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4 Easy Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Written by Ashley Lucas

Moms, Valentine’s Day is a little over a week away (February 14th), and you might still be looking for some easy decorating ideas for your home. I recently moved into a new apartment, so I wanted to share these really cute and simple tips for decorating on a budget! If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please share them with the JCFamilies community in the comments section below!

Idea #1 | Heart Shaped Sticky Notes

Perhaps the easiest way to instantly decorate your kitchen or living room, is by simply adding heart shaped sticky notes to cupboard doors and indoor windows. It’s a great activity for younger children to help with, and is easy to clean up too. The pack of notes I bought had three different colors, so encourage your children to make a pattern or get creative with how they place the hearts around the house.

Idea #2 | Holiday White Board

You can easily find a nice white board like this at Staples, Target or any office supply store. Buy some red dry erase markers and have the kids decorate a board like this for Valentine’s Day! You could even dedicate a brand new white board to holiday decorating. That way as each holiday during the year approaches, your children will know they can draw a special message or picture to welcome guests!

Idea #3 | Frame Some Valentine Artwork

Buy some affordable frames at IKEA and plan to frame some of your children’s artwork this February. Recently I published a valentine bird tutorial for YouTube (pictured above) and thought the art piece I made would look great in a small frame. Any piece of art your child creates looks more enticing in a nice frame! The one pictured above is sized 5″ x 7″.

Idea #4 | Flower Picks

If you have some left over bamboo skewers from last week’s puppet tutorial, than this will be a breeze! Simply hot glue or tape some heart shapes to the top of a few skewers, and stick them in vases around your home. You could even buy a bouquet of flowers and divide it into 3 vases; stick one flower pick into each arrangement for an instant and impressive decoration. For the flower picks pictured above, I used white watercolor paper, sticky notes and valentine confetti from the party store.

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is the ‘Queen of Cute Characters’. She is an avid crafter, children’s book illustrator and owner of her own arts business. She loves all holidays; especially Halloween! You can find her online at She loves hearing from moms with questions so feel free to reach out with any particular comments about her crafts for JCFamilies!

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