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Primary Prep

Primary Prep is one of many private schools located in Jersey City. It is an Elementary school exceeding in teaching children in kindergarten up to the eight grade. In this blog I will tell you a little more about Primary Prep, what it stands for and the services they provide.

At Primary Prep they believe it is important to understand the diversity that is present in Jersey City. It is a diverse learning community that takes into account the difficulties that each student may come across. At Primary Prep they try their best to prepare each child for success through academics social and personal goals. Each child is given the time to be nurtured so that they do achieve at their highest potentials. Who doesn’t want that!? Every mom wants a supportive yet challenging and safe environment for her child.

If you are a working parent this part may interest you. At Primary Prep they do offer a full-time program, taking place five days a week. The children have time for academics and even classes included that have different set of themes to enrich your child while learning and giving them an exciting outlook on school.  Some of the courses included are music, art, physical education and computers. With these four categories you child is bound to explore and find what their interests are perfectly balanced with their academic schooling.

Have a child that is too young to start attending kindergarten? Or maybe you have more than one child and want to keep them in the same school? Well guess what!? Primary Prep in Jersey City also offers preschool for those children who are not yet of age. Great news! Their Primary Prep Preschool offers the same values as their private elementary school. Their goal is to provide a safe, caring and loving environment for every child.  Each child will be given special guidance ensuring their achievement when they are finally ready to begin kindergarten.

At Primary Prep uniforms are required. The children are separated, through uniforms, in age groups and gender. Girls attending Primary Prep in grades kindergarten through the fourth grade must wear a specific uniform, different to that of the girls attending Primary Prep in the grades five to eight. The same rule applies for the boys.


Lunch Time! This is one of the many important questions that we must address and I believe I have the answer that you’re looking for. At Primary Prep in Jersey City lunch is provided! The cost of a daily lunch combo at Primary Prep is $4.25. The ay in which this school does the payment of lunch is pretty convenient if you ask me. Before your child begins to attend the school you are given a sheet to fill out stating the days in which you want your child to receive lunch and therefore you pre pay for the lunch. This eliminates to need to remember to give you child school money daily or avoids the possibility of the child loosing the money. What a great system!

After school programs? Why yes, yes indeed-Primary Prep has that as well! If you need a little extra time to gather yourself or maybe your child wants to get involved in sports, the afterschool programs available at primary prep is where you want them to be! Primary prep offers after school chess, art, basketball, music, soccer, dance, a glee club and a drama club. A program for every child there for you to take advantage of as a member of Primary Prep.

Convinced but you would like to see the website yourself? Want to get into contact with Primary Prep in Jersey City. Sure thing! Just go to and get your child started on a great education they will never forget!

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