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DIY Egg Tree | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

When I was growing up, my parents would construct Easter egg trees with actual branches found from their backyard, but city dwellers have to get a little more creative this time of year, since almost no one I know has access to a yard! I bought a bouquet of twigs at my local deli/produce stand and they work perfectly.

This DIY Egg Tree is the perfect accent to a small apartment in the spring months, and is the perfect activity to do with children of all ages over the weekend or on a rainy afternoon.  

Materials you will need:

  • A bundle of sturdy twigs {Almost all flower shops or produce stands have them. I bought mine for $6 at the produce stand near Newark Ave. & Grove Street).
  • A tall vase {I used glass, but a clear plastic unbreakable acrylic vase would work just as well}

  • Pebbles or stones

  • Decorations {You can find adorable hanging decorations at Target, the dollar store or any party place this time of year}

1 Separate the twigs and remove the broken pieces.

2 Arrange your bouquet of twigs in a large, tall vase.

3 Add small pebbles or rocks to the bottom of the vase to weigh it down. Especially if there  are little ones running around the room!

4 Select some small Easter ornaments for your tree. If you want to make some of your own, buy miniature plastic eggs that open, place a loop of yarn inside of them, and then snap them closed. Another option is to buy pre-made ones at some of the stores listed above in the materials section. Many craft stores carry a huge selection of decorations perfect for this sort of craft right as you walk in the door.

5 Hang all the miniature decorations at different spots on your ‘tree’ and place some additional Easter decorations around the base of the vase for an added special touch.

This sophisticated egg tree is beautiful and fun and will add a touch of spring immediately into your living space!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a local Jersey City illustrator and arts instructor. She has written and illustrated various children’s books, and is currently working on a compilation of her most popular crafting ideas. She offers private art lessons to the Newport community for children ages 4 – 8 years old and loves seeing the magical creations children come up with!

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