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Back when I was teaching art classes at Montessori school, I always loved creating a craft with the children for Chinese New Year. I think because of my love of animals, I always enjoyed the thrill of finding out what ‘animal of the year’ it was. 2015 is the year of the sheep or ram. Sheep are such a cute and cuddly animal, it seems almost too easy for kids to create some adorable keepsakes around this theme.

One note before you begin- it’s best to buy two kinds of chenille pipe cleaners for this craft. You can easily find both ‘large, bumpy’ pipe cleaners and ‘small, skinny’ ones at your local craft store in the color of black. However, the dollar store often carries pipe cleaners in neon shades which are a great substitute if you want to make something a little bit different!

Materials you will need:

  • Black chenille pipe cleaners {both large and skinny in size}

  • Cotton balls

  • Black & white puff paint

  • Strong craft glue or hot glue

  • Scissors


Step 1

Cut a large chenille pipe cleaner in half and fold in two for the body of your sheep. Cut a skinny pipe cleaner in four equal pieces. Fold two of these pieces in half. These will act as the four legs for the sheep. Twist the pipe cleaner pieces around until you get a decent shape {a face, body and legs}. You’ll have some extra pieces of pipe cleaner left from both sizes, so save these for more sheep!


Step 2

Pull apart a few balls of cotton gently with your fingers. Glue the cotton around the body of the sheep using a strong craft glue. (I always use hot glue, but of course adult supervision is needed if making this craft with young children).


Step 3

Cut two tiny pieces from a skinny pipe cleaner out, and glue them to the face of the sheep for ears. If you’re having trouble with the pieces staying put, you can get creative and interweave the ears with the pipe cleaner body.

Step 4

Using white puff paint, add a dab of paint for the two eyes and nose. Black paint can be used on top of the white to define the eyes and nose.

Make a herd of small sheep for your home as good luck in 2015 and Happy Chinese New Year!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is an illustrator, craft designer and arts instructor. She has written and illustrated various children’s books, and has just released her third picture book, ‘The Angry Artist’.

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