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Viaquenti Preschool Academy 

Viaquenti Academy Preschool in Jersey City


Viaquenti Preschool

285 Newark Ave,

Jersey City, NJ 07302




Located in Jersey City, Viaquenti Preschool is a school in which the curriculum is geared using the Multiple Intelligences theory. Teachers gear projects according to the skills and interests of students. Moreover, teachers observe and produce assignments to develop potential talents and interests in students.


The mission of the school is described here:


Below, the goals for Viaquenti’s students is taken directly from the website.


“Goals for Our Students

  • Children will explore their abilities, skills, and talents by having enrichment opportunities in various domains.

  • Children will enhance their cognitive skills and will make use of them to create meaningful products and solve every-day problems.

  • Children will become competent in managing their bodies and acquire basic gross and fine motor skills.

  • Children will be capable of finding the best solutions to solve hypothesis and assumptions that arise from their own interest.

  • Children will learn the value of being part of a community and will develop an inner motivation to contribute to its progress.”



The staff includes diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. Teachers at Viaquenti are trained observers, engaged listeners, and detailed researchers. They observe, research, educate themselves, and report on their findings in the classroom and on their students in order to facilitate a consistently improved learning environment.


For more information on the staff and individual teachers, click here:



 The school has various academic, enrichment, and after school programs available. The academic programs are divided between Early Preschool, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten.


      Early Preschool:

      Early preschool is geared for students between the ages 1½ to 2 years old. The program focuses on the child’s curiosity during this age. Teachers provide activities to help students develop their motor skills and language skills. This includes activities such as finger painting, playing ball, and asking the “why” and “how” questions about the world around them.


Here is the link detailing the daily class schedule for early preschool students:


For more information on the Early Preschool program, click here:



 A program for children aged 2-3½, the Preschool at Viaquenti supports the cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of students at this age. Language, Arts, and Physical Education are the main components of the curriculum at this program. Through specific activities and projects, students develop verbal, visual, linguistic, and observational skills.


For more information on the Preschool program, click here:



      For students between the ages of 3-5 years, the Pre-Kindergarten program helps to prepare students for kindergarten. Students develop collaboration and creative skills. Throughout the day, students do fun activities and assignments that include Math, Science, Literacy, Music, and Visual Arts. Teachers create development plans for individual students based on their observed learning styles and hobbies.


Here is a daily schedule for Pre-Kindergarten students:


     Additional Programs:

     Viaquenti also provides an after school program from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The after school program includes classes geared toward students’ hobbies. Classes cater to the linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, and visual intelligences and interests of students. Below are some after school classes that students can participate in. This was taken directly from the school’s website:

 “Circle/Story Time:During this time children will discuss the plans for the day and go over any topics involved in our activities. This is also a time when we can either have a teacher read a story or have the children participate in Creative Thinking by creating their own stories on our felt board.

Physical Health: Time to stretch! Before the children sit to do their work they will have time to stretch out and exercise together. We will discuss the importance of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Music- Children will play music instruments, practice and learn new songs, and even show off their dance moves.

Mathematics/Literacy: Children will split into groups according to skill level to work on either Math or Literacy depending on the day.

Art: The class will get the chance to work with many different art materials. We will be working on our own creative expression as well as learning about some well-known artists. The children will be looking at various art pieces for their own enjoyment and to attempt to recreate them!

Science: During science we will be going over many different topics and performing fun science experiments to supplement our learning!”


To view schedules of the after school program, click here:


To view the daily schedule of the Early Preschool after school program, click here:


The school also provides a Summer Camp program. It offers half, full, and extended day programs for children ages 1 ½ to 6. The program includes age appropriate classes and activities. Children in the summer camp program go on field trips and take special classes such as soccer, music, cooking, and Spanish. Students will also be able to enjoy themselves on the school’s outside playground.


For more information on Viaquenti’s additional programs, click here:



For information on how to apply and register for admission, click here:


To learn more about the school and schedule a visit or tour, click here:



The school is a bit expensive, with tuition at $10,800 for Early Preschool students. For full day, Early Preschool students, the tuition is $13,050. For extended day (which includes after school programs), Early Preschool students, the tuition is $14,850. For more information on tuition costs of other programs, click here:




A Yahoo Local User (12/02/2011):

“Our daughter has been attending Viaquenti for a yr now. Everything about this school reflects excellence. The teachers, the education, students, security, cleanliness, etc. This is the 3rd child we have sent to preschool and this is our best experience by far! The teachers are educated, caring, and motivated. I can check up on my child at anytime and always walk into class and witness and educational activity taking place. My child is 3 and can recognize and spell mom, dad, go, no and other words. She can count in Spanish and English, knows about volcanoes, and can name all the planets. I could go on and on, but rest assured that if you entrust your child to the Viaquenti Preschool, you are leaving your most precious gift in very capable hands.” (

I was unable to find more reviews on Viaquenti Academy as it seems that this school is fairly new. Here is a link to some useful information on class size, teacher to student ratio, and some staff specialists:

So, does this sound like a school you would like to send your kids to? Tell me in the comments below! I feel like the extended day program is great for working parents with very young children!

Viaquenti Academy Preschool in Jersey City

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  • The “old” Viaquenti on Newark Avenue was wonderful, and that is the one you’ll read reviews about. That location will be closed at the end of June 2017. The “new Soho” location, in the Iron Lofts on Jersey Avenue (between Jersey City and Hoboken), does not compare; the teachers seem disorganized and constantly changing, there is no outdoor space, so the active 3,4 and 5 year olds are taken on “walks” sometimes. The director seems vague about almost anything, and there is no communication about anything, but she’s very prompt on payments. You have better, possibly cheaper options closer by, such as the Brunswick School, the Embakment, etc. No, I would not recommend this school – you’ll be disappointed; take a look at the dwindling enrollment.