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Want to help make JCFamilies evenmore awesome?  


Great! We’ve shared someoptions below. Just fill out the form and we’ll contactyou.


One quick thing:  Weknow you’re busy. So most volunteer opportunities are less than anhour per week.    


Oh…and did wemention that you get to join a special, elite-squadron,member-only group?  Add it to your resume as an innovativevolunteer role.  Become JCFamilies-famous!




JCF Kids Nutrition Guru(TAKEN)

  • Why It’s Awesome: Establish yourself in thecommunity as the go-to mom for kids nutrition!
  • What You’ll Do:  Add a recipe, tip orsuggestion on your blog every week on food forkids
  • How It Works: 
    • Write a blog (as brief, or as long as you want) onyour suggestion on food for kids
    • TOTAL TIME: Less than 1 hour perweek

JCF Facebook Face: LoveFacebook? Love JCFamilies? Here’s thechance!

  • Why It’s Awesome: Be be the face of JCFamilieson Facebook!
  • What You’ll Do: Maintain the Fanpage, interactwith the Fans, help us reach more moms
  • How It Works:
    • We’ll make you the admin of our Facebook page(
    • Once in a while, post something, upload a picture orjust say hi to our fans
    • You’ll learn more about social networking, FacebookFan pages and get to be our External Relation (ER)manager!
    • TOTAL TIME: ~1 hour per week

JCFGreeter: Meet ‘Em atthe Door

  • Why It’s Awesome: Be the first person to meetthe coolest new people at the party. 
  • What You’ll Do: Copy and paste a commonmessage with key actions for them.
  • How It Works:
    • Every day (or every 2 days), find all the moms whojoined the community on that day
    • Copy and paste a welcome message that we’llprovide
    • Yep, it’s that simple.
    • TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes per day (1 hour perweek)

JCFGreeter 2: Take ’em to TheirSeat

  • Why It’s Awesome: Help peopleget to the next level of JCFamilies awesomeness. 
  • What You’ll Do: Review memberprofiles and provide links to groups and people.
  • How It Works:
    • Once a week, we’ll send you a list of10 people who joined within the past 5 days.
    • Find groups, forums or blogs thatinterest them, and send a message to get them going
    • Bonus: do an Advanced Search on theirbehalf and offer a link to moms in their neighborhood
    • TOTAL TIME: 1 hour perweek

JCF Momof the block: Get to be the mom of the building!

  • Why It’s Awesome: Help moms inyour building get a taste of JCFamilies fun 
  • What You’ll Do:  Be theone stop contact point for getting action started in yourbuilding
  • How It Works:
    • Once a week, organize a playdate inyour building – that’s it!
    • Once in a while, if you like,organize something different (bubble fest) and our core group willhelp you out pull it off
    • TOTAL TIME: 2 hour perweek

Anything else you think you cancontribute? Go ahead.. let us know what you have, and we’ll be gladto ensure that you get the audience!

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