Need Help With All That “Stuff”

As the Chief Memory Officer at Adventures By Kim I am always on the look out for the best destinations for families, as well I am also always on the look out for other business’ that support families that travel.   Here is some great information I hope will help make your next family vacation even more fun and stress-free.

Besides flying,  I think one of the biggest hurdles of traveling with little ones is all the “stuff” you have to bring.  There are diapers, strollers, bottles, food/snacks, high chairs, toys, etc. etc.  Who wants to have to lug all that “stuff”, especially when we are being charged extra bag fees.

I always suggest to my clients to send a box ahead to your resort or vacation destination with the baby or toddler supplies you will need while away.  It will save you on bag fees, but more importantly it saves you having to push/carry everything from home, to the airport, to your transfer, and then to the resort. No wonder many of you would just rather just stay home.  Well, I think you deserve to be able to get away, relax, reconnect and create those amazing family vacation memories.  While Adventures By Kim is here to take the stress out of planning your vacation. I am always on the look out for great business’ that will make it easier for families to get away.

To help with all the “stuff”, I recently discovered Jet Set Babies and Baby Chic NY Rentals. These 2 companies will provide you with just about anything you could want or need while away and the best part is it will be waiting at your destination.  Just a few clicks and you are set.  No shopping, packing,  or lugging all your supplies.  I love it.

Jet Set Babies has a wide variety of baby and toddler supplies.  They offer name brand formula, food, supplies and more.  As well, I think the prices are very reasonable.  One great feature of their site is the,  Baby Vacation Packages.  It makes ordering that much easier since they have already created packages with  just about all you will need for any destination.  While Jet Set Babies does not rent equipment, they have links to companies that do rent, like Baby Equipment Rental These are companies they have tested and who they trust.   Also, Jet Set Babies will ship your order internationally.   As well , they have created relationships with companies like Lots for Tots in Mexico, where you are not allowed you to bring in food or formula. They also will take special requests. So if you do not see what you need or want on their site, do not worry.

Baby Chic NY Rentals is a sister company to Jet Set Babies. You can order many of the same baby/toddler supplies, but they also do offer equipment rental.   My favorite item they offer the is the “Fun in the Park” package.   If you are traveling to NY with little ones Central Park is not to be missed, with the open fields, playgrounds and the awesome Children’s Zoo.   The package includes: a weather proof Tuffo Blanket, Frisbee, Bubbles, Bat and Ball or Jump Rope, Side Walk Chalk, Kick Ball and many other items you can customize.

It is so nice to all the companies out there that are supporting families traveling with little ones.  You don’t have to stay home, with a little planning and support you can have an amazing stress-free vacation.   What are you waiting for?

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