JC Kids Run FAQ’S

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JC Kids Run FAQ’S

JC Kids Run is an annual event where kids between the ages of 1-12 years participate in a fun and energetic race through a course at Exchange Place with beautiful views of NYC Skyline. We appreciate all the help and support we get from the community and love seeing kids have a smile on their face when they participate in the run. The excitement and joy on their faces as they cross the finish line is priceless and this is the 6th year we are planning this event in Jersey City.


1) Is there a planned race map? 

Kids will be running at the pier called J. Owen Grundy Park next to Exchange Place Plaza.

 2) What is the distance of the race?

Each age group has different distances:

·      Special Needs Children – 250 meters  – 1 loop around the pier

·      1 year old – 250 meters – 1 loop around the pier

·      2 years old – 250 meters – 1 loop around the pier

·      3 years old – A half-kilometer (500mts) – 2 loops around the pier

·      4 years old – Half a kilometer (500mts) – 2 loops around the pier

·      5 years old – Half kilometer (500mts) – 2 loops around the pier

·      6 years old – Half kilometer (500mts) – 2 loops around the pier

·      7 years old – Half kilometer (500mts) – 2 loops around the pier

·      8 years old – 900 meters  – 3 loops around the pier

·      9 years old – 1200 meters – 4 loops around the pier

·      10 years old – 1200 meters – 4 loops around the pier

3) Is there a group discount?

JCFamilies is a 501-c(3) organization and most of our events (15 to 18 events per year) are free for the Jersey City community and take place in public parks. However, in order to run this organization and these free events, we host a few paid events each year to ensure that we can meet our budgetary needs and cover our capital costs for the year. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any special discount or deal to any kids or any organization during this event.

4) Why does the planned schedule of runs sometimes change? 

The JCKids Run includes the participation of many kids and sometimes due to different circumstances the schedule may change.

5) What happens when rain is scheduled for the day? 

The JC Kids Run’20 is Rain or Shine. The registration fee will not be refunded if you are not able to attend the race. In case of severe inclement weather, the run might be postponed and parents of runners will be notified by email.

6) How to get to the venue? 

Parents and kids can arrive either by Light Rail at Exchange Place Station, by PATH Train, or by car. There is some street parking available, but it is not always reliable. There is paid parking close to the venue also. Parents need to collect the bibs and t-shirts 30 minutes before their scheduled run time, so please plan accordingly.

7) I registered, however, I cannot attend the event anymore? 

Refund of the registration and transfer of registration to another child is not allowed.

8) I registered but I did not receive confirmation?

If you registered and made the payment then you are confirmed. You can check your status at FIND A PARTICIPANT section on the registration page. If you have not yet registered and paid, do it now to save your spot.

9) When is the Special Needs time slot?

It is listed on the schedule of runners

10) My kid is 18 months. Should I register she/he for the 1 or 2 years old group? 

JCFamilies suggest parents register their children in the appropriate age group. In this example, an 18 mo. old would be registered in the 1-year-old age group (better to go younger than older). JCFamilies is not responsible for kids running with inappropriate age groups.

11) Is the fee only for the child and not the parent? Can both parents attend the race with the child?

The Registration Fee is only for the child. Children 1 and 2 years old are allowed to run with one parent (in this case parent is free) and children 3 years old and up will run by themselves. Parents / legal guardians/viewers won’t be allowed on the course/pier before, after or during the run. There will be areas for parents / legal guardians/viewers to watch their little ones running and finishing the race. For any parents not following the rules, the child will be disqualified and no refund will be given to the family.

12) By mistake, I put my name (parent name) in the registration information. Is it possible to change it?

No, the name cannot be changed. When arriving to pick up the bib and t-shirt

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