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Businesses Closing in Jersey City

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Businesses Closing in Jersey City

Jersey City has a lot of small businesses that have been a big part of our community but unfortunately, this pandemic has effected some of these great family-friendly businesses and we are very sad to say goodbye to them. We wish them the best for the future.

Some of them are still offering online classes so make sure to support them if you can!

Zaniac Jersey City

 Zaniac is an after school and summer camp STEAM-enrichment center for parents who want to give their children an academic edge and 21 st century skills for a better future. Their last day is June 29th.

Message from Zaniac:

“It has been a great pleasure being a part of the Zaniac and Jersey City community for the last three years. We have loved being a part of your child’s STEAM life and education and seeing them grow through the years. We have had the opportunity to meet so many people in the community and it has been wonderful having them all in our lives. We hope the best for you and want to thank you for being a part of the Zaniac family.”

Zaniac will continue working with the community and providing STEAM enrichment to children through our partnerships with after school programs in various schools and private events throughout the area. We will continue to provide virtual classes until the end of June.

Eye-Level Jersey City

Eye Level is a supplemental education service providers aiming for children to be critical thinkers with self-directed learning. They provide Math and English program based on self-directed learning instructions. Eye Level was planning on opening at 198 Van Vorst Street in Jersey City but not anymore.

Square 1 Community Eatery

Square 1 Community Eatery Healthy has been around since 2016 and has officially closed its doors this month(August). They offered wholesome breakfasts & lunches served in a contemporary neighborhood café.


Indiegrove opened in 2012 and after 8 years it is permanently closing at the end of September. Indiegrove is a co-working space in the hear to downtown Jersey City.


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