Kiddie Academy of Hamilton Park Is A Learning Oasis

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“Jersey City’s # Ranked Childcare.”

This is the title that Kiddie Academy of Jersey City has held since it opened its doors in July of 2016. The educational daycare facility, which is located at 255 Brunswick St is open Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 6:30 PM. Kiddie Academy believes that care and learning go hand in hand and the two should always be in balance while having fun! This philosophy, which is called Life Essentials, is based on the 4 Pillars of Learning. Those pillars are: Technology, Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, Character Education and Health & Fitness. shows in their specially crafted curriculum which tends to children starting as young as six weeks to 12 years of age.

The kid-centric environment is bright, clean and colorful! Organization, security and attention to detail is key when dealing with different age groups at one time and Kiddie Academy executes this flawlessly! Each section is crafted to fit the needs of specific age groups as well as the individual child. Never fear when your little one is sleeping during nap time. The Kiddie Academy staff properly labels the cribs of babies who are able to roll over on their own and there is constant monitoring to make sure your child is safe.

Extracurricular Activities

Kiddie Academy of Jersey City believes that children should have access to as many different methods of learning as possible. Their Music & More classes, which are available for all ages, is a weekly 30-minute fun, multisensory workout for your child. While the right side of the brain is stimulated through creativity, the left side of the brain also gets some TLC with their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program. This program pushes children to explore the world around them and experiment while solving problems!

Kiddie Academy’s location is ideal because it allows your child to experience the great outdoors. Enos Jones Park is located only a few seconds away and it’s a park that provides a perfect blend of playground fun and natural elements.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is broken down by age group and is geared towards students 2 years through 12 years of age. Campers enjoy field trips, camp activities and splash days! They urge interested families to enroll as soon as possible as space is limited.


All that fun can sure make someone hungry! Kiddie Academy of Jersey City provides organic milk and natural meals from their onsite, commercial kitchen prepared by their professional chef. The chef provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks each day and there is even a dinner program where on Friday’s parents can order dinner to go. It’s a way for their child to have the same quality food at home that they do at Kiddie Academy. For student’s safety, the school is nut free. In the event of a student allergy and/or preference, their catering company will create meals for the child that meet their dietary restrictions.

Parent Involvement

Sometimes it’s hard for your little one to be away from their parents all day. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard for parents. Kiddie Academy of Jersey City promotes parent and family involvement with their child. When you drop off your child, especially if it’s their first day, you are allowed to come into the room and get them situated. They also offer play dates, which is an opportunity for the child to come into the facility before their start dates and get familiar with the environment for an hour with their parent or guardian. If this is something you’re interested, make sure you’re giving your child enough time. Two weeks prior to the start date is ideal!

Gone are they days when your child says “nothing” when you ask them what they did at school that day. Kiddie Academy proudly offers many ways for parents and families to stay connected with their child and their progress. Apps such as “Tadpoles for Parents” which are electronic daily reports giving parents a comprehensive breakdown on what their child’s day looked like.

Do grandma and grandpa live in another country? No problem! “Watch Me Grow” gives up to 6 users in a family the ability to see their little on camera as they learn, play and grow at Kiddie Academy. Their “Chirp Line” is also open anytime during operating hours at 201-241-4443!


Kiddie Academy of Jersey City  is a melting pot! They thrive on celebrating diversity and students comes from all over the globe. Families are encouraged to share their culture and traditions during their annual Multicultural Night.

Parking & Transportation:

Due to it’s location away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown, Kiddie Academy of Jersey City is a safe place for children and their families to drop off, pick up and commute to if needed. There is street parking available around and right in front of the facility so kids can be walked in by their parents. Also if parents are commuting from the city, the Grove Street PATH is just a few blocks away as well as the lightrail!


Families who are interested in Kiddie Academy will come in for a tour and enrollment is usually done at the end of the tour or you if you feel as though you need more time to think it over, you can schedule another time to come in. Admission is usually done in person, however they will accommodate those who are traveling long distances.

Enrollment is based on the space available in the classroom and that information will be available on the spot. Once you make your decision, you will complete an enrollment agreement with the facility director and go over fees as well and that immediately covers registration and holds a space for your child. Did you just have a new born and know you want your child to attend Kiddie Academy?  They allow you to pre-enroll your child up to two years in advance!

Interested to know more? Call Kiddie Academy of Jersey City at 201-241-4443, shoot them an email at [email protected] or schedule and appointment online! Start your child’s journey to experience the joys of learning and growth in a fun and healthy way with Kiddie Academy!


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