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Cute Candies for Valentine’s Day | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Written by Ashley Lucas

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I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is less than a month away (February 14, 2015)! This is a great craft to make now and save as a gift to give out to teachers and sweethearts in February.

A note before you begin about the materials listed below; most large craft stores carry an array of felting supplies near their yarn and sewing aisles. Within the felting section you can find premade balls of felt or felt beads sold in clear bags. I know that Paper Presentation on 18th Street sells some, as well as Michael’s and A.C. Moore. If you have trouble finding felted items, feel free to use regular large pompoms from the dollar store instead!

Materials you will need:

  • Mini cupcake liners {colorful patterned ones work best}
  • Premade needle felted beads, balls or pompoms
  • Thin felt in pink, red and yellow and other bright colors
  • Hot glue or strong craft glue
  • Sharp scissors for cutting felt
  • *Optional – beads, glitter, buttons for decorating candies

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Step 1

Gather some cute mini cupcake liners and determine the number of cute candies you’d like to make. I wanted to create four as gifts, but you can make as many as you wish!

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Step 2

Gather balls of felt that will fit nicely inside the cupcake liners. As discussed above, if you don’t have access to felted goods- regular pompoms from the dollar store or Target would work too!

4 Cute Candies by Lady Lucas.JPG

Step 3

Glue the ‘candy’ inside the mini cupcake liner. I used hot glue, but craft glue will work as well if it is left to dry for a number of hours.

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Step 4

Decorate your candies with cut felt hearts. Other ideas would be to glue beads or glitter on top for ‘sprinkles’. Puff paint would also work for raised dots. Pictured above is an idea I had to make a cute bear candy. This idea is probably a little too complicated for small children, but it just gives you an idea of how creative you can be with decorating!

Gifting Ideas

Leave your cute candies out on plate as a festive decoration, or give each one away in a small cupcake box as a gift for teachers on Valentine’s Day! You could even give them to someone who sews, as they make a perfect pincushion! These make a great gift for grandmothers 😉

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is the ‘Queen of Cute Characters’. She is an avid crafter, children’s book illustrator and owner of her own arts business. She loves all holidays; especially Halloween! You can find her online at She loves hearing from moms with questions so feel free to reach out with any particular comments about her crafts for JCFamilies!

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