Bus Service

School List for Pick-up & Drop-off:                                               
  • OLC School
  • St Bridget Primary School
  • Cordaro Public School
  • Primary Prep
  • PS5
  • PS22
  • Ethical Charter School
  • Hudson Montessori
  • Waterfront Montessori
  • Hamilton Montessori
School Pick-up available from:
  • Newport
  • Hamilton
  • Avalon
  • Exchange Place
  • JSQ
  • All vehicles have car seats & booster seats.
  • Pick-up & Drop off for parents.
  • Evening pick-ups & drop-off for activities also available.
If you have any question & driver feed-back for Omor, you can write here he will get back to you soon.
We really want to hear your feed back about the drivers so please share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Bus Service”

  • Hello.
    Do you provide a drop off pick up services for kids? I’m looking for door to door service if it’s possible. How much is it?
    Thank you!

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