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Shark Puppets | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

Written by Ashley Lucas

Maybe it’s the constant news about Sharknado on TV every day…. or the many documentaries airing on cable channels this summer. Whatever it is, sharks are so big right now! Sharks are a great theme for birthday parties and play dates, and these puppets are the perfect, easy craft for a lazy summer day.

Materials you will need:

  • Plastic hair clips

  • Permanent markers

  • Craft glue

  • Googly eyes

  • Multi Surface Paints {such as Satin Surface Paints by DecoArt}

  • Paintbrushes

*Hair clips can be found at any drugstore or beauty shop. I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for a steal! I believe they were 6 for $1!

Step 1 Choose a hair clip to decorate. These ‘hair dye’ clips work wonderful for sharks because they have very ‘jagged teeth’. Other clips such as butterfly clips are less pointy and may be a better fit for very young children.

Step 2 If you’d like to color your shark puppet choose a multi-surface paint like blue or grey. These paints are available at all arts and crafts stores and are a great investment because they work on all surfaces! I design projects for DecoArt paints and I would highly recommend this brand not only because I work with them, but because their paints are a very quality at an affordable price tag.

Step 3 Add details to your shark such as red gums {I painted mine with red multi-surface paint}. You could also use a red permanent marker. Glue on some googly eyes or draw your own eyes with a black permanent marker.

The 2 Step Easy Method

If you’re really running short on time, simply pick up a bag of these hair clips at Target along with a pack of permanent markers and have the kids enjoy decorating the playing with these shark puppets in no time! It’s an easy afternoon activity that any age group with enjoy.

Put on a ‘show’ with these cute shark puppets and don’t forget to incorporate some other sea creatures. Looking for another easy idea? Cut some fish shapes out of orange construction paper and tape them to Popsicle sticks for hours of shadow puppet play.

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a local Jersey City illustrator and arts instructor. She has written and illustrated various children’s books, and is releasing her second picture book this August. She teaches private art lessons to children in the Jersey City area and loves the magical artwork that kids create!

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