How to buy baby toys?

Babies love toys. They smile and laugh with joy when they play with toys. They stop crying and get busy when given toys. Parents are able to keep their babies busy and entertained with the help of toys. In addition to entertaining, toys also educate the babies. They stimulate creativity, co-ordination, emotion and social development of young children. Most parents want to know how to choose toys for their babies or toddlers? How to know which toys are better and when is the right time to buy new toys for their babies?

Well, the first and indeed the most important thing to bear in mind when buying baby toys is to ensure that they are safe. The toys should be made of safe material and should not include any toxic or hazardous plastic or substance. There should not be any loose parts in the toy as they may cause choking hazard to babies. If you are buying soft toys, they should be washable as they easily catch dirt and dust.

The next important consideration for choosing baby toys is to keep their age in mind when selecting toys for them. Look at the instruction label given at the back of the toy to find out the recommended age. This would help you evaluate the toy and decide whether it is appropriate for your baby or not. When you are evaluating various toys, keep the individual physical development and nature of your child in mind. Your child may be lacking in physical development when compared to children of his age but may be advanced in terms of language development. Consider all these aspects when buying toys for him.

Keep the personal interest of the baby in mind when buying toys for him. Kids between 12-18 months enjoy playing with musical toys. They like mobile phones, push and pull toys, stacking toys, activity tables, and soft books. But you must observe the behaviour of your child to find out what he likes or prefers. Does he like to play with building blocks? Does she enjoy playing with dolls? Does she pretend to be cooking in the kitchen? Knowing all these things would help you select gifts that they would enjoy playing with.

Baby toys should be educational. Besides entertaining kids, toys should help them learn something. Toys must stimulate their brain and thinking and must encourage hand-eye co-ordination, development of fine motor skills, and should teach them values of sharing. Babies’ brains grow at a very fast rate. Buy the correct toys for them to help them learn something new every day.

Do not compromise on quality. Good quality toys would last for long and would ensure safety of your children. Check out Janod toys in Australia and other leading brands to buy good quality, long lasting, enjoyable and educational toys for your child.

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