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Sesame Street Presents: The Body : Liberty science center jersey city nj

Liberty science center jersey city nj

Sesame Street Presents: The Body

Liberty Science Center

222 Jersey City Boulevard

Jersey City, NJ 07305

Now – May 3, 2015

10:00am – 5:00pm

For Ages 2-8

Come and join the lovable and timelessly memorable furry monsters of Sesame Street at Jersey City’s Liberty Science Center, for Sesame Street Presents: The Body!

Children ages 2 to 8 will be able to experience hands-on and interactive fun with their family, as well as with Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, and all their Sesame Street pals, all while being educated on how their bodies work and what they can do to stay healthy.

Children can enjoy a world full of colorful adventures from 10am to 5pm, with the whole event divided into 3 separate zones, each with 17 unique activities:

Your Outsides

In this section, children will be able to identify and discover the potential of different parts of their bodies, such as their hands and feet, learning what makes them work in the process.

* Children can join up with Ernie and Bert by playing Your Amazing Body to see how many different body parts they can name.

* Hop, skip, and jump to I Can, Can You?, where parents and kids can play follow-the-leader as they clap, wave, jump, and kick with Elmo and Zoe.

* Stroll on over to My Feet, Your Feet, where children can compare their feet to those of their favorite Muppets.

Your Insides

Going beyond the Outsides, children will then be able to explore the uses and inner workings of their muscles, organs, and bones.

* Sing along with the
Count at Count’s Count the Organ Organ, as he teaches about the internal organs and their functions through song.

* Follow everybody’s favorite grouch as Oscar takes kids on food’s journey through thedigestive system.

* Children will even be able to touch and feel all of the different bones of the body, learning where they are located and how they each connect to one another.

Staying Healthy

Finally, children will be given helpful guidance on how to keep their bodies in shape through exercise and healthy eating.

* Visit Mr. Hooper’s Store and Baby Bear’s Mini Mart to learn how to stock up on foods that are delicious and nutritious.

* At Rosita’s Locomotion, kids can discover how proper exercise keeps
their heart and muscles on the right track.

* Learn how to stay squeaky clean with Ernie and Bert by playing their interactive
videogame, Rub-A-Dub-Tub.

To cap off a day filled with as much excitement and adventure as it will be with knowledge and wholesome advice, children will also have the chance to meet the one and only Elmo in person!

This can happen on select dates, the next one being on Saturday, April 25th, followed by Saturday, May 2nd, and finally on Sunday, May 3rd.

Don’t wait for what is sure to be an unforgettable event for the whole family to enjoy!  Come and play where everything’s A-OK at Sesame Street Presents: The Body!


Created and produced by Sesame Workshop and Thinkwell Group, Inc.

Tickets:  Adults – $19.75; Seniors – $16.75; Children ages 2-12 – 14.75; Teachers – $9.75; Children under 2 – Free admission

Visit for driving directions and IMAX ticket accommodations.

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