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Earth Friendly Crafts

Written by Ashley Lucas

Hi Moms! Monday April 22nd was Earth Day, so in honor of that special holiday I’d like to show you some easy and fun arts and crafts ideas that can be made a home with things you have lying around the house.

Potato People | recycled item: cardboard

This art activity is super fun, and after making these with some of my students this week, I can say for sure kids love them! For this cute work of art, simply cut ovals out of old cardboard boxes. For instance, that Amazon box on its way to the recycling bin 😉 Glue the cardboard ovals on brightly colored paper and have the kids give each potato a different face with stickers, cut paper and googly eyes.

Monster Roll | recycled item: toilet paper roll

What better thing to do with an old toilet paper roll, than to turn it into a monster! To make this little guy above, paint the cardboard roll with a bright paint color and let dry. Glue googly eyes, pom poms, paper and other found objects to create a cute and silly creature!

Radish Jellyfish | recycled item: vegetables about to spoil

Perhaps one of my favorite arty ideas in the last couple years, radish jellyfish are adorable and so easy to create! Simply cut a radish or potato in half and dip into a mixture of white, blue and and green paint. Make prints on a yellow piece of paper and let dry. Add tentacles, eyes and details with markers.

Ashley Lucas is a local illustrator and crafts designer based in Jersey City, NJ. She is the author and illustrator of various children’s books and has contributed to such popular sites as eHow and ModernMom. Her specialties in include holiday crafting and making art ‘cute’ for young children! Ashley designs murals for kids rooms in Jersey City, and offers kid friendly artwork and decor to the community through her business ‘Lady Lucas’.

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