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Help The Local Businesses + Community Organizations

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Help Our Local Businesses + Organizations

With everything that is happening around us, a ton of local businesses and organizations are suffering in the community which is why we have created this list of businesses and organizations you can help today. Donating to them today will help them continue to run and serve us all. A lot of these organizations are also helping healthcare workers, seniors and other’s in the community during this crisis. We have a beautiful community here and would love your help in this time of need!

The Jersey City Project

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, The Jersey City Project has an unparalleled track record of implementing and executing projects to promote and support locally-owned small businesses. They are accepting donations for our Disaster Relief Grant Fund to assist small businesses in Jersey City impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. DONATE HERE. 

Liberty Humane Society

Liberty Humane Society’s mission is to foster a community of compassion and respect, and provide animals in need with a chance at a lifelong, loving home. They are currently asking for donations to help raise funds to meet their kennel renovation deadline. DONATE HERE. 

Food & Necessities for JC- COVID19 by Chicpea/Lynn Hazan

Lynn and Premiere Vibes are raising funds to purchase food and necessities for our local hospital workers, homeless shelters, police department and to anyone who may need any help during this time. With the funds they raise they will use it to buy food from local businesses to also help support them during these difficult time. DONATE HERE.

Mathews Food and Drink Tipped Employees

Mathew’s is a local American restaurant in downtown Jersey City and a favorite for many. They have set up a GoFundMe page for their tipped employees who have lost their jobs. The proceeds of their donation page will be split equally among the employees. DONATE HERE. 

Just Beclaws 

Just Beclaws, a local family-owned restaurant, was built on bringing together the community with their cajun seafood. They have set up a GoFundMe page for their employees. All donations would solely be dedicated to helping their employees, who are in need during this imperative social distancing action. DONATE HERE.

Tails On Trails – Help Our 16 Team Members

Tails On Trails offers pet care sevices in the Jersey City area. Their dedicated walkers give their all every day, through snowstorms, heat waves and now, a pandemic. They don’t have the option to work from home and if they don’t have clients, they don’t have work. All proceeds from their GoFundMe page will be evenly distributed among their 16 team members ($10,000 / 16 = $625 each) to help each of them as much as possible during this uncertainly. DONATE HERE.

Fire and Oak Staff Donations

Fire and Oak is an american eatery. They have set up a GoFundMe to provide their employees with financial assistance during this difficult time. 100% of the donations will be distributed among their staff.  DONATE HERE. 

South House Tipped Employee Relief Fund

South House serves southern food in downtown Jersey City. has created a GoFundMe page for their tipped employees. The funds donated will be evenly distributed amongst the tipped staff and will help in some capacity to keep a roof over their head and eat a warm healthy meal. DONATE HERE.

Barcade Jersey City Staff COVID Relief Fund

Barcade Jersey City’s staff has been a part of the DTJC neighborhood for the past 9 years. Barcade is a local bar with arcade games. They have created a GoFundMe page for their staff. DONATE HERE. 

Frankie Jersey City Tipped Employee Fund

Frankie is an australian restaurant in downtown Jersey City. Their employees created a GoFundMe page as a support system for one another. Many of them are tipped employees and rely on their wages for basic needs including food and rent. DONATE HERE.

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