Jersey City Expands Composting Programs

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Jersey City Expands Composting Programs

Composting Programs Jersey City: Recycle your food scraps to create compost! Composting is the controlled management of the decomposition of organic material so that it becomes a nutrient-rich soil amendment and helps plants thrive. There are so many benefits when it comes to composting and if you are interested in knowing more about it, check out our composting blog here.

Jersey City launched its first-ever composting efforts in 2018 with a Residential Compost Drop-Off Program and a Backyard Composting Program. Nearly 33,000 pounds of disposable waste has been diverted from landfills. This waste has been used as nutrient-rich organic material to help fertilize home gardens, parks, and community gardens.


Composting Programs Jersey City

Curbside pick up is the latest program to expand composting iniatives. According to the city, an electric bicycle will be used for food waste pickup, which will carry 200 pounds of composting per trip. Residents can register by filling out the Curbside Composting form. The drop off locations have grown to 8 locations at community gardens, religious institutions, libraries and more. Residents have to collect food waste in an airtight container of their https://www.azns.org/neurontin-gabapentin/ choosing and leave what is collected weekly at one of the drop-off locations.

Jersey City residents now have the option to drop off their food waste daily (except as noted below) at 11 locations within the City.

Find a map of all drop-off locations HERE.

Composting Programs Jersey City

UPDATED HOURS AND LOCATIONS AS OF August 1, 2020 [.pdf], below:

  1. Brunswick Community Garden – 174-176 Brunswick St.
  2. Canco Park – 70 Dey St.
  3. City Hall – 280 Grove St., back lot
  4. Congregation B’nai Jacob -176 West Side Ave. CLOSED FRIDAY & SATURDAY
  5. Dept. of Public Works – 13-15 Linden Ave. East
  6. Five Corners Library – 678 Newark Ave.
  7. Lafayette Park – corner of Maple and Woodward
  8. LCCS – Kensington entrance by JFK Blvd.
  9. Leonard Gordon Park – JFK Blvd. at Hutton St.
  10. Pop Up Jackson Hill – 349 Martin Luther King Dr. CLOSED ON SUNDAY & MONDAY
  11. Riverview Community Garden/Farmer’s Market – 498 Palisade Ave.
  12. Near Hamilton Park- 9th and Jersey Ave.

Backyard composting is also an option. For more information on how to check this link. You can also find more information on community composting on sustainable Jersey City’s website. 

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