boys & Girls Club Of Hudson County

For More Information or Tickets:

 Family Fun Day

When? Saturday June 16, 2018 11 am – 3 pm

Where? Liberty State Park, 1 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City NJ 07305

Event is open to all ages. Event focuses on accommodating special needs in children and young adults. Free food, drinks, and activities for families with children of all levels of ability. The Family Fun Day is an event which can help others learn about disabilities as well as help let those living with struggles each day have a great time without so many obstacles. Consider this Family Fun Day as you plan the right things to do on Father’s day in and around Jersey City

Grab your free tickets here:

In addition your RSVP, we would like to do our best to accommodate your family’s needs. Please assist by providing more information.

And On Sunday, Top It All Off With MORE Celebrating:

There are so many beautiful ways to celebrate and things to do ON Father’s Day in and around Jersey City. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th and a perfect start to the morning could be breakfast or brunch at the Brownstone Diner where the pancakes are talked about all over the country.

Stop by a farmers market and encourage dad to pick up a few of his favorites to enjoy during the upcoming week.

Pack a picnic lunch and go to Liberty Park, relax, play and walk a trail. Enjoy spending time outdoors and this beautiful green oasis. Take a camera and take Father’s Day pictures with the Manhattan skyline, the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island as a memorable backdrop.

Visit The Liberty Science Museum and enjoy hands-on science exhibits with dad and explore energy, zip lines and more.

Try a new adventure and support a new local restaurant by visiting Adams Kitchen. It is at 246 Duncan Ave Jersey City NJ. You’ll discover and enjoy Pakistani and Indian cuisine and healthy fast food favorites. Adams Kitchen also has an entirely fresh Asian grocery and meat shop. They serve strictly Halal food/meat.

More Places Offering Father’s Day Specials Include:


Things to do on Father's day in and around Jersey City

Stop in a have a craft beer with dad while enjoying unique brunch dishes!.

Gringo’s is located at 12 Cole St, Jersey City NJ 07302

For more information: 201.389.4110

Square 1

Things to do on Father's day in and around Jersey City

Treat dad to some local and wholesome food and great coffee.

Square 1 is located at 283 St Paul’s, Jersey City NJ

For more information 201.386.8500



As you can see, we can celebrate dad more than just one day. Our community understands the importance of dad, and there’s plenty of opportunities to honor him. We hope you’ll enjoy some of these ideas to give dad a day or week he will never forget – because you already know all the great reasons to celebrate dad!

Things to do on Father's day in and around Jersey City

JC Kid’s Run 2018 : Picture Gallery

JC Kids’s Run and JC Fitness Fair Picture Gallery: Kid’s Run in Jersey City

After days of worrying about the weather, the perfect day finally presented itself for the JC Kids’ Run and JC Fitness Fair held on June 2nd at Exchange Place.
With the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, approximately 400 children ran joyfully along the race track. Each runner received a medal, t-shirt, and certificate of participation. The top 3 finishers in each age group also received a free pass to Liberty Science Center. This was the 4th year of this super fun event and it’s just getting bigger and better.  We can’t wait for next year!
As kids were getting fit, adults also had an opportunity to meet local fitness and wellness professionals at the JC Fitness Fair which was running alongside the Kids’ Run.  There were fitness demonstrations, opportunities to speak with fit pros, raffles, and more.
It was a wonderful day of fun and fitness for the whole family!

Kid's Run in Jersey City


























Why you should move to Jersey City

Why you should move to Jersey City

If you are planning to move to Jersey City or are still not sure if you should move here, this blog will surely help you decide.

Jersey City presents a high-quality of life and offers a magnitude of opportunities. Located across the river from Manhattan, it is perfect for families because of its great neighborhoods and close proximity to New York City. One of the most diverse cities in America, Jersey City is great for newbies and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.


Why you should move to Jersey CityIt’s hard to imagine a city with so much open space. Liberty State Park is located on the east coast of Jersey City and is a place full of ways to entertain your children. From here, you’ll be able to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, which are popular attractions visited daily by tourists from all over the world. Use the Citi Bike to get around Jersey City, as there are more than 50 stations to park up and drop off. Hamilton Park and many other parks offer great playgrounds for all families. Visit a farmers market where you can buy fresh and organic products; there is normally one in every public park.

Use the beautiful board walks, which go to Hoboken and beyond, where you and your children can walk or run. Also safe for biking, go after dinner or early morning for beautiful views that won’t disappoint.

Depending on where you are based in Jersey City, there are numerous swimming pools in the area that present swimming classes for the children and even for adults.

Education for your child

Why you should move to Jersey CityWhy not spend the day at the Liberty Science Center where your little ones can enjoy the amazing activities available, like dressing up as astronauts in the Space Station Liberty or visiting the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium? There is so much to keep your kids entertained here, you won’t want to leave.

Visit the Jersey City Public Library on a rainy day, as it offers wonderful children’s rooms that include storytelling, movies and craft workshops. You can also use the excellent day cares and schools , which are available all weekdays from 7 am. Some are open until 7 pm which can be a blessing for parents. One of the top high schools, McNair High School, is in Jersey City and has great programs on offer.

Great for foodies

Why you should move to Jersey City

If you and your family enjoy excellent and exquisite food, then Jersey City has many great places to eat. As it has many diverse neighborhoods, Jersey City offers several different types of restaurants, all providing superb and delicious food. Treat yourselves to a variety of foods and familiarize your kids with new tastes and cultures. Georgio’s Pizzeria serves great pizzas for the whole family to enjoy and is one of the reasons why you should move to Jersey City. Eat in or order to take away, there’s a topping to suit all.

Jersey City hosts food cultures such as American, Japanese, Italian, Chinese,Indian; the list goes on. Many of the restaurants provide gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options, so you shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere to eat.

Why you should move to Jersey CityIf you’ve got sweet tooth and are looking to satisfy it, treat yourself to Torico Ice-cream. Your children will love the choice of flavors, such as bubble gum, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip and more. The list is endless, not to mention the toppings. You’ll fight to get your kids to leave the shop! You must visit Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory; providing some of the best pancakes and toppings; it’s definitely somewhere to treat your children in Jersey City.

Adventure fun

Are your children adrenaline junkies? Treat them to a day out at the RPM Raceway. Here they can let their hair down and enjoy battling it out on the track with their friends. Not only can they race, they can take part in the arcade games available and the simulator, where you can see what it’s like to drive high-speed cars.

Let your children burn out their energy by visiting My Gym. Challenge them to complete an obstacle course that will leave them worn out and tired after having an exhilarating time.

If your children love food and cooking, take them to a place where they can take part in cooking school. Prepare them with necessary cooking skills, give them new foods and flavors to taste, and share with them how to understand instructions and follow recipes.

Moving to Jersey City will give you the opportunity to visit a few new places in New York City. Take the ferry (the easiest way to travel), and you will be in the city in 5 to 7 minutes. By taking the ferry, you’ll be face to face with the beautiful, stunning skyline. Educate your children with the history of New York; show them the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center and walk them through Central Park.

Jersey City also offers tons of  family events throughout the year.  These are a great way to meet your neighbors and connect with other local families.

Move to Jersey City

Why should you move to Jersey City? Because it offers countless varieties of activities, restaurants, and history. If you are looking for a good quality of lif and want to bring your children up in a diverse neighborhood, Jersey City is for you; live here and work in Manhattan.

Offering marvelous outdoor activities such as parks and pools, your children can exert their energy. Educate your kids at the wonderful science center. Treat your children to a diversity of foods and cultures.

Has this answered your question as to why you should move to Jersey City? Make the move and create an joyful and family-orientated life for you and your children.

Community Compost Company Jersey City

Community Compost Company Jersey City: Compost! Building a Better Future

Andrea Rodriguez/ Community Compost Company

Over the past three years, Community Compost Company has serviced residents and local businesses in Jersey City, diverting nearly 57,000 LBS of food waste from landfills. Composting is another form of recycling in which food scraps are separated from the rest of our waste and combined with other materials (such as leaves, wood chips and manure) that will decompose, with the proper moisture levels and aeration, into an amendment that can be added to the soil to rebuild health and structure.

In honor of International Compost Awareness Week, we are here to share just how beneficial composting an apple core, banana peel, and every other food scrap is, to you, your family and the Jersey City Community.

Grow healthy plants and food

Compost helps your local farmers and gardeners maintain high quality soil, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides. It supplies nutrients to enrich soil, which is necessary for healthy plant growth. So the peppers and cucumbers you buy at JC’s farmers markets, are great reasons to start composting.

Improves air and water quality

Many don’t realize that garbage from Jersey City is transported to a landfill in West Virginia. By removing and processing organic materials locally, we’re reducing the emissions associated with transporting, and in the process, improving the air quality and public health in our city. Compost also retains water, which reduces watering needs and prevents erosion and flooding.

Reduce food waste

Each family member tosses about 300 LBS of food every year. A family of four loses $1,500 a year on wasted food, and throughout the US, 40% of all food grown and produced ends up in the garbage. As you separate food scraps from the rest of your trash, you are much more aware of how much food you throw away. This allows you to change your shopping habits and save money by only buying what you need.

Develop new green jobs to improve the local economy

Community Compost Company has employees who live and work in Jersey City!

Protect the environment

Organic materials (comprised of food scraps, yard trimmings, wood waste, and paper products) are the largest components of solid “waste” ending up in landfills. Once there, these materials are forced to decompose without oxygen, which creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By diverting organic material from the waste stream, we help families cut their carbon footprint.

These are just a few of the many benefits of recycling your food scraps and using compost. New customers can sign up to receive their first month free with promo

Community Compost Company Jersey City: code ICAW2018. Learn more at

Mother’s Day Brunch Specials in Hoboken and Jersey City

Mother’s Day Brunch Specials in Hoboken and Jersey City

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13, 2018. It is a perfect time opportunity to pamper mom, and it can begin with visiting one of the locations hosting Mother’s Day brunch specials in Hoboken and Jersey City.

The moms in our lives keep everything running smoothly and do so many things nobody even notices. Moms do these seemingly invisible tasks with excellence and timely because she loves her family. If these hidden things do not get completed, chaos will rule in your home.

Listed below are several restaurants hosting Mother’s Day brunch specials in Hoboken and Jersey City whether you want something casual or more elegant.  We hope that treating mom to a Mother’s Day brunch will be one very special thing you to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day!

Enjoy a Mother’s Day Brunch Specials in Hoboken and Jersey City with mom:

Anthony David’s

953 Bloomfield St, Hoboken, NJ 07031


A Mother’s Day Brunch at Anthony David’s is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy extraordinary foods in a relaxed atmosphere while letting mom know how thankful you are for her and how much she is loved and appreciated. Preview the Mother’s Day Brunch Menu.


Liberty House Restaurant

76 Audrey Zapp Drive, Jersey City NJ 07305


Celebrate mom with the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline from the Jersey City waterfront while enjoying award-winning farm to table cuisine. The grand Mother’s Day Buffet will be served from 11 am – 6 pm. Liberty House Restaurant will make sure every moment is memorable for your mom and loved ones.


Amanda’s – Hoboken

908 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030


Amanda’s has charming décor, stellar service and delicious international foods. It is highly recommended and rated. Amanda’s is a great place to take mom and make her feel special. Your entire group will enjoy a delectable Mother’s Day Brunch. Amanda’s has been a local favorite for well over two decades. Make your reservations to provide mom with a memorable experience at Amanda’s. Amanda’s is offering several Mother’s Day Brunch times to accommodate your family: 10:30 / 11:00 & 12:30 / 1:00. Amanda’s Mother’s Day Menu

Third and Vine

353 Third Street (between Newark and Brunswick), Jersey City NJ 07302


Third and Vine is another popular local favorite. Their Mother’s Day Brunch is sure to delight everyone in your party, especially mom. Third and Vine is keeping is easy for you offering items including: mimosa, eggs benedict, lox, french toast, steaks and eggs and more. Their delectable food and ambience is a perfect place to have Mother’s Day Brunch with mom.


VU Restaurant

Hyatt Regency Jersey City On The Hudson

2 Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, 07302


VU Restaurant has a fantastic Mother’s Day Brunch with Herb Crusted Atlantic Cod, Roasted Half Chicken and Flat Iron Steak they also offer an unavoidable visual feast of the city’s skyline through floor to ceiling windows. With views like this, it is no small order to have a menu that can keep up but VU restaurant does just that. If you’re looking for somewhere different to go, this just might be the place you’re looking for to take mom to for a Mother’s Day Brunch. This menu sounds amazing:  VU Restaurant Mother’s Day Brunch Menu.


South House

Located in the heart of the Pedestrian Plaza of Historic Downtown Jersey City NJ


Celebrate Mom at South House where everyone will enjoy a taste of the south. It’s a perfect blend of Texas simple southern delights and a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy being together. They have a special Mother’s Day Brunch planned.

Light Rail Cafe

237 Randolph Avenue

Jersey City NJ 07304


Make Mother’s Day an unforgettable experience at Light Rail Café. They offer a home away from home and family friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to have a Mother’s Day Brunch that is enjoyable and memorable. Your whole party is sure to be happy with the choice of the Light Rail Café as the location to celebrate mom.

Mother’s Day Brunch Specials in Hoboken and Jersey City


1 Pershing Rd, Weehawken, New Jersey 07086


Bring your appetite with you and be ready to be impressed! Between the meal and atmosphere, your mom is sure to feel special at this Mother’s Day Brunch. Molos Restaurant is located on the Hudson River with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the New York City Skyline. The delicious seafood is Greek and Mediterranean inspired and Molos is a popular destination because of their food, service and views.

Mother’s Day Brunch Specials in Hoboken and Jersey City

The Brass Rail

135 Washington St, Hoboken NJ 07030


The Brass Rail will be serving Mother’s Day Brunch from 11 am – 3 pm. It offers a scrumptious menu and a wide wine variety. The Brass Rail has flawless blend of atmosphere and food with a balance of Old City Charm and Modern Cosmopolitan Chic. They have planned a fabulous Mother’s Day Brunch Menu.

Whatever you do, enjoy a Mother’s Day Brunch Specials in Hoboken and Jersey City, you’ll be celebrating and making memories with mom. It’s sure to be a Mother’s Day Brunch she’ll talk about for a long time. Don’t forget to get her some flowers too!

Kids Birthday Party Places/venues in jersey city

Cheap Event/Birthday Party Spaces/Venues In Jersey City

It’s time to find a place to have a birthday party and plan a cheap event yet a special occasion. There are countless ways to save money such as finding cheap birthday supplies, cheap birthday party decorations, cheap party bags and party favors. These cheap things can save you some money that you can invest elsewhere in your cheap event/birthday party spaces/venues in Jersey City.

You’ll find that some Jersey City party venues will supply many of the birthday supplies, decorations, and even the goodie bags. Consider all of these things as you make your decision with which one of these party places are the perfect option for your kids cheap event/ birthday party spaces/venues in Jersey City.

As you search for places to have a birthday party, remember this list is in alphabetical order and not in order of a favorite or preference. All of these kids party places have different amenities, accommodations, packages, and pricing. Each of these cheap event/ birthday party spaces/venues in Jersey City can help you have a memorable and fun birthday party for your child.

Birthday Party Places In Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehauken

Cheap event/ Birthday Party Spaces/Venues In Jersey City

heap event/ birthday party spaces/venues in jersey city

My Gym

This New Jersey Party Venue offers three party packages, and they provide set up, decorations, service of refreshments, clean up and a lot more. They have fun party themes, and your party is sure to be a blast at My Gym.

For More Information About This Birthday Place For Kids

Website: My Gym 

Phone: 201.205.1218

Location: 252 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(Parking at Newport Mall Garage on 9th St and Marin Blvd)

Liberty State Park

Parks, playgrounds, scenic views, shelter houses, picnic areas all make a lighthearted, relaxing and active place to have a birthday party. This beautiful park offers many locations throughout it where you can create any theme you want, bring your cheap birthday party supplies and food and have a blast with unlimited guests. Call the park office to schedule the perfect area and amenities to fit your needs to create an ideal birthday party. There’s also many other favorite parks in and around Jersey City where you could host a great birthday celebration. Another option that is sure to please any water loving kid is our list of favorite indoor and outdoor waterparks in and around Jersey City.

For More Information About This Place To Have A Birthday Party

Website: Liberty State Park

Phone: 201.915.3402

Location: 200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Ample Hills

Here’s a unique place to have a birthday party. It begins and ends with ice cream. Participants will enjoy riding an ice cream churning bicycle. Kids also learn about the ice cream making process while having fun. Children under four may need help riding the churning bicycle. If you don’t want the work of a churning bike, you can have a scoop option party where you get to enjoy and relax.

For More Information About This Kids Birthday Party Place:

Website: Ample Hills

Email: [email protected]

Location: 200 Greene St., Jersey City, NJ

Chuck E Cheese’s

This place to have a birthday party has been around for a long time. Chuck E Cheese’s will make your birthday child the star! They have a variety of packages and can accommodate a wide age range as well as different birthday party budgets.

For More Information About This Kids Party Venue:

Website: Chuck E Cheeses

Phone: 201.434.2500

Location: Hudson Mall, 701 NJ-440 Ste. 383, Jersey City, NJ 07304

Funzy Play

Funzy Play is another Jersey City party venue which offers three packages to provide your child with a memorable birthday party. One of the choices is to rent the entire facility, so it is just you and your guests enjoying a private birthday party. One of the perks they offer is infants under six months old are free. They are a nut free facility, and you cannot bring in outside food and drink. However, they will permit a birthday cake if you don’t want to order one from them but it would need to be nut free.

For More Information About This Place To Have A Birthday Party:

Website: Funzy Play

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 551.256.3773

Location: 125 River Dr., Jersey City NJ 07310

heap event/ birthday party spaces/venues in jersey city


This birthday place for kids keeps everything so much fun and helps create lasting memories. This team provides many options to help you create the party your kid dreams about enjoying. They have so many exciting themes and add-on packages and can completely customize your party.

For More Information About This Cheap Event/ Birthday Party Spaces/Venues In Jersey City

Website: Kidville

Phone: 201.377.5495

Location: 1202 Shipyard Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030

 Garden Street School of the Performing Arts

This unique place to have a birthday party is for kids of all ages including tweens and teens!

They have a large variety of packages, and add-ons to help accommodate your wishes, wants, and budget. Customize your party by theme and select the entertainment and activities to make your special party a hit.

For More Information About This Jersey City Party Venue

Website: Garden Street School Of Performing Arts

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201.683.9100

Location: 1018 Washington Street, Second Floor, Hoboken NJ 07030

heap event/ birthday party spaces/venues in jersey city

Gymboree – Kids Birthday Party

This kids party place lets you select one of their favorite themes. They create a personalized party filled with activities and fun. You have zero clean up. Gymboree parties are perfect for children celebrating their 1st birthday through 5th birthdays.

For More Information About This Birthday Place For Kids

Website: Gymboree

Phone: 201.918.6988

Location: 175 Newark Avenue, Jersey City NJ 07302 (201) 918-6988

heap event/ birthday party spaces/venues in jersey city

Just 4 Kids Salon and Birthday Party Boutique

It’s much more than a place to make your kid look great. It’s a fun-filled place to have a birthday party too! They offer various themes and packages for your birthday party. You have choices to make to help create the party your child will love.

For More Information About This Kids Party Venue:

Website: Just For Kids Salon

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201.653.5887

Location: The Monroe Center 720 Monroe St, 3rd Floor, Suite E-313, Hoboken, NJ 0703

Monroe Street Movement Space

Here’s a place you might not have immediately thought about as a place to have a birthday party. This ample space can accommodate a party for a child of any age. Monroe Street Movement Space has been hosting parties for over two decades and can help you customize the perfect birthday party based on your child’s interest and personality.

For More Information About This Jersey City Party Venue

Website: Monroe Street Movement Space

Email: [email protected]m

Phone: 201-222-8033

Location: 720 Monroe Street C-504, 5th Floor, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

 Play City

This favorite kids party place offers an indoor playground for children ages 9 and under

They will let you rent the space and create your fabulous party, or they will handle everything for the birthday party from start to finish. They have three packages available as well as some add-ons to make your child’s birthday party fantastic. If you don’t want to select the packages that have an open play (not private), you can rent the entire Play City where you and your guests have private use of the facility.

For More Information About This Kids Party Venue

Website: Play City

Phone: 201.348.4000

Location: 4918 Park Avenue, Weehawken, NJ 07086

Three Little Birds

Did you know Three Little Birds is a birthday place for kids too? While they are great at everything they do, they also create great parties. Each party is customized with the perfect activity and theme for your birthday boy or girl.

For More Information About Cheap Event/ Birthday Party Spaces/Venues In Jersey City

Website: Three Little Birds

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201.528.3212

Location: Jersey City NJ

 Tiny Greenhouse

This kids birthday party place is another fun place to celebrate. Tiny Greenhouse provides a creative space to encourage and inspire your child’s interest in robots, legos, butterflies, fairies … anything. The room will be ready for a birthday celebration.

For More Information About This Jersey City Party Venue

Website: Tiny Greenhouse

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201.333.8450

Location: 498a Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Urban Jungle Play

This kids party venue offers three party packages which are customizable. They even offer healthy food choices that children and adults love. They have several fun themes. They are a nut and seed free facility so if you take any foods in; they need to be free of nuts and seeds to help those with food allergies be included and enjoy the facility too.

For More Information About This Kids Birthday Party Place

Website: Urban Jungle Play

Phone: 201.653.4212

Location: 1140 Maxwell Ln, Hoboken NJ 07303

Bambino Chef

Here’s a fun place to have a birthday party for your big kid who loves cooking or wants a new fun-filled experience. They can even create a non-cooking party which is convenient for those who live with food allergies. They have a variety of packages and activities so that everyone will have a great time.

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Website: Bambino Chef

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201.333.9090

Location: 213 Newark Avenue, Jersey City NJ 07302


This thrilling place to have a birthday party has an obstacle course inspired by American Ninja Warrior. Host a memorable birthday for your child at HudsonPlay.  Each child will have fun with stimulating activities such as rock climbing, an obstacle course, table games and more. They have customized events based on the age group of the children.

For More Information This Place To Have A Birthday Party

Website: Hudson Play

Phone: 201.963.4671

Location: 189 Brunswick St, Jersey City NJ  07302

Kids Birthday Party Places 

Cheap Event/ Birthday Party Spaces/Venues In Jersey City

It only happens once a year, and you’re excited to let your child know just how special they are by throwing them a spectacular birthday party. The stress of locating the best place to have a birthday party will soon be done. Locating the cheap birthday supplies will soon be completed. Take lots of pictures, make memories, enjoy delicious food, cake and most of all enjoy celebrating your child’s special day surrounded by friends and family and everyone in your life who cares about you and your child.

Fitness Competition in JC Fitness Fair 2018

Feeling strong in your workout?  Show us what you’ve got at the JC Fitness Fair in Jersey City on May 19th (10am-2pm).  We’ve got competitions and great prizes!  And if you’re looking to jump start your fitness routine, lots of local health and fitness professionals will be in attendance to answer your questions and demo their workouts/classes

There will be 2 (two) sessions of the JCFitness Competition 18:  10:30am and 1:00pm

The competition consists of a 5 station circuit and includes the following:

  • 1 min sit ups
  • 1 min burpees
  • 1 min push ups
  • 1 min squats
  • 1 min shuttle run
  1. Each time slot will have a maximum of 10 individuals and each station will have 2 participants.
  2. Participants need to be 18 and older
  3. Participants can only enter in one time slot (either 10:30am or 1:00pm)
  4. Participants need to sign a waiver when signing in for the competition on the day of the event.
  5. There will be one (1)  judge with 2 participants at each station.  Participants will remain at each station for 2 min (1 min to compete, 1 min to rest while their paired competitor competes).  After 2 min, all participants will rotate to the next station.
  6. The winner is the person who completes the maximum overall # of sit ups, burpees, push ups, squats and shuttle runs in 5 minutes.
  7. First and 2nd place finishers in each session will win a prize.
  8. Prizes may include:  free massage session, free acupuncture session, healthy meal subscription
  9. It is FREE to participate, but athletes MUST register ahead of time. Please, complete the attached form if you want to participate. FORM
  10. JCFamilies will do our best to accommodate your requested time slot.  If your requested time slot is full when you sign up, we will advise you.

        Please click here to know about Fitness Fair in Jersey City :JC Fitness Fair 2018

Prizes for the JC Fitness Competition:


Family Promise Donation List

Family Promise:  A shelter for homeless families in Jersey City:
As a proud partner of Family Promise, JCFamilies collects donations at all our events for this wonderful organization. The main items requested are baby supplies, toiletries, and school supplies.  See the complete list below:
JCFamilies is happy to support the work of Family Promise.  This non-profit organization is working to end family homelessness, keep families together, and offer services to help families in need.
Family Promise works to address the root causes of homelessness, provides mentoring and education, and is raising voices to affect public policy regarding affordable housing and a living wage.  We are proud to support this community organization.
Check out our Amazon wish list Link:

Donate online at

Baby Supplies

Diapers and wipes Formula
Baby food


Soap (any size or kind) Shampoo
Feminine products Toothpaste Toothbrushes Mouthwash

Toilet paper
Razors and shaving cream

School Supplies

Paper Pens Backpacks Folders Notebooks Pencils

Other Items:

Cleaning supplies
Gift Cards for Target, Shoprite or BJ’s
Non-perishable snacks, breakfast supplies or lunch items-especially soups, microwave mac and cheese and cup-o-noodles

Please note that we cannot accept clothing, pillows, bedding or stuffed animals.


Full size Liquid Soap (any size or kind) Full Size Shampoo
Feminine products

Toilet paper
Paper Towels
Razors and shaving cream Travel Size Toiletries

Wet Wipes Kan-do Wipes

Please note that we cannot accept clothing, pillows, bedding or stuffed animals.

Did you know that this year, more than 2.5 million American children and their family will experience homelessness?

Homeless families are often hidden from our view—they are living in shelters, cars, campgrounds, or doubled up in overcrowded apartments. The most cited reasons for family homelessness are: lack of affordable housing, unemployment and poverty.


Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

One of the best things about summer is the opportunity it affords you to visit somewhere nice, somewhere lush…somewhere worth visiting.

Let’s see some amazing sites in Westside Jersey City which you can enjoy in this beautiful city whether you are a local, nearby or looking for a fun-filled tourist destination.

Jersey City NJ is home to numerous attractions including large amusement parks, fun water parks, discovery museums, and so much more. To help you get started on your summer of exploring, we have listed several favorite places to help you and your family begin enjoying the top things to do this summer in West side Jersey City.

Lincoln Park

On your list of top things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City, you can’t leave this one off. This one is a must do for your family this summer. Plan a day to spend at Lincoln Park. It is a large park in Hudson County with approximately 273 acres.

Lincoln Park has so much to offer including a nature walk, three children’s playgrounds, numerous athletic fields, courts, a cricket pitch, and a running track. There is a 3-acre lake for fishing and four gazebos to pose in for beautiful pictures or take a break. There’s also a dog park so your furry companion can make friends too!

While you are at Lincoln Park, you’ll get to see and enjoy some fantastic art and structures including Lincoln The Mystic, a Jersey City Civil War Memorial, Farrier Memorial, and the Great Irish Famine Memorial. It’s another opportunity to appreciate art and architecture with the children!

One thing you won’t miss is the 365 ton Lincoln Fountain. It’s the worlds largest concrete monument! It’s stunning and something the whole family can enjoy.

Lincoln Park is also home to the Casino In The Park. This is another excellent place to plan to eat sometime this summer! You’ll experience delicious food, and you’ll be at a popular destination!

Keep your eyes open as you walk around this beautiful environment and you may see some rare bird species including Black Skimmers, Osprey, and Egrets.

Free – Jazz Music by the Fountain ALL Summer  

Each summer you’ll get to listen to beautiful jazz music by the fountain. This is a free and family-friendly event that takes place each week throughout the summer. Stay tuned for more details!

Stop by Rosebud Florist on your way home and pick up their some fresh flowers. It adds such a nice feeling to home any time of year even when it isn’t a special occasion.

It’s a big event every year and if you don’t want to stay home and celebrate in your own home and backyard, here’s a popular event to make plans to attend:

Liberty State Park

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

The Statue of Liberty is located here in this city! This incredible 1,212-acre park is a green oasis nestled in an urban setting. You just have to see this park. Walking along the waterfront southward lets you have a really splendid view of the Statue of Liberty, and in case you decide to take your time and visit Ellis Island, you shouldn’t forget to visit the incredible old (the 1930s) railway station.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

If you’re local, while it isn’t in Jersey City, it is nearby and a historical point to visit. If you are a tourist looking for a destination, this is it. This is a place that changed the lives of many people and shook the world all over. The museum is really magnificent. You might actually spend hours just taking a tour around the museum. You get to enjoy breathtaking stories and see amazing artifacts. There is an audio tour available to anyone who chooses to enjoy it, so you might want to try that on your visit.

Staten Island Ferry

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

The island ferry operates between the St. George ferry terminal and the Whitehall terminal in lower Manhattan. You will enjoy the views of the surrounding area throughout your 25-minute ride. Interestingly, this ferry is free; you just have to comply with the applicable U.S Coast Guard Security Regulations.

If you’re thinking of what it will cost you to enjoy views of the Manhattan Skyline, World Trade Centre, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, this is your free ticket.

Strolling The Streets on the West Side Of Jersey City NJ

The West side of Jersey City has shopping and a lot more to offer locals and tourists alike. You’ll be able to relax, play, take your time and explore. You just might discover a lot of amazing adventures just waiting to be found on the West side in Jersey City.

It’s always great to support local businesses whenever possible. There are still plenty of mom and pop shops in existence on the West side of Jersey City! You will see plenty of stores and restaurants to visit, with exciting deals to offer.

As you begin your stroll, there are two top places you need to be sure to stop this summer! In no particular order, you need to stop for breakfast or brunch at these excellent places. Visit Wonder Bagels where you’ll find hand-rolled bagels and a fantastic menu to find new favorites. Also, visit Gary’s Sweet Shoppe which has been around for decades and you’ll see locals enjoying coffee, butter bread, and solving the world’s problems.

As you stroll the West side of Jersey City, one thing to do as a family if you have young children is count and identify different shapes. The adults will enjoy appreciating the architecture of a different era while the children will be happy, learning, and busy.

Stop to Eat

Have a taste from the selection of restaurants in West side Jersey City. One of the best things about having diverse neighborhoods on the West side of Jersey City is that different types of restaurants are there and serving delicious foods. If you and your family are at all “foodies,” you can enjoy a summer-long food adventure. Pick a different place each week and take a night off of cooking at home. It will be exciting, and you’ll be introducing your children to new foods and cultures as well as getting the opportunity to taste a vast variety of different types of food.

Here are some favorite places to stop to eat where there’s usually something on the menu even for the child that doesn’t like to try new things.

La Primicia Restaurant

A Taste You Won’t Forget – They are open Monday thru Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm offering convenient hours to fit busy schedules. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find Carribean, Dominican and Hispanic cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

Jerkin Chicken

You’ll enjoy a taste of Jamaica! They have convenient hours and are open until 8 pm each evening. They’ve been serving this area for two decades.

Georgio’s Pizzeria

Simply great pizza, pasta, salads and more! If it’s a hot evening and you don’t want to turn the oven on, pick up some pizza and stroll over to Lincoln Park or have it delivered to your door.

Miss America Diner

The Miss America Diner is a must visit this summer! It is an old-fashioned diner offering home cooking and is sure to please a hungry appetite. They are a prestigious landmark with over 75 years in business. They offer daily deals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are open seven days a week.

Light House Tavern

The Light House Tavern is a resorted public house from late in the 1850s, and you might end up imagining the days of prohibition when those smoky recesses were filled with bootleggers and whiskey sippers. The spot integrates modern cuisines into its history, focusing mainly on east coast fare, oysters, Maine lobsters and kale salads and crispy cod fillets.


Fourth Of July 2018

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

Don’t let summer slip away without attending a big event where the children will be in awe of the fireworks. Make plans now to celebrate The Fourth Of July by attending the 5th Annual Freedom and Fireworks Festival. This exciting family-friendly event is on July 4th and begins at noon.

While those are our top things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City, here’s a couple more items that are often wonderful to add to our summers plans.

Learning and Growing Opportunities

If you want to add in some programs for this summer, here’s a couple of places with some great offerings:

Three Little Birds on Westside Avenue has an assortment of classes, programs, and events for children. It may offer the summer opportunity you are looking for as you make plans for your top summer activities!

Also, Jersey City Recreation has multiple classes and programs available!

Jersey City Waterfront

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

Located downtown, this waterfront gives you excellent views of the Manhattan Skyline. You’ll really enjoy visiting some of its many restaurants and hotels. Many have experienced lodging at the hotels and air bnb choices nearby just so that they can enjoy the magnificent views throughout their stay in this city. Even if you are local to Jersey City, this can be a fun type of “stay-cation” that gets you out of the house yet nearby to have a less expensive “vacation”.

Few MUST do ….

Crema – (Must Try )An ice cream and coffee shop at Duncan and Bergen Ave.
The Dairy Queen on Westside Blvd – walk up DQ without an inside area,  A really fun thing to do in the summer-513 West Side Blvd.
The Lafayette Pool on Johnston Avenue:A free public pool and is a great place to cool off and is not that far from the neighborhood.

Summer 2018 Memories

Whatever you do, we hope you have lots of fun, embrace every moment and make lots of memories this summer as you begin exploring the top things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City.