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Beautiful Butterflies Wall Decor

Written by Ashley Lucas

I have wanted to try this craft for some time now, and I must say, these colorful butterflies look super cute on my studio wall! Moms, I hope you try it yourself for a fun and easy summer decor idea!

You will need:

– Plasti-Tak or Wall Putty

– A Butterfly Template {such as the one I’ve designed on my Facebook Page}

– Markers & Scissors

Step One Print a sheet of blank butterfly shapes. You can use the template I’ve designed above, or seek out butterfly images online {this website has lots of awesome free options!}. If you have Photoshop, you can simply use the ‘butterfly shape’ tool or in Microsoft Word there are plenty of clip art images that would be great for this project!

Step Two If your butterfly shapes are a solid color such as the ones above, use a black marker to add dots, lines and other shapes to the wings.

Step Three Carefully cut your butterflies out and cut as close to the wings as you can.

Step Four Gently fold the wings of your butterflies and stick the middle ‘body’ to your wall using a wall putty adhesive such as ‘Plasti-Tak’. You can generally find this in any office supply store or Target.

Bonus Idea For a super easy way to complete this craft, simply adhere wall putty to the back of artificial butterflies from the flower store, and attach to the wall.

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