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Hi everyone! Hope the school hunt is going well. If you haven’t found your school of choice yet, don’t worry, there are still many many options available. So for you mommies who are still on the hunt here’s another school that has an upcoming open house date; The Early Learning Academy! At the Early Learning Academy they welcome all children of the toddler ages and up. They have a classroom system that is sure to keep the students occupied an entertained. If you are looking for a comfortable and highly qualified school for your young ones – who have possibly never been in a schooling environment before – this might be for you and your child. The open house date for the Early Learning Academy in Jersey City is approaching. Please be sure to mark the date on your calendars! The open house will take place on Friday November 15th from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm. Children are welcome to attend the open house as well.

At the Early Learning Academy they take into consideration that each child learns and develops at different times and through different styles. They aim to teach in various ways so that there is a style being used for each child. The teachers at Early Learning Academy know that for many of their students they are being introduced to things like the alphabet for the very first time. They know that for these students it will take a more hand on approach. Teachers at this school in Jersey City give each topic about a two weeks span so that the children have enough time to understand the topic at hand. Also, whenever possible the teachers in each classroom will use the children’s senses, such as smell, feelings or sometimes taste, to help the children understand the topic that is being taught.

The classes in this school are spilt according by age. This allows the teachers to alter the curriculum to what is needed for each age group. The classes are split up as follows: toddlers, toddlers plus, pre-k and kindergarten. The younger group classes focus on themes such as art, music, literacy, gym and more. The older groups begin to spend more time focusing on pre-literacy awareness. These classes, the pre-k classes, tend to focus on learning the basics of subjects that they will later begin to fully be introduced to in elementary school. For example, they will begin to learn how to trace, basic writing of some parts of the alphabet, social studies, science and simple math. This course concentrates on preparing these children for when they are ready to attend the first grade.

The curriculum hours at the Early Learning Academy run from 8:30am to 5:30 pm. The actual schedule for each child will vary depending on the age group, therefore when your child is enrolled you will receive a copy of the daily schedule for your child.

Here’s a question I know many mommies like to ask; can we visit our children throughout the day? Well guess what? At Early Learning Academy they hold on open door policy. This means that parents are welcome to visit their child throughout the day. They do, however, ask that no one interrupt naptime. If for any reason you need to pick-up or drop off your child during nap time they do allow it, they simply request that you inform them beforehand so that there is as little interruption as possible.

At Early Learning Academy in Jersey City they do not provide lunch for your children. So they do ask that you pack your child’s lunch with his or her name written on it. They also ask that you identify which item is for breakfast, snack, lunch and so forth.

Lastly let’s talk about tuition. The tuition fee is due on the first of each month. If you would like to know the cost of tuition you must either place a call to the Early Learning Academy at >(201) 793-8949 or you can visit them on their open house date (November 15th as mentioned above) and ask for the information in person. When applying to this school there is also an application fee ($49) as well as a registration fee ($250).

If you would like more information about the Early Learning Academy please feel free to visit their website at Don’t forget you can also visit them on their open house date where you and your child can get a feel on what this school has to offer. As always, Happy School Hunting!

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