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Make a Beautiful One Hour Collage | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Written by Ashley Lucas

Moms, no doubt you are getting ready for Valentine’s Day with your families. If you still need some ideas for tomorrow, be sure to check out my blog post from last week, 4 Easy Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day!

Today’s craft is a really beautiful wall art idea featuring a lovely collage. I promise you, it only takes an hour to make from start to finish, and is polished looking enough to hang on the living room wall! It’s a great weekend project to make with your children and I hope you enjoy it!

Materials you will need:

  • A canvas from the art store
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Clear, wet glue
  • Scissors
  • Scraps of wrapping paper, newspaper or pages from a magazine *The gift shop ‘Chelsea Market Baskets’ at Chelsea Market in Manhattan has a lovely collection of loose wrapping paper that would be perfect for this craft! I’m sure WORD bookstore on Newark Ave. would also have some great options.

Step 1

Choose a few pieces of decorative paper that you wish to use for your piece of art. I had a sheet of lovely bird wrapping paper from a friend, as well as some Christmas wrap that I bought at IKEA. You could also use pages from a magazine or even the newspaper.

Step 2

Using your scissors, cut out some shapes that you would like to use for your piece of art. I thought this bird was adorable, so I chose him as the subject of my artwork. I also cut a tree branch out of newspaper, and some leaves and flowers from wrapping paper.

Step 3

Paint your canvas with yellow acrylic paint, covering the front and sides completely. This is a great project for a small child because all they have to do is cover the canvas in one color. There is no stress to paint anything more!

Step 4

Using a paintbrush, apply glue to all the paper collage pieces. Arrange them on your canvas one at a time. My picture is very traditional, but young children can have fun with this craft and make a more modern or abstract art piece. The more glue you use to attach your paper pieces, the better! Just try to use clear glue instead of white, as it will will look nicer when it dries.

Step 5

Allow your canvas to dry, and then hang it up in your favorite room! This collage would make a wonderful gift for family and friends!

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is the ‘Queen of Cute Characters’. She is an avid crafter, children’s book illustrator and owner of her own arts business. She loves all holidays; especially Halloween! You can find her online at She loves hearing from moms with questions so feel free to reach out with any particular comments about her crafts for JCFamilies!

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