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Fun and Easy Window Paintings for Kids

Moms, this is a great rainy day activity for you and your children! All you need are some acrylic paints which you can find in any arts and crafts store. {I know Jersey City doesn’t have many, so check the art supply isle of Shop Rite or even your local dollar store!} The most important thing is that the paint you buy should be non-toxic, water based paint, because it will be very easy to remove. Always test a small design first to make sure it wipes off of your desired surface easily!

For this project you will need:

  • acrylic paints {water based only!}
  • various small paint brushes
  • window cleaner for removal

1 Choose a design to paint on your window, or even your bathroom mirror! Snowmen are a great choice for January, or hearts for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday. Young children might want to practice drawing their design on paper before starting painting on the window.

2 Dip your brushes directly into the small bottles of acrylic paint and begin painting on your windows. Using too much paint will cause it to drip, so remember to wipe your brush on the side of the bottle before beginning. For multiple colors… let the first color dry first before adding other colors on top. For example, paint the snowman body first. Let that dry, then add black for buttons and a nose and eyes, etc, etc.

3 Let your beautiful creations dry and wipe away any mistakes with a wet paper towel.

4 Remove your drawings any time you wish by spraying with window cleaner, then wiping with a wet rag.

Ashley Lucas is a local illustrator and crafts designer based in Jersey City, NJ. She is the author and illustrator of various children’s books and has contributed to such popular sites as eHow and ModernMom. Her specialties in include holiday crafting and making art ‘cute’ for young children! Ashley currently teaches weekly crafting classes with JCFamilies.

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