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Decorate a Pumpkin in 2 Steps! | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Written by Ashley Lucas

Decorate a Pumpkin in 2 Steps:

October has just begun, and Halloween is right around the corner! My favorite holiday will soon be here, and I’m hosting a brunch this Sunday in preparation of the big day. These adorable ‘2 step’ pumpkins are the perfect table decoration for any party or event that you plan on having during the next four weeks.

Materials you will need:

  • Small pumpkins in assorted colors

  • Permanent markers

  • Sparkly pipe cleaners

  • Scissors

*optional – acorns, white paint and hot glue for the little mice



Step 1 To decorate your pumpkin, all you need is a black permanent marker to draw a face. By drawing the face instead of carving it, your pumpkin will last much longer and there’s no mess to clean up!

Step 2 Twist a sparkly pipe cleaner around the stem of the pumpkin to create a curly tendril. I did these with my finger, but you could use a pencil to wrap the pipe cleaner around as well.

*Bonus Craft – Acorn Mice*

I had some acorns in a bowl on my desk this week and thought they should be put to better use as decorations for the table. Although hard to find in Jersey City, you can actually buy plastic lifelike acorns at Michael’s craft store. The best part is, they will never rot!


Step 1 Select some nice plump acorns and twist a piece of sparkly pipe cleaner around the stem of each. This will be the tail part of the mouse. Twist two tiny pieces of pipe cleaner into circles for the mouse’s ears.

Step 2 Add two dots of white paint to each acorn for the eyes. When the paint dries, add a dot of black marker for pupils.

Step 3 Hot glue the ears onto each acorn and your mice are complete!


Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a local Jersey City illustrator and arts instructor. She has written and illustrated various children’s books, and is releasing her second picture book this August. She teaches private art lessons to children in the Jersey City area and loves the magical artwork that kids create!

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