Early Learning Academy!

Hi everyone! Hope the school hunt is going well. If you haven’t found your school of choice yet, don’t worry, there are still many many options available. So for you mommies who are still on the hunt here’s another school that has an upcoming open house date; The Early Learning Academy! At the Early Learning Academy they welcome all children of the toddler ages and up. They have a classroom system that is sure to keep the students occupied an entertained. If you are looking for a comfortable and highly qualified school for your young ones – who have possibly never been in a schooling environment before – this might be for you and your child. The open house date for the Early Learning Academy in Jersey City is approaching. Please be sure to mark the date on your calendars! The open house will take place on Friday November 15th from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm. Children are welcome to attend the open house as well.

At the Early Learning Academy they take into consideration that each child learns and develops at different times and through different styles. They aim to teach in various ways so that there is a style being used for each child. The teachers at Early Learning Academy know that for many of their students they are being introduced to things like the alphabet for the very first time. They know that for these students it will take a more hand on approach. Teachers at this school in Jersey City give each topic about a two weeks span so that the children have enough time to understand the topic at hand. Also, whenever possible the teachers in each classroom will use the children’s senses, such as smell, feelings or sometimes taste, to help the children understand the topic that is being taught.

The classes in this school are spilt according by age. This allows the teachers to alter the curriculum to what is needed for each age group. The classes are split up as follows: toddlers, toddlers plus, pre-k and kindergarten. The younger group classes focus on themes such as art, music, literacy, gym and more. The older groups begin to spend more time focusing on pre-literacy awareness. These classes, the pre-k classes, tend to focus on learning the basics of subjects that they will later begin to fully be introduced to in elementary school. For example, they will begin to learn how to trace, basic writing of some parts of the alphabet, social studies, science and simple math. This course concentrates on preparing these children for when they are ready to attend the first grade.

The curriculum hours at the Early Learning Academy run from 8:30am to 5:30 pm. The actual schedule for each child will vary depending on the age group, therefore when your child is enrolled you will receive a copy of the daily schedule for your child.

Here’s a question I know many mommies like to ask; can we visit our children throughout the day? Well guess what? At Early Learning Academy they hold on open door policy. This means that parents are welcome to visit their child throughout the day. They do, however, ask that no one interrupt naptime. If for any reason you need to pick-up or drop off your child during nap time they do allow it, they simply request that you inform them beforehand so that there is as little interruption as possible.

At Early Learning Academy in Jersey City they do not provide lunch for your children. So they do ask that you pack your child’s lunch with his or her name written on it. They also ask that you identify which item is for breakfast, snack, lunch and so forth.

Lastly let’s talk about tuition. The tuition fee is due on the first of each month. If you would like to know the cost of tuition you must either place a call to the Early Learning Academy at >(201) 793-8949 or you can visit them on their open house date (November 15th as mentioned above) and ask for the information in person. When applying to this school there is also an application fee ($49) as well as a registration fee ($250).

If you would like more information about the Early Learning Academy please feel free to visit their website at http://www.elasacademy.com/contact.html. Don’t forget you can also visit them on their open house date where you and your child can get a feel on what this school has to offer. As always, Happy School Hunting!

Hudson Montessori School in Jersey City

Hudson Montessori School in Jersey City

Good day everyone! Let’s jump right into it and talk about another one of the Montessori schools. Next up: Hudson Montessori School in Jersey City! I want to talk to you guys a bit about what this school believes and what they put into practice. Information, such as who the school is open to, how to apply, the schools curriculum and most importantly, open house dates! Hudson Montessori School will be hosting an open house this month. The open house will take place on Saturday November 16th from 11:15-12:00pm. NOW THIS IS VERY IMPOTANT! If you are interested in attending Hudson Montessori school’s open house you must register for it! They will not be accepting any walk-ins. To register for the open house please visit their website online and click on the link that says register right on the main page. Their website is as follows: www.hudsonmontessori.net The open house is only open to parents, no children will be allowed. If this date does not work for you, Hudson Montessori School will be hosting another open house on Saturday December 7th so please keep your eyes open for the registration for that date.

At Hudson Montessori school in Jersey City they are keen on allowing a child to learn in a hands-on setting. They feel that in doing this it encourages a child’s growth based on their own particular needs, ability and unique personality. The faculty at Hudson Montessori School feel that it is important to introduce themes that spark each of their students curiosity and excitement, all intended to motivate each child. Some areas of study at Hudson Montessori are the areas of practical life, sensorial, language, math, cultural, science and motor skills.

There are various programs available at Hudson Montessori school, each one intended to cater to children of different ages. The schedules available for the children ranges depending on the program in which your child would be enrolled in. The same rules apply with tuition. So here I have listed the times for each

program and the tuitions as well. Please keep in mind: students that will be in class for a full day must bring in their own lunch. There will be a set schedule for parents to rotate on the days in which they must supply snacks for the class.

Toddlers program: At least two years old.

The school day for these children run from either half-day (9:00am-12:15pm) or full-day (9:00am-3:00pm). There is also an extended day, which would be from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Tuition: Two day half-day program: $6500

Three day half-day program: $7750

Five day Half-program: $9500

Five day full day program: $14000

Five day extended program: $17500

Bridge Primary program: At least three years of age

The school day for these children run from either half-day (8:30-12:00pm [morning]) or (12:00pm-3:30pm [afternoon]). The full day schedule is from 8:30am-3:00pm. The extended day hours run from 8:30am-6:00pm)

Tuition: Half-day program: $10000

Full-day program: $13500

Extended program: $17500

Primary program: At least three years of age

The school day for these children run from either half-day (8:30-12:00pm [morning]) or (12:00pm-3:30pm [afternoon]). The full day schedule is from 8:30am-3:00pm. The extended day hours run from 8:30am-6:00pm)

Tuition: Half-day program: $9500

Full-day program: $12500

Extended-day program: $16500

Kindergarten: At least five years of age

The school day for these children run from either full-day (8:30-3:00pm) or the extended-day program (8:30am-6:00pm)

Tuition: Full-day program: $11500

Extended-day program: $15500

Elementary: At least six years of age

The school day for these children run from either full-day (8:30-3:00pm) or the extended-day program (8:30am-6:00pm)

Tuition: Full-day program: $11500

Extended-day program: $15500

Along with these programs, Hudson Montessori School offers after school programs. Some of the programs that they offer are ballet, theater, taekwondo, languages and chest.

The application process at Hudson Montessori School is actually quite involved. The first step is to visit the school. So you may choose to attend one of the open house dates or you can go on the website and click on admission process; there you will see a link that allows you to set up your own date in which you would live to visit the school. The next step is to submit an application form, followed by a visit to the school again but this time with your child. This step is mandatory by the school. After this visit you will be asked to wait until you receive an admission offer letter. Lastly, after receiving this letter you must submit all tuition fees on time.

If you still have some questions please remember to save the date and sign up for one of the open house dates or create one all your own. And as always, Happy School hunting!

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Hamilton Park Montessori School in Jersey City

Hamilton Park Montessori School

Hi Mamas! It’s time to get talking about Hamilton Park Montessori School. First up, important dates! The most important date to keep in mind for the Hamilton Park Montessori School in Jersey City is the admissions date. The deadline for submitting an application to the school is December 31st. Now if after this blog or if after you check out the website I urge you to move along with applying to this school with urgency because they seem to have a lengthy process. Before being able to apply you must first attend a “first step session”. From what I can gather, the first step session is the time for the school to get to know you, the adult. Children are not allowed to attend this meeting. There are only a limited amount of seats available for this meeting so once you know you are truly interested in applying to this school I suggest you all to do so as fast as possible.


At Hamilton Park Montessori School they aim to create a high-quality learning environment that meets the social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of its community members. They aim to ensure that each child’s needs are being taken into consideration and tended to.

There are three different programs that are offered at Hamilton Park Montessori school. One of the programs available at this school is the bridge and early childhood program. This program is set into place for the younger students that will be in attendance in this school. The bridge and early childhood program is a program designed to help bridge the gap between home life and school gap. It is set into place so that they can ensure a safe and smooth transition for the child who is going to be away from mom for more than five minutes for the first time ever. That know that it is their job to let the child know that they are safe and in good hands. This program is available for children of the ages 2.5 years to 3 years.

The second program available in Hamilton Park Montessori School in Jersey City is the early childhood program. This program is open to students of the ages 3 to 6 years old. In this school the classes are diverse. In these classes teachers use art, music, movement, physical education and foreign language to support and strengthen the child’s gifts and knowledge. . For the kids who are older there are other courses that are put into their curriculum such as sports (i.e. soccer & tennis), literacy and writers workshop. For this program parents have the choice of choosing to have their child attend school for half a day or for a full day.

The last program available in Hamilton Park Montessori School is the summer program. The summer program is in place for the children to have a place to go in the summer time. Let’s be honest here, there aren’t many places at times where we can’t take these little ones where we can ensure a proper balance of fun and knowledge and its usually because we don’t know where to go. Well, if your summers sound a little like what I have just described then maybe enrolling your child into the summer program at Hamilton Park Montessori in Jersey City may just be a great idea. There is a separate fee and admission process for this summer program so please be sure to give their website (http://www.hamiltonparkmontessori.com/) a look.

At Hamilton Park Montessori they know that it is important to provide these students with extra curriculum activities that will help them grow socially and mentally all while having a good time. They offer up activities like creative arts, movement, the performing arts, the creative arts and brain gym. Brain gym is a term that makes up many of the activities that strictly promote the use of your child noggin. Games, clubs and activities such as chess and the science clubs just to give you some examples.

Interested in Hamilton Park Montessori so far? Please do give their website a look and set up a date to go and visit them yourself if needed/possible. Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to take action now. Slots are limited! Have a safe school hunt everyone!

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The Garden Preschool Cooperative In Jersey City


The Garden Preschool Cooperative In Jersey City

The Garden Preschool Cooperative is a private school located in Jersey City. They have a great philosophy intended to not just educate the children but to also better the community and the future that it holds. In this blog post you can find out more about how to apply to this school, what their goals are as educators and the resources available at this school. However, before I go on to tell you about all that this school has to offer, it is important to note the upcoming open house dates for this school.

When you’re looking for a preschool for your children, moms want a place where they feel is a safe, fun, and enlightening environment for their little ones. They want to make sure that their child’s safety is ensured and that they make the right choice. Often times we question everything and everyone, except perhaps maybe another mom who has gone through the same situation. Well guess what? Garden Preschool cooperation is a parent-run nonprofit preschool. Have I intrigued you already? For some of you this might. This parent-run preschool aims to high quality progressive early childhood education all in a nurturing environment for your little ones. At Garden Preschool cooperation they know that curiosity is a child’s number one motivator in learning and growing. This is why the faculty of garden preschool stress children’s play in order to develop important aspects of the child in these early and vital years.

Interested in knowing what the teachers in this preschool are like? Well then this section is very important for you. Garden preschool cooperation makes it very simple and easy to get to know the teachers of the school with a simple click of the button. All of the teachers at the garden preschool cooperation in Jersey City are very motivated to do right by each child that attends this school. They have each been motivated to become teachers for some time in their life pushing them to properly develop the skills that each child has. If you are interested in reading the short bios of each teacher at the garden preschool cooperative in Jersey City then please feel free to visit their website at http://gardenpreschool.org/teachers.html

In order for your child to attend Garden Preschool cooperation they must be of a certain age upon entry. Children of the ages between 9 months and 5 years are allowed to apply for entry at the garden preschool cooperation. They are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year so if you are interested please be sure to go to the website I have posted above and click on the application link which will give you the forms needed to apply for this school. Most importantly, if you are interested in visiting the school but are not able to attend the open house dates that are already set into place, please be sure to call the garden preschool cooperation to set up a date that would best work for you. As always, happy school hunting!

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth- An All girls Catholic School!


The Academy of Saint Elizabeth

Heads up Mommies! There’s another open house coming up. It’s time to talk about the Academy of St. Elizabeth in Jersey City. Academy of St. Elizabeth is a single sex- all girls’ school. They believe that in an all girls’ environment there is further opportunity for them to excel and work at their highest potential. In this blog I will go into more details about what this school has to offer. However, if you would like to check this out for yourself you can do so very soon! Academy of St. Elizabeth in Jersey City is having an open house on Wednesday November 13th at 7:00pm. There is no registration required! You can simply arrive at Academy of St. Elizabeth, which is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls. Another very important date to remember if you are interested in this school is the Admission testing date, which is to take place on Saturday November 16th at 8:30am. Don’t forget to save the dates!


The Academy of Saint Elizabeth is an independent, Catholic all girl school whose goal is to prepare young women for college. At Academy of St. Elizabeth in Jersey City, they aim to “promote disciplines of academic excellence and moral responsibility within a nurturing faith community.” They believe that single gender education at this level is crucial in inspiring women in society to want to develop their leadership roles. Along with this belief, the teachers at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth know that it is important to uphold programs that develop and reflect the needs and interests of college-bound students. They maintain a small sized classroom so that each student can receive as much personal attention as possible.

Now, let’s talk tuition. The tuition rate at Academy of St. Elizabeth is 17,000. Now, this actually does not include the general fee or book fees, field trips etc. I know this is a large amount of money. However, what if I told you that at the Academy of St. Elizabeth they offer up scholarships and/or Financial Aid? Now we’re talking, right?

At The Academy of Saint Elizabeth they award Merit Scholarships yearly. These awards are given based on superior scored on the entrance exam amongst other exceptional performances displayed by the student. The other option is to opt for Financial Aid. If you feel that your family may qualify for financial aid, when applying you need to make this known to the admissions office. You will then be required to submit family income statements, number of children that are currently in school and a copy of the family W-2 and 1040 forms to ensure that you do qualify. After that, if you do qualify they will let you know how much, all or some, of your child tuition will be covered.

Lastly, I would like to inform you all about the extracurricular activities made available to the students of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth in Jersey City. These activities are designed for each student to develop leadership skills and self -confidence but most importantly, these activities are in place so that each of these young ladies can have a place to just have fun while they develop different life skills. The Academy of St. Elizabeth offers activities such as the language club, the science club, the spring musical, the girls learn international club, the yearbook committee, literary magazine, forensics and student council among other things. If just one of these things sound of interest to you and/or your child, why not take a look? As I stated at the top the Academy of Saint Elizabeth in Jersey City is hosting an Open house on November 13th. Feel free to stop by or visit their website at http://aosenj.org/. Happy school hunting everyone!

Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City

Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City


Hi Mommies! Let’s start this Wednesday with a little information on Stevens Cooperative School! First and foremost I would like to let you all know of the upcoming dates for this school, which is located in Jersey City. The Stevens Cooperative School has two locations; one in Hoboken and one in Newport. Both campuses are going to host an open house very soon so I’m here to give you the details! The Hoboken Campus, which is open to children from the age of two too eighth graders, is hosting an open house this Saturday, October 26th at 10:00 a.m. If this date does not work for you, the Hoboken Campus will also be having open houses at later dates: Tuesday, November 2nd at 8:30 a.m. and Thursday, November 14th at 8:30 a.m. For those of you who would prefer to attend the Newport Campus their upcoming dates for their open houses are as follows: Saturday, November 2nd at 10:00a.m and Thursday November 21st at 8:30a.m. Now this is very important mommies, if you are attending the open house at Hoboken on November 12 or the 14th or the open house in Newport on November 21st then YOU MUST RSVP BY EMAILING [email protected] AND LETTING THEM KNOW YOU WISH TO ATTEND THAT SPECIFIC OPEN HOUSE. These are the only dates in which you must RSVP, the others are simply open; no RSVP necessary.

Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey CityNow it’s time to talk a little bit about what Stevens Cooperative School can offer you and your child. At Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City is a school that is well aware of what the challenges are now in a society that is constantly and rapidly changing and evolving. They understand this and challenge this by offering students something that they call a “student-centric curriculum”. Their curriculum is set to cultivate confidence and responsibility, and is set to promote creativity, research, reflection and design. They place importance on the development of the child’s social skills along with their ability to solve problems and decision making.

At Stevens Cooperative school they offer a wide variety in the studies. On their webpage(www.stevenscoop.org) under programs there is a Curriculum guide that you can view online. This will show you exactly what each child will learn depending on the grade in which your child would be enrolled in. They offer subjects both common and unique ranging from Language arts to science to music. Each child is provided with the proper curriculum that fits his or her needs.

Does Stevens Cooperative School serve lunch? Why yes, they do! At Stevens Cooperative School you are able to place orders for lunch up to a month in advanced! Regardless of the campus that your child is in, each parent can go onto their website where the lunch is ordered. There you can find out what entrees are coming for each day of the month and decide if you wish to purchase the lunch for your child or if you would prefer to package their lunch on some days. It is all up to you and only a click away.

Lastly mommies, I would like to let you know about the afterschool program available at Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City. There are two types of after school programs at Stevens Cooperative School. One of the choices is to enroll your child in after school classes. These classes are divided into what they call “Enrichment Classes and Special Classes”. Enrichment classes are free of charge because they offer simply an extension of the school curriculum already in place and the school day. Special classes, on the other hand do require a fee because these are classes that are not required in the curriculum but available to the students as an extra class you can choose to take on. The special courses offered change every trimester.

If you’re not looking to enroll your child in extra afterschool classes but still need an alternative, guess what? Stevens Cooperative School, in Jersey City, offers a simple afterschool program. The afterschool program provides childcare from 3:0 pm- 6:00 pm every day after school. This program is available and open to all students and best of all, because it is meant to be a time for supervised activities like board games or arts and crafts and other things of that nature, this afterschool program is completely free!

Stevens Cooperative School has so much to offer and they are not afraid to show it on their website. So don’t forget, Stevens Cooperative School is hosting numerous amount of open houses available to you and if you cannot make it the website which is posted above, offers all the information you can get. Happy School searching everyone!

Waterfront Montessori in Jersey City


Waterfront Montessori is a Baccalaureate school for children aging between the toddler and middle school years. They are a school that is built upon passion for education. There are two ways you can find out more information about this school. One is to please continue reading this blog and I will inform you on more of this schools beliefs and programs. The other option is to visit them for yourselves! Waterfront Montessori school located in Jersey City is having an open house on Wednesday, November 13 from 6:30-8:30 pm. To attend this open house (or any their open house that they offer the following months) be sure to visit their website (www.waterfrontmontessori.com) in order to register for the date you wish to visit.

When you first visit the main website of Waterfront Montessori there are three big words sitting at the very top. “Engaging. Exciting. Joyful.” Those three words are the three words this school believes defines what aspects in education and schooling systems can bring about the best outcome for your children. What can I say, those words grabbed me!

At Waterfront Montessori, located in Jersey City, they offer education for children of the ages 2 through Grade 8. They also offer a specific program, the IB Middle Years Program for students in grades 6 to grade 8. In this school they are very passionate about education. They believe in providing each child the individual experience they each need in order to grow and achieve. They believe that it is not their duty to shape each child, but instead that it is their duty to provide them with the essentials that they need to become their own success; encouraging each child to acknowledge and grow from his or her own set of gifts and interests.


The curriculum in place at Waterfront Montessori is one unique to most schools. The curriculum in place is designed to offer structure and guidance for the students while at the same time maintaining the feeling of freedom and choice for each child to roam. In this school they feel this is an important process for each child because it promotes a bigger sense of self-awareness as well as producing children to be self-confident, well balanced, and focused on whatever their interests may be.

There are five different programs available in Waterfront Montessori in Jersey City. Each program is divided by age groups, guaranteeing the proper education for each child placed in this school system. The programs available in Waterfront Montessori are as follows:

The Toddler Program:

  • For children of the ages 2-3
  • Designed as a stepping stone for children to step away from their home and begin to feel comfortable in a school environment for the very first time.
  • Classroom designed so that the children can explore
  • Activities are in place to promote self-care, develop motor skills, and begin to concentrate and absorb multi-step directions and to develop social skills.


The Primary Program:

  • For children of the age group for Pre-K3 and Pre-K4
  • Promotes language and language skills, writing, reading, mathematics, science, geography and culture subject areas
  • A learning environment that provides order, encourages exploration, encourages choice amongst many other forms of structure

The Kindergarten Program:

  • For children of the ages 5-6
  • It is an extension of the primary program and a transition to the Elementary program
  • The space between the children in the kindergarten program and the primary program is shared, promoting and providing guidance for the younger children from the older ones and leadership for the older children, helping them to reinforce what they have mastered in their previous years.
  • Offers more advanced activities, both as an entire group and within their classroom groupings

The Elementary Program

  • For children in grades 1-5
  • Transitioning the children from thinking concretely to making more abstract thoughts
  • Curriculum of the sciences, computers and technology, mathematics, literacy and literature, social sciences, history, world geography and civics
  • The use of different art forms (such as art, music, poetry, etc.) to lend excitement to the day of each student

The Middle School Program

  • For children in grades 6-8
  • Provides a structure of academic challenge that encourages the students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world
  • Students are required to study two languages, sciences, mathematics, humanities, arts, physical education and technology

Think one or all of these programs sound like something that would work for yourself and your child? Then why not take a closer look for yourself! As I stated earlier, Waterfront Montessori in Jersey City is having an open house Wednesday November 13 from 6:30-8:30 pm. If you cannot make this date but are very interested they have other dates available, one in December and another in January. Just be sure to visit the Waterfront Montessori website and register for the date that works for you! Happy School search!

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Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jersey City


Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jersey City

Have you ever heard of Our Lady of Czestochowa School of Jersey City? No? Well this blog post may be just for you! It’s time to talk about Our Lady of Czestochowa and all of the advantages that it can offer for you and your child.

Our Lady of Czestochowa is a private school located in Jersey City It is a catholic elementary school located on the waterfront. At this school they promote the growth of a child not only intellectualy but spiritualy, emotionaly, physically, moraly and socially as well. Their goal is to support your child in developing to their fullest potential, helping them achieve their goals in the lifelong process. In fact, right on their website they claim they are commited to “developing attitudes that will enable the child to have deeper relationships with God” along with “providing a curriculum that gives consideration to each child’s interest, potential and giftedness” and also “encouraging both parental and community participation”. A mission that I think may be hard to find a negative in.

If you’re looking for a location that is up and coming, Our Lady of Czestochowa has it! The school is located in a rapidly developing area along the Hudson River waterfront, often refered to as the “Gold Coast”. It is slowly becoming one of the main financial and business centers of the East Coast; a great sight to see.


Sounding good so far? Let’s talk about tuition rates. The tuition rate at OLC for this school yea changes depending on the grade in which your child would be in. If your child is in grades kindergarten to grade two then the tuition rate is $8800. However, if your child is attending OLC in grades three to grade eight then the tuition rate becomes $6800. Unfortunatly on their web page it does not seem to state anything about financial aid. But as I stated in one of my previous blog posts (go take a look!) it never hurts to ask! You can get into contact with this school and see if they have any financial aid options available or that they are accepting.

At OLC in Jersey City there are many opportunities for your children to Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jersey Citythrive. Along with their great school curriculum and school calendar (which is available on their website under the “Parents” tab) Old offers a variety of activities. At this school they do offer athletic sports for the children as well as after school programs for every child. They even make the homework assignments abailable and visible to the parents right on their webpage! How cool is that! The homework assignments are separated by grades and by class so as long as you know the name of your childs teacher, their homework assignment is only a click away.

Now, here is something really cool that I want to talk about at Our Lady of Czestochowa. We all know sometimes it is hard to find a great playground in Jersey City that we feel is safe enough for our kiddies and clean and of course, fun! Well at Our Lady of Czestochowa they are doing something about it for the Jersey City Community! They have this ongoing project called Operation Playground! Operation playground is a project made to help create and support the making of a new playground at OLC. It is a project led by volunteers in the community. They want to get this playground back up and running after Hurricane Sandy. At OLC they know and understand the importance  of physical activity to the children. If you want to learn more about this project or if you would like to volunteer in any way give the website a look. And don’t forget to check out how to register your child if Our Lady of Czestochowa has already caught your eye.

Primary Prep In Jersey City!

Primary Prep

Primary Prep is one of many private schools located in Jersey City. It is an Elementary school exceeding in teaching children in kindergarten up to the eight grade. In this blog I will tell you a little more about Primary Prep, what it stands for and the services they provide.

At Primary Prep they believe it is important to understand the diversity that is present in Jersey City. It is a diverse learning community that takes into account the difficulties that each student may come across. At Primary Prep they try their best to prepare each child for success through academics social and personal goals. Each child is given the time to be nurtured so that they do achieve at their highest potentials. Who doesn’t want that!? Every mom wants a supportive yet challenging and safe environment for her child.

If you are a working parent this part may interest you. At Primary Prep they do offer a full-time program, taking place five days a week. The children have time for academics and even classes included that have different set of themes to enrich your child while learning and giving them an exciting outlook on school.  Some of the courses included are music, art, physical education and computers. With these four categories you child is bound to explore and find what their interests are perfectly balanced with their academic schooling.

Have a child that is too young to start attending kindergarten? Or maybe you have more than one child and want to keep them in the same school? Well guess what!? Primary Prep in Jersey City also offers preschool for those children who are not yet of age. Great news! Their Primary Prep Preschool offers the same values as their private elementary school. Their goal is to provide a safe, caring and loving environment for every child.  Each child will be given special guidance ensuring their achievement when they are finally ready to begin kindergarten.

At Primary Prep uniforms are required. The children are separated, through uniforms, in age groups and gender. Girls attending Primary Prep in grades kindergarten through the fourth grade must wear a specific uniform, different to that of the girls attending Primary Prep in the grades five to eight. The same rule applies for the boys.


Lunch Time! This is one of the many important questions that we must address and I believe I have the answer that you’re looking for. At Primary Prep in Jersey City lunch is provided! The cost of a daily lunch combo at Primary Prep is $4.25. The ay in which this school does the payment of lunch is pretty convenient if you ask me. Before your child begins to attend the school you are given a sheet to fill out stating the days in which you want your child to receive lunch and therefore you pre pay for the lunch. This eliminates to need to remember to give you child school money daily or avoids the possibility of the child loosing the money. What a great system!

After school programs? Why yes, yes indeed-Primary Prep has that as well! If you need a little extra time to gather yourself or maybe your child wants to get involved in sports, the afterschool programs available at primary prep is where you want them to be! Primary prep offers after school chess, art, basketball, music, soccer, dance, a glee club and a drama club. A program for every child there for you to take advantage of as a member of Primary Prep.

Convinced but you would like to see the website yourself? Want to get into contact with Primary Prep in Jersey City. Sure thing! Just go to www.primaryprep.com and get your child started on a great education they will never forget!

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Start Smart Academy in Jersey City


Getting a good start on your child’s education is extremely important. Those starting years can be a great jump start to a great educational life. It can mean the difference between Honors and falling behind sometimes. So let’s get talking about great starter schools! In this post I will tell you all about a great school located in Jersey City. It’s time to talk about Start Smart Academy! I will inform you on the numerous facts every mother wants to hear. If you’re looking for the facts this is the right place. We will talk about their policies on lunch, their ethics, beliefs and programs available at Start Smart Academy.



Today I want to talk to you mommies about Start Smart Academy  located in Jersey City! A good jump start to your child’s education. Star Smart Academy is a school located on 462 Central Avenue in Jersey City. The school is open for children of the ages from 2 to 9. All of the teachers are certified teachers and the school is ESL certified as well. At Start Smart Academy they make it their mission to create a safe and respectful environment for all children and their parents. They want to ensure that every child that attends Start Smart Academy will develop cognitively, socially and creatively among other things. Their goal, to Prepare the future of Jersey City.



In order to get the little ones of Jersey City thinking moving and growing, Start Smart Academy uses everyday fun to get them going.  For example they will use music and art as a tool to enrich the child’s mind. They will use puppetry to help children develop social skills and they will use group work as well. At Start Smart Academy they have many methods that are bound to help your little one grow.


Being that everyone’s life schedule in Jersey City can vary numerously, Start Smart Academy had numerous programs that are available to you. The programs available are very lenient so that you can choose what works best for you and your child. So if your child is younger you can enroll your child for the two days a week program, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have your baby spend the other days with you or the other areas that you may enjoy to visit in Jersey City. There are other programs such as the three day program (Mon/Wed/Fri), the four day program (Mon-Thurs) and the five day program (Mon-Fri). For each of these programs the hours are from 7:30am-3:30pm. For children of the ages 2-5 there are also half-day options available. There is a morning program (from 8:30am-12:30pm) as well as an afternoon program (from 2:30pm-6:30pm).



I know what you’re thinking…WHAT ABOUT AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS in Jersey City!? Well guess what, Start Smart Academy offers after school programs as well from Monday through Fridays. The after school program is offered from 3:30pm-6:30pm but it is up to you how long your child stays. The rates for the afterschool program is hourly, being $10 an hour for children that are not current students at the academy and $7 an hour for children that are current students at the academy.



Unfortunately because of the diversity in Jersey City and at Start Smart Academy lunch is not provided. Each child must bring in their own lunch with them. However, Start Smart does provide healthy snacks for all of the children.

There is a $100 registration fee when applying for your child to attend Start Smart Academy. If so far this school seems like something that your child could benefit from I suggest giving their website a little look. (http://smart-startacademy.com/) One great option available in Jersey City for one smart start!