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Getting a good start on your child’s education is extremely important. Those starting years can be a great jump start to a great educational life. It can mean the difference between Honors and falling behind sometimes. So let’s get talking about great starter schools! In this post I will tell you all about a great school located in Jersey City. It’s time to talk about Start Smart Academy! I will inform you on the numerous facts every mother wants to hear. If you’re looking for the facts this is the right place. We will talk about their policies on lunch, their ethics, beliefs and programs available at Start Smart Academy.



Today I want to talk to you mommies about Start Smart Academy  located in Jersey City! A good jump start to your child’s education. Star Smart Academy is a school located on 462 Central Avenue in Jersey City. The school is open for children of the ages from 2 to 9. All of the teachers are certified teachers and the school is ESL certified as well. At Start Smart Academy they make it their mission to create a safe and respectful environment for all children and their parents. They want to ensure that every child that attends Start Smart Academy will develop cognitively, socially and creatively among other things. Their goal, to Prepare the future of Jersey City.



In order to get the little ones of Jersey City thinking moving and growing, Start Smart Academy uses everyday fun to get them going.  For example they will use music and art as a tool to enrich the child’s mind. They will use puppetry to help children develop social skills and they will use group work as well. At Start Smart Academy they have many methods that are bound to help your little one grow.


Being that everyone’s life schedule in Jersey City can vary numerously, Start Smart Academy had numerous programs that are available to you. The programs available are very lenient so that you can choose what works best for you and your child. So if your child is younger you can enroll your child for the two days a week program, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have your baby spend the other days with you or the other areas that you may enjoy to visit in Jersey City. There are other programs such as the three day program (Mon/Wed/Fri), the four day program (Mon-Thurs) and the five day program (Mon-Fri). For each of these programs the hours are from 7:30am-3:30pm. For children of the ages 2-5 there are also half-day options available. There is a morning program (from 8:30am-12:30pm) as well as an afternoon program (from 2:30pm-6:30pm).



I know what you’re thinking…WHAT ABOUT AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS in Jersey City!? Well guess what, Start Smart Academy offers after school programs as well from Monday through Fridays. The after school program is offered from 3:30pm-6:30pm but it is up to you how long your child stays. The rates for the afterschool program is hourly, being $10 an hour for children that are not current students at the academy and $7 an hour for children that are current students at the academy.



Unfortunately because of the diversity in Jersey City and at Start Smart Academy lunch is not provided. Each child must bring in their own lunch with them. However, Start Smart does provide healthy snacks for all of the children.

There is a $100 registration fee when applying for your child to attend Start Smart Academy. If so far this school seems like something that your child could benefit from I suggest giving their website a little look. ( One great option available in Jersey City for one smart start!


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