Easy ‘No Carve’ Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and there’s nothing more fun for kids during this season than decorating pumpkins! I have never been a fan of carving pumpkins because of the mess and the hassle. I’ve always preferred easier methods with less clean up. Here are some of my favorite ideas. If you try one or two out, share a picture of your creation so we can see what you’ve come up with!

Materials you will need:

  • Assorted pumpkins and gourds (cleaned & dried)
  • Colored cardstock or foam
  • Scissors
  • Paints (tempera or acrylic) + paint brushes
  • Hot glue or glue dots
  • Bamboo skewers or toothpicks

Cute Witch Pumpkin1

To make this adorable witch, all you need is some creativity! Simply cut out two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a witch’s hat. You can use colored card stock for the pieces, or foam as I have here. This is a great exercise for kids that like to practice using scissors. An adult will have to help with applying the pieces if you choose to use hot glue. If you don’t have a glue gun, you can also use no-mess scrapbooking ‘glue dots’ which are available in all major craft supply stores. Add some green hair, eyelashes, a ‘wort’ for the nose and rosy cheeks with paint. The stem of the pumpkin makes it the perfect place for a witch hat to rest 🙂


Pumpkin Tower

I love this idea because it’s super easy and very trendy right now. To make a pumpkin tower, all you need is three small pumpkins in varying sizes. Simply pop off the stem of the large and middle sized pumpkin, then stack them like a snowman. Leave the tower as is, or insert toothpicks in the bottom of the small and medium pumpkins for a sturdy fit.


Fairy House

The gourd I’ve chosen for this ‘fairy house’ is the perfect shape for a little home, but you can use any round, ordinary pumpkin as well. Simply have the kids paint a door and windows with black paint. They can use black ‘puff paint’ for a steady line, or a thin tipped paintbrush. Have them add colored polka dots with paint to the roof for a mushroom cap look. Display the fairy house with moss and assorted miniatures to inspire creative play. Fairy gardening is a huge trend right now, and this craft can inspire any child to get excited about imaginary worlds!



Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She loves celebrating all holidays (especially Halloween!) and teaching art to children of all ages.

Daddy & Me Craft | Sea Life Mobile | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Craft Ideas for Father’s Day: Daddy & Me Craft

Sea Life Mobile Lady Lucas copy.jpg


Father’s Day is less than a month away {June 15, 2014} and this craft is especially great for dads looking to do something artistic with their kids. This sea life mobile can be made easily with a regular clothes hanger, some scraps of paper and string.


The other fun component to this mobile, is that summer is right around the corner, and this craft can really add a little color ito your home as we all get excited for some warmer weather!


Materials you will need:


  • A clothes hanger

  • String or yarn

  • Sturdy construction paper

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue, glue dots or clear tape


*Hot glue is ideal for this project if you want it to last a long time, but glue dots or even clear tape from the drugstore works just as well for more of a temporary project.




1 Cut five pieces of yarn or string {approximately 1 foot long each} and tie the top of each to a clothes hanger. I chose to make my middle string a little longer than the rest in the example below.




2 Have your child draw their favorite sea creatures on construction paper with markers. Whales, sharks, fish and squids are all very popular! Cut out the sea creatures and adhere to the pieces of string with either hot glue, glue dots or tape.





3 While attaching the sea creatures, try to ‘stagger’ them on each piece of string so that when the wind blows all the animals will move naturally. Try two creatures on the first string, three on the next, etc. etc. {This part of the craft is definitely where dad’s skills come in!}




4 If you have foil at home, you can have the kids cut out some circles for bubbles and add those to the clothes hanger and strings as well using glue or tape.

Another variation of this craft would be to use an embroidery hoop or even a wooden dowel instead of a clothes hanger. Depending on the look you’re going for, {modern, crafty, old fashioned}, you can really experiment with the concept of creating a mobile. Instead of sea creatures, you could create a jungle theme or even draw each member of your family.

I wish all of you a fun and happy Father’s Day!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a local Jersey City illustrator and arts instructor. She has written and illustrated various children’s books, and is currently working on a compilation of her most popular crafting ideas. She offers private art lessons to the Newport community for children ages 4 – 8 years old and loves seeing the magical creations children come up with!  Don’t forget to stop by Ashley’s blog on JCFamilies. Stop by every month to see a new crafting idea for your child and please Like, Share or Comment on this craft if you enjoy it!

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Moms, you might want to forward this one over to dad 😉 Here’s some simple and cute ideas for Mother’s Day this weekend!

From top left to right…

A Card for Mom
The most important thing to give on any holiday – a cute card! Something I love doing is combining cut paper with markers and crayons. To make a super simple design, glue paper circles to a folded piece of paper and use markers to add faces, petals, stems and leaves. {I also heard there will be a card making station at this Friday’s JCFamilies event in Hamilton Park!!}

Plant Sticks
Shop Rite always has a great selection of plants this time of year… so why not go over and pick out a few pansies and other fun flowers? Then, have your little one decorate some plant sticks to add for decoration. Simply glue a sturdy piece of paper to a Popsicle stick and it’s done! I found these pre-cut cupcake designs at A.C. Moore… but just about any stationery or party store will have something like it too.

Mother’s Day Bunting
What cuter way to decorate your home this weekend than with a cute hanging bunting!  While visiting Paper Presentation in NYC this week, I noticed craft stores are now selling triangle pads of paper for a super easy way to make this decoration, or take a pile of construction paper and cut into uniform long triangle shapes. Decorate each ‘triangle’ with stickers, markers and crayons and attach to a long piece of string for hanging. Add some beads to the string to keep the kids occupied a little longer 😉

Framed Fingerprints
Pick up a super cute miniature frame at Duane Reade or even the dollar store, and add a tiny picture by your little Picasso. All kids love making fingerprint people. All you need is an ink pad and some pencils.

For a video featuring some of the crafts above, visit this link which features me teaching Mother’s Day Crafts on eHow.

Ashley Lucas is a local illustrator and crafts designer based in Jersey City, NJ. She is the author and illustrator of various children’s books and has contributed to such popular sites as eHow and ModernMom. Her specialties in include holiday crafting and making art ‘cute’ for young children! Ashley designs murals for kids rooms in Jersey City, and offers kid friendly artwork and decor to the community through her business ‘Lady Lucas’.

Lucky Tree Craft for Chinese New Year

This fun and easy craft is a great way to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year on February 10, 2013. Considering this is the year of the Snake, I wanted to create something a little cuter… so this Lucky Tree fits the bill! The fruits can be clementines or oranges… whatever you wish!

For this project you will need:

  • brown markers
  • colored dot sale stickers
  • yellow, white and red paper
  • gold glitter and glue
  • a thin, black marker
  • decorative stickers, like goldfish
  • a glue stick and regular glue
  • scissors

1. Using your glue stick, center a small white piece of paper on a larger red piece to create a nice ‘frame’. Prepare a vase shape by cutting it out of yellow paper. Gather some dot stickers {can be found in any dollar store} and cut the green ones in half to use as leaves later.

2. Glue your vase shape on the white paper and draw some branches with a brown marker like the ones below.

3. Now peel stickers off and attach to the branches for the fruits. Orange stickers work best… I used red because that’s a lucky color for Chinese New Year. This is definitely the funnest part for kids! Peel some green cut stickers and use them as leaves. Use your thin black marker to add some faces to the fruits if you wish!

4. For some final touches, add gold glitter around your picture. Lastly, add a sticker to the vase. A goldfish is perfect for the occasion!

Every year I try and attend the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown. It is a fun and educational event for children with awesome confetti, fire crackers and great food. Here is a link to this year’s parade:http://betterchinatown.com/

Ashley Lucas is a local illustrator and crafts designer based in Jersey City, NJ. She is the author and illustrator of various children’s books and has contributed to such popular sites as eHow and ModernMom. Her specialties in include holiday crafting and making art ‘cute’ for young children! Ashley currently teaches weekly crafting classes with JCFamilies.