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Summer Camp in Northern New Jersey: Stem, Sports & Arts

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Summer Camp in Northern New Jersey: Stem, Sports & Arts

Parents want their children to have both fun and memorable experiences during summer break.

One enduring tradition that provides great memories and benefits that last throughout a child’s life is summer camps.

Camp is a fun and safe way for kids to explore new activities, discover topics of interest, and learn more about them. Research shows that summer camp also helps to overcome learning loss, particularly by providing structure, routine, and blending hands-on activities with learning new skills.

As any parent knows, kids who attend summer camp forge strong friendships with each other. This is especially true if summer camps are an annual tradition. Not only do campers develop lasting memories, but they also bond over shared experiences.

Social and team-building skills learned at camp lead directly to higher self-esteem. As kids get older, new experiences help them take healthy risks and believe in themselves. 

Summer camps also provide sustained physical activity. Depending on their interests, kids can participate in a wide range of athletic activities building muscle and improving cardiovascular conditioning. This builds a foundation for healthy habits.

At KidzToPros STEM, Arts & Sports Summer Camps, kids work together on projects or shared goals. STEM camps like robotics, Roblox, game design and more allow groups to work toward solving problems, building machines, or completing obstacle courses. Arts camps provide plenty of opportunities for performers or artists to team up practicing lines, providing support or learning cues. With sports, kids encourage and depend on one another. Both verbal and nonverbal skills are reinforced through games and tournaments.

Let’s explore each KidzToPros camp category in detail.


According to the University of the People, young children are especially open to learning new things. They don’t have an adult’s inhibitions. Therefore, learning languages, mathematics and scientific equations are much less of a chore. 

Children aren’t set in their ways yet either. They are naturally observant and tend to ask a lot of questions. Kids tend to accept new ideas and run with them. 

They also have more free time in the summer to explore areas of interest. So why not let them? 

Like any other subject matter, computer science is typically introduced by a supportive parent or caregiver. In other words, these loving adults nurture knowledge in their children. That’s how anything takes root. 

The happiest and most successful children investigate new subjects without stress. Let them play; don’t expect a particular outcome. Let them experience learning for learning’s sake.  

Besides, at a young age, unnecessary pressure can cause a backlash. They may reject the lesson or new information if they feel a parent’s frustration. Preschoolers often give up an activity if it stops being fun. 

KidzToPros offers a variety of STEM camps for kids ages 4 to 18. Among their most popular camps are:

Makerspace + Play It All! Sports (ages 4-6 and 6-8) combo camp is where kids design and build creative projects AND learn a variety of sports. Each camp session features a different Makerspace theme.  Check out Games & Toys and Vehicles & Structures. 

Campers will:

  • Use Makerspace and age-appropriate materials, tools, and building techniques.
  • Exercise and learn the basics of various sports like basketball and soccer during Play It All! Sports time.

Wonder Robotics + Play It All! Sports (ages 4-6 and 6-8) where kids turn code into real action, then spend afternoons playing fun sports and activities. Campers will:

  • Learn the basics of coding and programming your Dash robot.
  • Learn the basics of popular sports, including basketball and soccer, in Play It All! Sports.

Minecraft Coding & Game buy propecia walmart Design: Adventure Maps (ages 7-11) is where your kids will create an awesome parkour course, an adventure mission, or a mysterious maze while exploring the basics of building, triggering, and more in Minecraft. Campers will:

  • Design Minecraft adventures and games to share with friends.
  • Create Minecraft Adventure Maps, missions, or games. 

Java Game Design (ages 14-18) helps kids learn STEM skills, express their creativity and create video games to play with others. Campers will:

  • Learn Java, the most widely used programming language in the world.
  • Understand classes & objects, data types, conditional statements and iteration. 


Encouraging kids to participate in the arts will help them in a variety of ways. They do better in school. Public School Review also touts reports showing exposure to arts means better college and job prospects.  

Students involved in the arts score higher in academic studies. And on skills tests, too. The Arts Education Partnership analyzed studies revealing that music lessons increased proficiency in math. Reading, cognition, and verbal SAT scores are also higher among students who sing or play an instrument. 

Teachers agree that there is a link between arts camps and higher reading comprehension. To that point, when humanities and history curriculum include paintings, art history, novels, movies, and music – kids retain that knowledge. They have greater ease than those who learn with textbooks only. 

Academic benefits are only the beginning. Some perks can’t be revealed through a test. Yet most experts agree these areas are just as important. Areas like empathy for others, higher self-confidence, building interpersonal and public speaking skills.

In short, this is why almost every community has arts activists. They’re pushing for fewer cuts to the arts at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Unfortunately, performing arts is still on the decline in most school districts. As a result, summer camps and afterschool programs might be the only way to introduce these experiences to your children. 

KidzToPros offers performing and visual arts camps that support creative expression in various forms. Among the most popular art camps are:

Art Skills: Architecture, Anime & Cartooning (ages 7-11) teaches campers how to develop and deepen drawing skills in three disciplines. Campers will: 

  • Learn various 2D and 3D forms of buildings and structures, as well as perspective drawing, like in architecture.
  • Complete camp with a beautiful art portfolio.

Improv Comedy (ages 11-14) gets the creativity and improvisation skills flowing with fun, kid-friendly workshops. 


  • Cooperate with scene partners.
  • Focus on character development. 


  • Learn that teamwork is the nature of scene work. 
  • Cooperate to tell stories together in shared universes with invisible “props”. 


The benefits of regular physical activity for kids are well-documented.

Maintaining a lifestyle that includes the right amount of physical activity is extremely important to overall health, especially for kids. When children are young, healthy habits like regular exercise create a strong foundation for good health. That foundation serves them well as they get older. 

Look around. Unfortunately, too many people are living sedentary and isolated lives. This tendency gets worse as people age. It’s partly due to changes in our health, leisure activities, office work and online resources. 

Instead, get kids outside and moving! They can learn a little about many different sports, leading to good exercise regimens and a well-rounded disposition. Or you can enroll them in sports-specific camps. Such programs help them practice at sports they play during the school year. The perfect techniques, work on conditioning and drills, and overall boost performance and endurance.  

Some of KidzToPros most popular camps this summer revolve around outdoor activities, including Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, and Play It All Sports. 

Tennis camps are where kids improve coordination, concentration, focus, and independence. Campers will:

  • Learn racquet control and footwork drills for the forehands, backhands, approaches, volleys, and serves.
  • Develop spatial awareness, timing, control, and great form.

This summer, KidzToPros delivers popular, educational, and super fun camps to families in northern New Jersey. JC Families SAVE $75 on on-campus registration with code JC-75. 

Click here to check out all KidzToPros camps in Northern New Jersey and in Southeastern New York starting June 21, 2021.


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