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Thumbprint Fun

Written by Ashley Lucas

Moms, If you’re looking for something super easy and fun to do this week, think of setting up a ‘printing table’ for the kids. Remember those great books you read as a kid by Ed Emberley? Well, thumbprint art is hotter than ever, and can be fun way to express creativity!

For your printing projects you will need:

  • ink pads in bright colors {or paint on a sponge}
  • pencils
  • thin black pens or markers
  • white card stock
  • construction paper

Greeting Cards

Father’s Day is coming up and what greater way to make a cute and simple card for dad! Simply make a nice thumbprint, let dry, and decorate with a pencil or thin marker. See how simple it is to make a rabbit like the ones above? I made these as ‘welcome baby’ cards for my friend who has some baby showers to attend this summer.


Buy some manilla folders / blank note books from the dollar store and have the kids decorate them with thumbprint art. This is a great activity before any new class or semester starts! To make writing paper, take a few sheets of white copy paper out of your printer, and decorate only the top with a line of cute designs. This paper could them be used again to print on, or for writing a letter!

Trading Cards

Trading cards are a great afternoon activity for a group of kids. Cut a bunch of card stock to about the size of a business card and have each child make a thumbprint creature for his or her friend{s}. A great sharing activity and kids love to see what their friends created for them!

Other Ideas

Other easy and fun things to thumbprint could be bookmarks, party favors and gift tags!

Ashley Lucas is a local illustrator and crafts designer based in Jersey City, NJ. She is the author and illustrator of various children’s books and has contributed to such popular sites as eHow and ModernMom. Her specialties in include holiday crafting and making art ‘cute’ for young children! Ashley designs murals for kids rooms in Jersey City, and offers kid friendly artwork and decor to the community through her business ‘Lady Lucas’.

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