Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City

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Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City


Hi Mommies! Let’s start this Wednesday with a little information on Stevens Cooperative School! First and foremost I would like to let you all know of the upcoming dates for this school, which is located in Jersey City. The Stevens Cooperative School has two locations; one in Hoboken and one in Newport. Both campuses are going to host an open house very soon so I’m here to give you the details! The Hoboken Campus, which is open to children from the age of two too eighth graders, is hosting an open house this Saturday, October 26th at 10:00 a.m. If this date does not work for you, the Hoboken Campus will also be having open houses at later dates: Tuesday, November 2nd at 8:30 a.m. and Thursday, November 14th at 8:30 a.m. For those of you who would prefer to attend the Newport Campus their upcoming dates for their open houses are as follows: Saturday, November 2nd at 10:00a.m and Thursday November 21st at 8:30a.m. Now this is very important mommies, if you are attending the open house at Hoboken on November 12 or the 14th or the open house in Newport on November 21st then YOU MUST RSVP BY EMAILING [email protected] AND LETTING THEM KNOW YOU WISH TO ATTEND THAT SPECIFIC OPEN HOUSE. These are the only dates in which you must RSVP, the others are simply open; no RSVP necessary.

Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey CityNow it’s time to talk a little bit about what Stevens Cooperative School can offer you and your child. At Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City is a school that is well aware of what the challenges are now in a society that is constantly and rapidly changing and evolving. They understand this and challenge this by offering students something that they call a “student-centric curriculum”. Their curriculum is set to cultivate confidence and responsibility, and is set to promote creativity, research, reflection and design. They place importance on the development of the child’s social skills along with their ability to solve problems and decision making.

At Stevens Cooperative school they offer a wide variety in the studies. On their webpage( under programs there is a Curriculum guide that you can view online. This will show you exactly what each child will learn depending on the grade in which your child would be enrolled in. They offer subjects both common and unique ranging from Language arts to science to music. Each child is provided with the proper curriculum that fits his or her needs.

Does Stevens Cooperative School serve lunch? Why yes, they do! At Stevens Cooperative School you are able to place orders for lunch up to a month in advanced! Regardless of the campus that your child is in, each parent can go onto their website where the lunch is ordered. There you can find out what entrees are coming for each day of the month and decide if you wish to purchase the lunch for your child or if you would prefer to package their lunch on some days. It is all up to you and only a click away.

Lastly mommies, I would like to let you know about the afterschool program available at Stevens Cooperative School in Jersey City. There are two types of after school programs at Stevens Cooperative School. One of the choices is to enroll your child in after school classes. These classes are divided into what they call “Enrichment Classes and Special Classes”. Enrichment classes are free of charge because they offer simply an extension of the school curriculum already in place and the school day. Special classes, on the other hand do require a fee because these are classes that are not required in the curriculum but available to the students as an extra class you can choose to take on. The special courses offered change every trimester.

If you’re not looking to enroll your child in extra afterschool classes but still need an alternative, guess what? Stevens Cooperative School, in Jersey City, offers a simple afterschool program. The afterschool program provides childcare from 3:0 pm- 6:00 pm every day after school. This program is available and open to all students and best of all, because it is meant to be a time for supervised activities like board games or arts and crafts and other things of that nature, this afterschool program is completely free!

Stevens Cooperative School has so much to offer and they are not afraid to show it on their website. So don’t forget, Stevens Cooperative School is hosting numerous amount of open houses available to you and if you cannot make it the website which is posted above, offers all the information you can get. Happy School searching everyone!

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