The Extraordinary Artwork of Judith Scott

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibit for Judith Scott yesterday. Prior to December 6, I had no idea who she was or what she did. However on my journey to a story time for my children at the Brooklyn Museum I was able to walk through this exquisite exhibit for Ms. Scott. I so enjoyed her work only to go home and do extra research on this artist and then I was even more amazed.

Here is part of a write up by the Brooklyn Museum for Judith Scott,

Judith Scott’s work is celebrated for its astonishing visual complexity. In a career spanning just seventeen years, Scott developed a unique and idiosyncratic method to produce a body of work of remarkable originality. Often working for weeks or months on individual pieces, she used yarn, thread, fabric, and other fibers to envelop found objects into fastidiously woven, wrapped, and bundled structures.Born in Columbus, Ohio, with Down syndrome, Scott (1943–2005) was also largely deaf and did not speak. After thirty-five years living within an institutional setting  for people with disabilities, she was introduced in 1987 to Creative Growth Art Center—a visionary studio art program founded more than forty years ago in Oakland, California, to foster and serve a community of artists with developmental and physical disabilities.

As a Special Educator for thirteen years, I have faced many parents and students who felt like they were limited by the “dis” ability the child faced. My belief has always been that there are no “dis” abilities just varying abilities that allow all of us to be unique individuals. The key is unlocking the ability within us all.

Judith Scott is a great representative for all to say that we should not limit ourselves and that we need to remove the ceiling opposed to living with a glass ceiling. I am pleased to have had the experience to view her artwork with my family. If you are interested in viewing Ms. Scotts artwork it will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum up until March 29, 2015.