Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken

Written by Faiza Ikram

 Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken

Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken

A school dedicated to a curriculum surrounding the individual student while cultivating responsibility, cooperation, communication, and creativity among their learners, Stevens Cooperative is a vehicle of success for their students. 

Mission Statement

“We imagine a world with well-informed, engaged citizens who are motivated to make a difference. In partnership with our diverse faculty, staff, families and the greater community, Stevens Cooperative School students explore, question and communicate in ways that will inspire and shape the future.”


Hoboken Campus

301 Garden Street, Hoboken

1st – 8th grade, Hoboken Main Office

339 River Street, Hoboken

3s, PreK, Kindergarten

301 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

2s, Technology and Science Lab

Newport Campus

100 River Drive, Jersey City

Kindergarten – 8th  grade



Enrolling students from 2 yrs of age to the 8th grade, you will be sure to find a diverse community of learners at Stevens! Stevens Cooperative school encompasses leadership, culture, hands on learning, inquiry, research, and intellectual dedication within its curriculum. For instance, the experiential learning program lets students from the 3rd grade through 9th grade go on overnight or week long trips to Boston, camping, or Washington DC. For more information on the experiential learning program, click here;

One experiential learning program emphasizes the school’s emphasis on cultural intellect. This program is called the “Mexican Exchange Program” and is for 8th graders only.  For 8-10 days, students from a bilingual school in Mexico City come to Stevens Cooperative school to study while Stevens Cooperative School 8th graders have the opportunity to go to Mexico City, study in a foreign student exchange program, and live with a host family all while experiencing and learning about a different culture!

In preparation for high school, Middle School students and their parents are assisted by the school in applying to high schools and prepped for high school placement tests. For more information on the high school test prep, click here:

“Our program of study is designed to challenge our students as well as stimulate curiosity, inquiry and rigor of thought. Our students are the focal point of the learning process and build academic competencies through a robust array of course offerings.”

For detailed information on courses and class syllabi, go here:

The school provides afterschool and morning programs such as study groups, tutoring, homework help, childcare, enrichment courses, and “special classes.” For more details click here:

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is important for young kids! It helps them release stress, obtain energy, and stay fit. Stevens Cooperative school has a structured recess and physical education program: “Activities include many cooperative games, obstacle courses, jogging, running and ball-handling and team skills in basketball , volleyball and soccer.”


Does this school pique your interest? If so, click here to find more information or to apply:

Stevens Cooperative School is the place to send your child if you are looking for a learning community that emphasizes leadership, cooperation, and cultural intellect. What do you think about this school? Sound off in the comments section below!

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