JC Feministival Series 2016

Written by Bianca kirschner

Dear Female Entrepreneur,

JC Families would like to extend a warm invitation for you to participate in the JC Feministival Series 2016!

JC Feministival is a series of events, which will serve as a means to empower, showcase and promote local businesses owned and operated by women! Each Feministival will feature local female artists, fashion designers, healthcare providers, educators and other entrepreneurs. JC Feministival Series is a launchpad for women, who invest their careers and passions into further enriching our diverse community.

When and Where:

JC Feministival will take place at Exchange Place Plaza, May through September 2016, on a second Friday of every month: May 13, June 10, July 7,August 12 and September 9 2016


5 to 10 female entrepreneurs will be selected by the JC Feministival review panel to participate in each event with the attendance alternating from month to month ensuring diversity of programming.


Featured business directory on www.jcfamilies.com specifically highlighting the participating businesses owned and operated by women

Special programming at the end of each event (participating businesses are welcome to join programming sessions at the end of all five events): sessions on networking, marketing and other relevant programming.

A network of fellow strong women entrepreneurs right here in Jersey City

About JCFamilies and our Partnership:

As you might know, JCFamilies is a one-of-a-kind resource for parents in the Jersey City and Hoboken areas. We provide our partners with an unparalleled reach to local, diverse, socially connected and well economically established families in the neighborhood. JCFamilies organizes some of the most talked about family events in the area attracting your target audience. Our loyal member/follower base reaches over 17,000 views.

In order to support local female entrepreneurs, JC Feministival participation is offered at a discounted sliding scale.

To learn more and apply for participation, please complete our registration form

For sponsorship and other inquiries, please contact [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating local female entrepreneurs together!

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