The excitement of Hoboken

Where to go and what to do?

With the summer here you’re probably wondering how to keep your little one entertained, occupied, and overall have a good time! Luckily for you New Jersey and Hoboken if filled with numerous activities to please everyone of all ages! So enjoy the sun and these fun activities.


Free is the way to be!

Hoboken is less known for its public pools but there is one that happens to be at a convenient location and the best part is the pool is FREE! Located on Hoboken’s 23rd Jefferson Road, this pool is sure to be a delight to the whole family! The secret is to get there early so you won’t run into the afternoon crowd.



Castle Point State Park

Maybe you have the next big “pro skater,” in your family, or just want to practice some skateboarding moves. If you’re looking for a great spot to have fun and get exercise head down to the “Point State Park,” in Hoboken. This park offers huge skateboarding ramps and a beautiful view of the Hudson Bay.


A night to remember

At the “Shipyard Park,” located in Hoboken, make sure to check out the movies in a beautiful outdoor park that is sure to be a perfect fit for the whole family. This drive-in movie theater offers beautiful scenery and fun filled movies. Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm a new movie is shown to the public. Don’t miss out on the performances there either. Take the kids to the “Sesame Street performance,” on June 16th or to see the band “Yosi,” play live as well.




A spectacular dinner

Who doesn’t love a nice Spaghetti dinner? Well that’s exactly what you’ll get if you attend the “9th annual Spaghetti Dinner,” On June from 5 to 8. The tickets begin at $20.00, but children under 12 pay a reasonable price of just $10. Seating is limited so make sure to get your tickets soon.



Stroller Power Fitness

If you’re a new mom trying to get back in shape or just a mom who doesn’t have time to go to the gym, why not look into the “Stroller Power Fitness,” conveniently  located in Hoboken? “Stroller Power Fitness,” courses allow you to strengthen your cardio, flexibility, yoga, and so much more! Don’t have a babysitter? No problem. Bring your little one with you and let the exercising begin!


Storybook Time!

Enjoy a fun filled storybook adventure brought to life by Tempest Productions. You and the kids will enjoy a spectacular experience as they will sing, dance, perform, and ultimately have a good time! Plays will begin on June 13th from 2 pm to 4 pm. The first play is titled “There are monsters everywhere,” on June 13th and is sure to be a pleasure for you and the whole family. Did I forget to mention its FREE as well?! So there is no excuse not to participate in this wonderful activity.


Move it

What  better way to keep your kids happy and healthy than by participating in Zumba specifically designed for them? That’s exactly what you get if you decide to visit Elysian Park located on Hudson St. There are various classes you can attend based on age. The “Mommy and me,” classes are from ages 0-3 and are a perfect bonding experience for mother and child alike. The “Dance and Play Party,” is for ages 4-6 while the “Ultimate kids dance party,” is for tweens looking to have a good time as they dance, play, and participate in a variety of games.

The perfect pastry

Take a visit to the famous “Carlo’s Bakery,” which is known for the filming of TLC’s show “Cake Boss.” This bakery located on Washington St. in Hoboken New Jersey is sure to be a delight to the whole family. There are various cakes, breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls and so many other treats that are sure to please!


Take a stroll

Nothing is better in the summer time than taking a stroll on one of New Jersey’s most liveliest areas which is Washington St. in Hoboken! The street is filled with boutiques, restaurants, and many historic landmarks along the way. The scenery adds to a beautiful landscape on a cool summer night. What could be better than that!

(Picture courtesy of https://www.planning.org/greatplaces/streets/2010/#NJ)


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