Full-Time Nanny Available Late June 2017

Hello:  We are moving out of the area and unfortunately this means that our INCREDIBLE nanny needs to find a new employer.  She has been indispensable to us since she began looking after our daughter over 3 years ago. She now takes care of both our daughter and 9-month-old son.

There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to describe how incredible she is, and we feel indebted to her tremendously.  Other than vacation, our many hasn’t had more than one or two sick days in 3+ years, and the love and adoration that our kids have for her is telling.

We are moving out of the area on June 19th, and would love to help her find a new loving family to be a part of.  Please email me directly if you would like more information (tlwettermanjr@gmail.com).