Gymboree Play and Music: The Gymboree of Jersey City


The Gymboree of Jersey City

I’m sure many of you have heard about Gymboree, the kiddie clothing store, but have any of you heard about Gymboree Play and Music? If you have, great! If not, do not panic; I am here to tell you all about the Gymboree Play and Music experience, a daycare for you and your little ones to enjoy.

The Gymboree of Jersey CityThe Gymboree of Jersey City


My Experience with Gymboree

First I would like to give you a little glimpse of the Gymboree daycare from my experience. Although my visit was to the Gymboree closest to me (Queens, New York), being that they are a large franchise that runs on a pretty tight ship I can only imagine that the Gymboree Play and Music Experience will be just as delightful in the Jersey City Area.

Gymboree Play and Music is the perfect place for parents to drop-of or take their little ones and enjoy a playful learning experience together. You’d be surprised how refreshing it is to sit in a circle and not only enjoy the laughter of your own little one but the playfulness of everyone that attends the class. The teachers that lead the classes are always full of energy and on top of their game when it comes to finding new ways to introduce fun and education to the little ones. One of the mothers I got to speak to said that she enjoyed the experience so much that when her child was no longer young enough to attend the classes, she decided to apply for a position because she truly loved the environment. How often do we hear that!


Classes offered

At Gymboree Play and Music they have numerous classes available for you and your little ones. Here you’ll be sure to find something that your little ones love. These classes include:

  • Gymboree Play & Learn Classes
    • Encourage development through play and learning through a seven level program
    • Supports child growth at their own pace
    • There are six divisions of this type of class, all broken down by age
      • 0-6 months
      • 6-10 months
      • 10-16 months
      • 12-22 months
      • 16-22 months
      • 22-28 months
      • 28-36 months
      • 3-5 years
  • Music Classes
    • These classes are made to develop your child’s love for music through song, dance, movement games and instruments
    • There are five different level of this class being offered, again divided by age
      • 6-16 months
      • 12-28 months
      • 28 months-5 years
      • 6 months-5 years
  • Art Classes
    • Hands-on art activities for the development of your child’s self-expression and imagination
    • Four different levels offered in this course:
      • 18-24 months
      • 24-36 months
      • 3-5 years
      • 18 months-5 years
  • Sports Classes
    • These classes are made to encourage healthy habits and become accustomed to exercise through fun and physical sports
    • There are two courses offered in this subject
      • Sports I: 3-5 years: For Children and Grown-ups
      • Sports II: 3-5 years: For Children only
  • Family Fun Classes
    • A class created for the larger families; parents and all children welcome.
    • Features activities dedicated to the group environment, siblings and friends
    • These are divided into three categories:
      • Family Gymboree Play and Learn: mobile- 5 years
      • Family Music: 6 months-5 years
      • Family Art: 18 months-5 years
  • School Skills Classes
    • Focuses on developing the social and intellectual skills needed to achieve in the school environment through language development, art, science, group play, etc.
    • Only one course available. Class is intended for children of the ages 3-5 years

A Full schedule of when each class is offered is available online (www.gymboreeclasses.com). Just be sure to find your location (Gymboree of Jersey City, 175 Newark Avenue) so that you can be sure that you are looking at the correct calendar.


Right now Gymboree of Jersey City is having a promotion, first month is $59 with no enrollment fee. To top that off, with this deal they also offer you one free class of your choosing.

Gymboree offers classes to both members and non-members. Prices vary by the classes that you choose. More classes, however, are made available to those who obtain a membership. If you would like to learn more about enrolment as a member, feel free to reach out to them to see what would work for you.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I wish there was someplace different we can take the kids” then Gymboree Play and Music may be the place you’re looking for. I know that I enjoyed myself when I went for my visit.

Not convinced yet? Pay them a visit! It’ll be a great opportunity to ask any questions that you may have as well as be able to get a tour of what they have to offer in their fun little tike’s gym of a daycare. While you’re there, be sure to ask them about the discounts they offer to newly enrolled members at their clothing stores, such a great benefit!

Happy Care hunting everyone!

Four years ago Vanessa Morales set out on a mission to become a school guidance counselor. Ever since, her eyes have been open to how the education system has been struggling, leading her to the path where she is now; researching on ways to better the education system that exists for young ones. She notes and blogs what she has found that has been working and continues to attend college to further educate herself on what can and needs to be done.

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