The Brunswick School :Early Childhood Center In Jersey City

The Brunswick School A New Early Childhood Center  In Jersey City

A new school in Jersey City that focuses extensively on early childhood development and the uniqueness of individual learners. Opening this year, The Brunswick School provides an active learning curriculum, instilled in the arts theme, for students between the ages of 6 months to 6 years.The Brunswick School Early Childhood Center In Jersey City


189 Brunswick St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 420-1550
Open M-F 7am – 7pm

Mission of The Brunswick School

The academic mission of the school is based on educational theorists such as Lev Vygotsky and Erik Erikson who focus on the social and emotional development of children during their early years. Their theories are adopted by the Brunswick’s School curriculum by implement learning with play activities and fostering strong teacher and student relationships.  Likewise, the cognitive development theories of Jean Piaget focus on assigning activities to the appropriate grade and age level.



Activities at the infant program (6 months-18 months) are used to teach children things like color recognition and sing-alongs which enhance artisitc expression and language development. Socialization and movement are also stressed during the infant program.

Young Toddlers (19 months-2.5 years

The Young Toddlers programs is designed to achieve preparation for the beginning of students’ academic lives. basic letters and numbers are taught. Young Toddlers will be learning subjects such as literacy, mathematics, color/shape recognition and use of fine and gross motor skills “to begin on the journey of independent eating and eventually, doodling/writing.”

Older Toddlers

The Brunswick School Early Childhood Center In Jersey CityCreated for two and a half and three year olds, the Older Toddlers program helps to instill further independence in students while fostering the transition to a more structured and academically advanced learning environment. The classroom is divided into areas labeled for play or learning content. Curriculum includes small group learning play, solving basic math problems, and artistic knowledge. “At this stage, language acquisition will include the understanding of the purpose of printed materials. Toddlers will engage in activities guiding them to produce written pictures and letters with the purpose of communication.”


Participatory learning is focused on during the preschool program which is for 3 and 4 yr old children who are completely potty-trained. The curriculum includes literacy and communication skills, number sense, problem solving, movement, music, and creative arts Independence, self help skills, and curiosity are fostered during this stage. Moreover, “classroom activities will be based on visual art themes. Students at this stage will begin focusing on colors, different visual art mediums, as well as dance and dramatic play.”


For 4 and 5 yr old children, the Pre-Kindergarten program at Brunswick  is perfect to prepare them for elementary school. Math, literacy, reading and writing, and communication are especially focused throughout the pre-kindergarten program. Aspects of the writing curriculum, for instance, include phonemic skills and fine motor development. Problem solving, emotional, social, and physical growth are also stressed upon within the curriculum throughout the pre kindergarten program. Moreover, “like their toddler and preschool education, creativity will largely be incorporated into each lesson plan at an even higher level in Pre-Kindergarten now including speech, live performances, independent artistic expression and free-dance.”


For 5 and 6 yr old bundles of energy, the Kindergarten program at Brunswick will prepare them for the first grade. The learning process and product oriented curriculum includes students documenting their own growth and progress (teachers of course will be submitting professional documents of  individual students’ progress). The Kindergarten curriculum includes Science, Social Studies, Math, Technology, Literacy, and Writing. “At the Kindergarten level, teachers will create a structured environment in which students share responsibility for keeping the classroom neat and orderly, know how to get and use materials properly, and function with increasing levels of independence”

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So what is your opinion on the school? Do you have little ones in need of a day care, early education program, or kindergarten? It is interesting how the school’s curriculum is instilled in a visual arts theme, no matter the content, since students at this young age learn more quickly through visual expression. 

The Brunswick School: A New Early Childhood Center  In Jersey City


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