Watercolor Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

Rainbow Watercolor Jellyfish Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamiliesMoms, I’m sharing this watercolor jellyfish craft with you because it’s been a real hit in my art classes¬†this summer! It’s easy to make and display at home. Kids will enjoy making this adorable craft on a lazy summer day ūüėČ
Materials you will need:
– watercolor paper
– watercolors
– paintbrushes
– scissors
– hole puncher
– string
– markers
– pencils (for curling)
Rainbow Watercolor Jellyfish Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 1 Cut a piece of watercolor paper in half lengthwise so that you end up with two long sheets of paper to paint on.
Rainbow Watercolor Jellyfish Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 2 Using a set of watercolor paints, paint stripes of color all the way across the paper like shown. Have the kids try to use as many colors as possible, and keep each painted line about the same size.
Rainbow Watercolor Jellyfish Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 3 Allow the painting to dry completely. Then cut out a head and body shape as well as lines starting from the bottom of the jellyfish for the ‘tentacles’.
Rainbow Watercolor Jellyfish
Step 4 Draw a cute face with some markers.
Step 5 Curl the tentacles of the jellyfish using a pencil like shown. Watercolor paper is so stiff, you could even use your fingers for this step.
Rainbow Watercolor Jellyfish Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 6 Punch a hole at the top of the jellyfish and feed some string though, so that children can carry it around or hang it in their room this summer!
Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her cute characters can be found online in coloring books and party printables via her website and her Etsy shop. She offers private art lessons to children in Jersey City and Hoboken from 3.5 – 12 years.

Father’s Day Chalkboard Art Project

Father's Day Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 18) and this chalkboard art project is the perfect gift to make for dad! Well suited for any age to create – this cute, framed artwork can be displayed at breakfast on Father’s Day, and then kept on dad’s desk year round.
Materials you will need:
black paper (scrapbook quality works best)
white or peach colored pencils
chalkboard markers and/or white gel pens
colorful markers (for the frame)
a basic wooden frame
Step 1 ¬†Cut out a piece of black paper that will fit within the frame you are using. An easy way to do this is to trace the around the cardboard frame back, or the frame’s protective glass to achieve the exact size you will need.

Father's Day Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Step 2 ¬†Lightly trace a cute design on the paper using white or peach colored pencils. Quotes look especially good done in chalkboard style writing, so you could have your kids write something such as, You’re a COOL dad or You’re a BEARY good dad – something fun and sweet. Pinterest always has some good ideas if you need inspiration!
Father's Day Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 3  Using white gel pens or chalkboard markers (mine are from OOLY), trace over the pencil designs to create the finished artwork.
Father's Day Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 4 ¬†An easy way to decorate the frame is by dotting a confetti pattern using colorful markers. Sharpie paint pens would work perfectly for this, or multi-surface markers such as the ones I’ve used. You could also easily use regular washable markers, but the colors will bleed a little bit on the frame’s wooden surface unless you paint it first.

Father's Day Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Step 5 Add the artwork inside the frame, and have fun displaying your chalkboard masterpiece for dad on Father’s Day!
Father's Day Craft by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She offers private art lessons to children in Jersey City and Hoboken ages 4 – 12 years.

Mother’s Day Coloring Page

Mothers Day Coloring Page by Lady Lucas
This past weekend I offered summer themed coloring pages to the children at the Jersey City Summer Camp Festival, and realized the moms were just as eager to enjoy some coloring. So moms Рthis is for you! Simply download this adorable coloring page and relax.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Materials you will need:
– Printer
– Paper
– Colored pencils or thin tipped markers
Mothers Day Coloring Page by Lady Lucas
Step 1¬†Download this¬†Mothers Day Coloring Page¬†from my ‘Tea Time Coloring Book‘. Print it as many times as you wish for personal use.
Mothers Day Coloring Page by Lady Lucas
Step 2¬†Use colored pencils or thin tipped markers to color all the details. If you’d like a wide array of colors to choose from, OOLY and Crayola both offer great coloring pencil sets, as well as the generic packs of pencils available at Michael’s craft store.
Mothers Day Coloring Page by Lady Lucas
Step 3¬†Think about having a little ‘coloring party’ with your kids this month. Print a few copies of this page and enjoy a cup of tea together. It’s a great way to get children to unwind after a long day at school or on the weekends. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day – you deserve a little treat! ūüėČ
Mothers Day Coloring Page by Lady Lucas
Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She offers private art lessons to children in Jersey City and Hoboken ages 4 – 12 years.

Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft

Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
The kids had such a great time making this craft at the Jersey City Spring Festival with me last week, I wanted to share this ‘how to’ so you can make these puppets at home with your children in preparation for Easter on April 16. If you do make them at home, this week, tag @jcfamilies¬†on social media so we can take a look at your great creations!
Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Materials you will need:
– Popsicle sticks
– Card stock paper in light colors (I purchase mine from Michael’s craft stores in the city)
– Scissors
– Markers
– Clear Tape
– Stickers
Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 1 Cut out bunny shapes (and eggs if you’d like) out of card stock paper. Older kids will enjoy doing this part themselves. Younger children will need an adult’s help or you can even purchase pre-cut shapes at your local craft store or online.
Step 2 Attach a Popsicle stick to the back of each bunny shape with a piece of clear tape.
Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 3 Decorate the bunnies using markers. This is the best part for children – as they can really showcase their creativity! Have them add clothing to the bunny, funny facial expressions or even glasses!
Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Step 4 Add some festive stickers as a finishing touch. This part is especially fun for toddlers.
Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
As you can see from these examples, children add their own wonderful spin on this craft. Aside from being used for imaginary play, these puppets can be added to plants for decoration, or as a centerpiece for Easter breakfast.
Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft for Kids by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. She offers private arts & crafts lessons to children in Jersey City and Hoboken. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She loves celebrating all holidays and teaching art to children of all ages. 

Holi Inspired Art Trading Cards

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

The celebration of Holi is right around the corner, and this art activity is the perfect way for children to have fun with color, without making too much of a mess! In some fine art communities, artists exchange small works of art with one another (called artist trading cards) the size of a baseball card. It’s a great way for creatives to begin art collecting on a small scale.

Materials you will need:

– watercolors
– paint brushes
– bowl of water
– watercolor paper / scissors
– permanent black markers

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Step 1 Cut watercolor paper into small rectangular pieces about the size of a small index card or baseball card. 3.5″ x 5.5″ would work nicely.

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Step 2 Have your children draw patterns with black permanent markers that are happy and intricate. Some ideas would be: flowers, owls, hearts or geometric patterns.

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Step 3 Using a good amount of water, dip a paintbrush into a single paint color and begin adding color on top of the hand drawn design. The idea is to add droplets of color to the painting without mixing the hues too much. This technique mimics Holi powder, as it is vibrant and very colorful. I would suggest using yellow, orange, magenta, light green and blue for a nice balance of colors.

Step 4 The artist trading cards will curl a little from all the water, so allow them to dry fully, and then place a large book on top over night to flatten them properly.

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Step 5 If you’re making these with a group of children, have the kids exchange art cards with another. The more the merrier!

Variations: This project could also be done with pastels instead of watercolors. Another idea would be to have the children drop paint on their paper, and then add designs on top after the paint dries like so:

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Holi Art Trading Cards by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies

Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She loves celebrating all holidays and teaching art to children of all ages.

Handmade Valentine Ideas

Hi moms! Here are some of my favorite DIY valentine ideas for children. One of my favorite memories from childhood is the memory of my mom and I making valentines on the dining room table every February. There was usually snow outside – and the house always seemed so bright and happy. Here are some easy ideas to get you started on making some cute love notes with your kids.
Materials you will need:
– Assorted paper (solid or patterned)
– Clip art or stickers
– Glue sticks
– Scissors
– Markers, crayons, colored pencils
*Optional – glitter, googly eyes, lace, etc.
Basic Heart
As an art teacher, I can tell you that kids love cutting out hearts. To make some basic hearts, gather square or rectangle pieces of paper, fold in half, and draw a line as shown – starting and ending on the fold.
Handmade Valentine Ideas by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Decorate with crayons or markers and don’t forget to write a cute sentiment like ‘Be Mine‘ or ‘I’m Sweet on You Valentine‘.
Handmade Valentine Ideas by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Handmade Valentine Ideas by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Monster Heart
Every February, I find that the boys in my classes really love making valentines with either a robot or a monster theme. This idea is the perfect design for any little artist. Simply cut a heart shape out of light colored construction paper (white, yellow or light pink). Sketch a monster face or body, and color in with crayons or colored pencils. Googly eyes would be great to use with this one – or sticker eyes (you can find both at any craft store). A cute saying to write on the front or back could be, ‘I Only Have Eyes for You!‘.
Handmade Valentine Ideas by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Handmade Valentine Ideas by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Fancy Heart
Choose a heart shaped doily to decorate. I attached mine to a folded greeting card using a glue stick. You can find heart or round doilies at any dollar store, craft shop or party shop. Carefully cut out clip art or add stickers to the front of the valentine. **Tip: A wonderful place online to find free, clip art for all occasions is The Graphics Fairy website**. You can be as creative as you want with this concept by cutting out phrases, letters or individuals pictures to add to your valentines. Instead of clip art, you could alternatively use images from a magazine or newspaper.
Handmade Valentine Ideas by Lady Lucas for JCFamilies
Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She loves celebrating all holidays (making handmade valentines!) and teaching art to children of all ages.

Kids Art Holiday Ornaments

I’m really excited to share today’s craft with you because I can verify it was a huge hit with my four year old niece last December. She came over one afternoon to craft with me, and by the end of the day, she had nearly made enough ornaments to fill our entire Christmas tree! No matter what holiday you celebrate this winter, these ornaments can be used as gift tags, for tree decorations, or as something festive to hang in your windows.

Materials you will need:
– Assorted paper (construction paper or card stock works best)
– Markers, crayons or colored pencils
– Hole Puncher
– String (Baker’s twine or yarn works nicely)

– Scissors

Step 1 – Have your children draw shapes or drawings on sturdy paper (such as construction or card stock). To create perfectly round circles, simply turn a mug or glass over and trace around it. If you have cookie cutters available, kids can trace around them to create their desired shape.
Step 2 – Decorate the drawings by coloring them in with crayons or add some fun accents with glitter and/or stickers.
Step 3 – My niece is a scissors fanatic, so she loved cutting the ornaments out herself, but most children will need assistance cutting out their artwork.
Step 4 – Using a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of each work of art for hanging.
Step 5 – Cut a piece of string and secure and knot it to each ornament as shown.kids-art-ornaments-by-lady-lucas-6
*Tip* Many parents I talk with have hundreds of their kids drawings just laying around or stored in a box somewhere. You can use your favorite ones in this manner by displaying them over the holidays around the house!
kids-art-ornaments-by-lady-lucas-7Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She is currently available for private home art lessons in the Jersey City area.

Thanksgiving Harvest Decorating Ideas


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all that we have, and celebrating nature’s bounty is a wonderful exercise in appreciation to share with our children. All of these crafts can be made with leaves and acorns from your own backyard or the local park.

Materials you will need:

  • Colorful leaves
  • Heavy books
  • Hole puncher and/or various paper punches
  • Acorns (or hazelnuts from the grocery store)
  • Paints (tempera or acrylic) + paint brushes
  • Permanent markers
  • Hot glue or glue dots
  • Tiny pilgrim top hats (handmade or store bought)
  • Yellow felt or heavy paper
  • Scissors

2-1Leaf Confetti

Here’s a wonderful craft idea anyone can make! All you need are some colorful leaves and some paper punches. To prepare the leaves, have your children gather them outdoors and then stick them in between the pages of a heavy book. Place another heavy book on top and let them dry for at least 24 hours. Once the leaves are completely flat, insert them into paper punches like those shown here, or use a regular office hole puncher. The kids can scatter the confetti on your dining table the day of Thanksgiving for a festive look!

3-1Awesome Acorns

There are tons of acorns available in my neighborhood this fall, and they are so fun and easy to decorate. If you can’t find any where you live, you can use something similar from the grocery store such as packaged whole hazelnuts. Simply brush away any dirt or dust from the acorn, and paint them while holding the cap between your fingers. Add a face using a small paintbrush or permanent marker. Other decorating ideas would be to paint stripes or polka dots on each one in bright colors.







8-17-1Acorn Turkeys

I am a vegetarian, so I prefer my turkeys as cute crafts instead of a meal on Thanksgiving day ūüėČ No matter what your tradition is, these adorable Acorn Turkeys will look wonderful on your table.

Use one pressed leaf for the ‚Äėfeathers‚Äô of the turkey. Hot glue it to the back of an acorn or use a glue dot or double sided tape. Cut two feet out of yellow felt or paper and adhere them to the bottom of the acorn. Using a very small paintbrush, add orange to the point of the acorn for a beak, a little red paint under the beak and white and black paint for eyes.

A little black pilgrim hat on each turkey adds some character. You can buy them at party supply stores, or make your own with 2D version with  black construction paper.

Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She loves celebrating all holidays and teaching art to children of all ages.

Easy ‘No Carve’ Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and there’s nothing more fun for kids during this season than decorating pumpkins! I have never been a fan of carving pumpkins because of the mess and the hassle. I’ve always preferred easier methods with less clean up. Here are some of my favorite ideas. If you try one or two out, share a picture of your creation so we can see what you’ve come up with!

Materials you will need:

  • Assorted pumpkins and gourds (cleaned & dried)
  • Colored cardstock or foam
  • Scissors
  • Paints (tempera or acrylic) + paint brushes
  • Hot glue or glue dots
  • Bamboo skewers or toothpicks

Cute Witch Pumpkin1

To make this adorable witch, all you need is some creativity! Simply cut out two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a witch‚Äôs hat. You can use colored card stock for the pieces, or foam as I have here. This is a great exercise for kids that like to practice using scissors. An adult will have to help with applying the pieces if you choose to use hot glue. If you don‚Äôt have a glue gun, you can also use no-mess scrapbooking ‚Äėglue dots‚Äô which are available in all major craft supply stores. Add some green hair, eyelashes, a ‚Äėwort‚Äô for the nose and rosy cheeks with paint. The stem of the pumpkin makes it the perfect place for a witch hat to rest ūüôā


Pumpkin Tower

I love this idea because it’s super easy and very trendy right now. To make a pumpkin tower, all you need is three small pumpkins in varying sizes. Simply pop off the stem of the large and middle sized pumpkin, then stack them like a snowman. Leave the tower as is, or insert toothpicks in the bottom of the small and medium pumpkins for a sturdy fit.


Fairy House

The gourd I’ve chosen for this ‘fairy house’ is the perfect shape for a little home, but you can use any round, ordinary pumpkin as well. Simply have the kids paint a door and windows with black paint. They can use black ‘puff paint’ for a steady line, or a thin tipped paintbrush. Have them add colored polka dots with paint to the roof for a mushroom cap look. Display the fairy house with moss and assorted miniatures to inspire creative play. Fairy gardening is a huge trend right now, and this craft can inspire any child to get excited about imaginary worlds!



Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop. She loves celebrating all holidays (especially Halloween!) and teaching art to children of all ages.

Kids Classes in Hoboken & Jersey City

Kids Classes in Jersey City

Kids Classes in Jersey City


Coach Leo and his staff of energetic coaches provide fun and accessible group classes, private, semi-private (2 ppl) for kids ages 3-10 yrs right around the corner at Grace Church Gym on 2nd and Erie, downtown Hoboken, and in warmer months Newport Swim & Fitness’s Rooftop Tennis Facility.

Kids learn through playing and they play because they want to. 

Each age group has different needs, so we tailor our classes to make sure that each child stays motivated, learns a lot and has tons of fun! 

Super Duper Tennis has served more than 3000 Super Duper Kids since launching in March 2014.

Reach out to coach & regional manager, Leo Mihalkovitz for more info. leo@superdupertennis.com -(908) 910-4894.  Or visit www.superdupertennis.com 

Kids Classes in Jersey City
ElfTennis, the top QuickStart tennis program, is offering tennis classes on Fridays from 3-4 and 7-8 at Grace Church Gym. Classes are $25 per session. Classes consist of interactive drills and games, competitive point play, and fun, fun, fun. Instructors are former collegiate players who are PTR certified. We offer high performance, quickstart  tennis lessons. Classes are one hour long and feature a small student to teacher ratio. We teach life skills and values such as cooperation,  integrity, goal setting, sportsmanship, and communication.
Classes are $15 per session and $120 for 8 weeks
Starting Classes at Hamilton Park on Fridays 
1:00 to 2:00pm
5:00 to 6:00 pm
6:00 to 7:00
‚ÄúCoach Esther‚Äôs games are so imaginative¬†and fascinating, I forget that I‚Äôm actually in a class,‚ÄĚ


Kids Classes in Jersey City

Have a 7-17 year old who is interested in singing, dancing, acting or simply wants to try a bit of ensemble performing? 

¬†Brought to you by the Van Horn Performance Theater! We don’t believe in cutting anyone–for us, everyone is welcome! Come be apart of this affordable 16-week workshop ending in a performance in June 2015! We can’t wait to see you there.

Address of Auditions/Rehearsals: 1054 Avenue C., Bayonne, NJ 07002
Phone: 201-424-0800


Garden Street School for the Performing Arts
Garden Street School of the Performing Arts located at 1018 Washington Street in Hoboken is the leading school for the performing arts in NJ. All ages starting from 2 through adult are welcome to join our classes ranging from: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Broadway Theater Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theater, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Voice, Drums, Brass and Woodwind Instruments. All ages, styles and levels welcome. Only premiere Ballet Studio offering certified American Ballet 
First Class is FREE. Call or email us today!
1018 Washington St.
Hoboken, NJ 07030

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CKO Kickboxing

Kids Classes in Jersey City

Get your Kids involved in the fitness revolution that is CKO KICKBOXING!
Staying active is an essential component of living a healthy life for adults and kids alike.  CKO Kickboxing offers an after school kids program designed to promote self confidence, physical activity in a fun and relaxed environment.  Learning the basic kicks and punches combined with obstacles and exciting activities helps get your kids of the coach and stay active!
150 Bay Street (entrance on Provost Street)
Jersey City, NJ 07302


                                    JC Taekwondo & Kickboxing Academy  

Kids Classes in Jersey City              

JC Taekwondo & Kickboxing Academy
150 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Students will learn confidence, discipline and self-control as they explore how to act and react to the world around them. Our students are treated with respect and taught how to return that respect to others around them.
Visit our web site for additional information or contact us today!

Kids Classes in Jersey City

Register Now for Kids, Junior and Adult Programs.


JCFamilies can get 10% off .

TennisApproach is the #1 provider of Tennis Services in Jersey City, offering a variety of specialized tennis services for children, juniors and adults.   Since 2010, TennisApproach has serviced  over 600 children, juniors and adults in the Jersey City area.   TennisApproach prides itself on providing friendly, trained and knowledgable instructors for any of your tennis needs. Whether you are in individual , a school , or facility that is in need of tennis, TennisApproach can help you in a multitude of ways, providing the right service for your needs.

Check our website for Fall classes for children, juniors and adults.

Get into the game of a lifetime

Tel:(201) 344-7824


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Next Step Broadway

Kids Classes in Jersey City

Broadway experienced instructors offering professional classes for beginner and advanced dancers, as well as acting, singing, gymnastics and piano lessons! 


233 9th St. 
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Phone: (201) 706-3025
E-mail: info@nextstepbroadway.com

                                                                 Every Little Movement

Classical Performing Arts school teaching dance and theater! Classes include creative movement, modern dance, jazz dance, tap dance, flamenco, Indian Dance-Odissi, storytelling and theater!


300 Bloomfield St. 

Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 1-917-945-4064
E-mail: info@everylittlemovement.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                International Taekwando Academy

Tae Kwan-do Classes! Unlimited Fitness Classes – Yoga, Zumba, Cardio, Kickboxing, Boot Camp, TRX Training and more


523 Palisade Ave.Jersey City, NJ 07307

Phone: (201) 356-9918


Kids Classes in Jersey City

Preschool of Rock has redefined children’s music by combining entertainment and education through exhilarating performance.

They offer classes, shows, preschool enrichments and birthday parties throughout New Jersey and New York. They provide the hippest music education for young children, inspiring creativity, confidence, and freedom of expression. Visit us today at www.preschoolofrock.com.

Website: ­ http://www.preschoolofrock.com

Registration Page ­ http://register.preschoolofrock.com

Jersey City Class Details

Mondays @ 9:30am and 10:30am Three Little Birds
16 Erie Street
Jersey City, NJ 


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Kid’z MusikChildren play with fun props and instruments from around the world as well as interact with some of their favorite childhood characters.http://www.kidzmusik.com/260 Grand Ave.

Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: (201) 503-9479

                                                                         Hudson Vibe
High energy Zumba based music and movement classes for kids.


700 1st st. Apt. 3J

Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 981-4474
E-mail: suzdancefitness@gmail.com

                                                               Music For Aardvarks
As seen on Nick Jr. – Classes that incorporate singing, dancing, musical storytelling, instrumental jam sessions and more!


Various Locations throughout Hoboken and Jersey City
Phone: (917) 400-4524
E-mail: hobokenaardvarks@gmail.com

                                                                     My Gym Hoboken

Kids Classes in Jersey City

Weekly classes that incorporate music, dance, relays, games, special rides, gymnastics, sports and more to help children develop physically, mentally and emotionally!

720 Monroe Street, Suite E-312

Hoboken, NJ 07030

Phone: (201) 758-8390
E-mail: hoboken@mygym.com

                                                              Work It Out Gymnastics

Children can learn to tumble using spring floors, balance beams, cartwheel mats, barrels, cheese mats, parachutes and more! Dance training also available focusing on flexibility, balance and choreography!


603 Willow Ave. & 5 Marine View Place
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 222-0802
E-mail: info@workitoutgym.com

                                                                     Urban Arts

Providing a creative and nurturing environment where children use visual arts for self-expression!


720 Monroe Street, Suite E-204 & E-206
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 222-5400
E-mail: info@urbanartsnj.com


Great for transitioning to pre-school! Rotate through lots of awesome activities in our clean, colorful, padded and squishy playroom!


537 Park Ave.
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 653-3232
E-mail: hoboken@@romparoo.com

                                                                   Alpha Minds

Foster your child’s confidence and love of¬†learning with¬†AlphaMinds Academy, an after school enrichment program¬†where students can¬†explore their academic interests and grow their minds in a fun, creative atmosphere! Classes offered;¬†Art History, Chess, Logic& Math, Essay Writing,Science, Languages, Programming, andclasses for Pre-Schoolers.

AlphaMinds Academy serves children ages 3-12. Programs available after school and on Saturdays.


The Hudson School
601 Park Ave.
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Boys and Girls Club
18 Park Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Phone: (201) 844-8535


                                                 Megan Avery Designs

720 Monroe Street Suite E306 Third Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Studio Phone: 201-876-1198
If you’re looking to learn how to Sew, Craft or just plain learn how to make cool stuff, check out our current kids class offerings!
After School & Weekend Sewing, Home School Program, Fashion Design and Portfolio Class and Private Lessons. Register and reserve your spot today, drop ins welcome


                                                                Cobra Fencing Club
The Lackawanna Warehouse
629 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Cobra Fencing will train your child in the fundamentals of the exhilarating sport of fencing in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Fencing increases discipline, focus and concentration. Additionally, students will learn precision, grace and efficiency in preparation for successful competitive fencing. Led by Fencing Master, Olympian and National Champion Steve Kaplan, young athletes build strength, coordination and reflexes. Visit our website for Class Schedules and additional information.
                                                                   Sky Club Fitness
125 Marshall Street 7th floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

phone: 201.222.2582

Email: info@skyclubfitness.com

Sky Club offers a wide variety of programs that take place in our amazing rooftop, Olympic size pool. We feature private and group swim lessons for all ages, Aquatic Fitness Classes & Baby and Me pool time from 6- 35 months. Contact us today for class schedules and fees.



FlorYoga KIDS’ classes in your home or facility!¬†All ages welcome!
FlorYoga Kids has developed programs appropriate for every age group, and strives to make yoga FUN and beneficial for students of all ages. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion‚ÄĒinstead of opposition‚ÄĒis a great gift to give our children.Interested in Kids Yoga?
Please email us for more information about setting up a kid’s class at the location of your choice.
Twitter @floryogajc
                                                              Gymboree Play & Music
At Gymboree Play & Music, you and your child will build creativity, confidence and lifelong friendships. Gymboree programs are specially designed to help young children learn and develop as they play. Our classes also help you learn about your child — how to participate in and encourage his or her development — while enjoying the simple pleasure of playing together.
Gymboree Play & Music of Jersey City
175 Newark Ave, 3rd Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(p) 201.918.6988
(f)  201.721.5713
                       Speech Quest Speech and Language Therapy
 Speech Quest Speech and Language Therapy
Speech Quest provides speech and language therapy at the client’s home or school. Specialties include: Upper level PROMPT articulation therapy and reading therapy using the Wilson Reading System.¬†
Contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you JC!
Jersey City, NJ
phone: 347-423-7631

E-mail: brianaevans.slp@gmail.com

                               The Performing Arts Workshop
The Performing Arts Workshop
At The Performing Arts Workshop we engage students of all ages to develop creative expression and increased self-confidence. We offer distinctly different programs for children from ages 2-18. Our mission is to create an environment where all students can thrive, promoting the values of discipline and determination that are essential to achieving success in any endeavor. Classes include Tumble Tots, Song & Dance, Pre-Ballet, Ballet/Tap, Classical Ballet, Jazz/Tap, Hip Hop & Breaking, Musical Theatre and numerous Acting Classes for children and teens. Please visit our website for class schedule and to register online!
196 Morgan Street
Jersey City, NJ
Director- Jamie Gong

                                      Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing

When you want to give your child a fun, healthy activity, you don’t need to look any further than Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing!¬†Your kids will¬†get a workout like no other, and they learn a whole slew of important life skills, making it the best activity your child can do! Thanks to our small class sizes, your child will get plenty of individual attention from our top-notch instructors. Register for the action-packed Martial Arts classes for kids at Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing, and you’ll see your child’s inner champion shine! Our kids Karate classes promote dozens of positive changes in kids, from helping them to live a healthier lifestyle and develop a flawless character, to helping them live life with unstoppable self-confidence! Our kids classes include Little Ninjas (for kids 3-7 years old), Fearless Warriors (for kids 7-12 years old), and Young Achievers (for¬†teens 13-17 years old).
Beginner After School Martial Arts Classes Now Enrolling!¬†Worry no more your child can enjoy a fun, safe, structured, top-quality Jersey City After School program Family Fitness MMA! At our Jersey City After School Martial Arts Success Academy your child will get into great shape physically and learn valuable self-defense skills. But that’s just the beginning. Did we mention we offer Pick Up Service too?¬†Contact us¬†NOW for more information!
419 Central Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307
PHONE: 201-222-8996
Mommy & Baby Yoga
Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 am
Our postnatal vinyasa class will gently help recondition the postpartum body and create physical, mental and emotional ease and confidence as you reconnect with your own self and your baby. In this sacred, nurturing environment moms can “take a break” to reset and focus on themselves, interact with other like-minded moms and bond with their little one. Learn simple and effective techniques for baby such as massage to comfort and aid in digestion/trapped air, gentle stretches and calming cradling holds. Mommies and babies alike will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and restored! Dads and caretakers welcome.¬†Baby ages: up to early crawlers.¬†
Pre / postnatal Yoga
Mondays & Wednesdays 7:00-8:15 pm
Build strength, find your up-to-the-moment center and prepare for labor! We‚Äôll practice strengthening back/shoulder openers, gain/re-gain core and pelvic stability and find overall ease of movement and breath in a lighthearted, nurturing, soothing and loving environment. Gentle yet empowering so you can move with greater balance, comfort and stability. Class consists of group sharing/community, practical ‚Äútake aways‚ÄĚ for common pre/postnatal ailments and an hour of movement with breath work. When you take care of yourself, you take care of baby. Twice as nice to enjoy for both of you!¬†All trimesters (including the 4th and beyond) welcome.
No experience needed. Walk-ins welcome!
Try our New Person Special : $22 for 1-week unlimited (applied to ALL classes)
10 Regent Street, 5th floor Event Room
Jersey City, NJ 07302
ABsolute Tutor
Learning is personal again!


Proudly serving Jersey City, ABsolute Tutor specializes in providing personalized one-on-one tutoring in all subject and skill levels from Pre-K to 12th Grade, including SAT prep. We also specialize in personalized one-on-one tutoring for ESL and TOEFL, for all ages, as well as elementary- to high school-level subjects to students with special needs, learning disabilities or developmental disabilities, of any age.
ABsolute Tutoring¬†is all about personalized one-on-one tutoring, and will never follow a one-structure-fits-all system like large national tutoring chains do. We get to the heart of learning, and personalize the meaning and instruction of the subject at hand. With all the distraction in today’s hyper-technological world, face-to-face interaction through mentoring, tutoring, and coaching is exactly what students need most. We endeavor to make learning personal again. We empathize with a student’s learning needs, and we aim to communicate the love and passion that we ourselves have for learning. We are understanding and affirming, humble, patient and trustworthy. Here at¬†ABsolute Tutor, we are dedicated to providing personalized one-on-one tutoring to help the student improve, succeed, and advance.
Bollywood Funk NYC is New York City and Jersey City’s ONLY dance school specializing in Bollywood Funk:
  JERSEY CITY CLASS SCHEDULE- Adult Beginner Level classes ( kids above the age of 12 are welcome to join)
Tuesday, 6PM-7PM
Thursday, 6PM-7PM
Saturday, 12PM-1PM
Location- 54 Coles street,
Jersey City,
NJ 07302
New Session starts Thursday, March 12th and Saturday March 14th in Jersey City
Contact us-

Carol Lester
ABC Sing With Me! With Carol Lester
JC Downtown Classes For Fall 2015 
Monday’s & Tuesdays 4pm (infant to 1year) Tuesdays & Wednesday’s 10am (1-30 Mos)

Spanish lessons for all ages and levels
Spanish Flyer-page-001
Fun, creative Spanish lessons for all ages and levels online or in your home, a cafe or my studio in Jersey city and Hoboken.
Teaching is my passion because I love to see students learn and accomplishing their goals. I enjoy seeing them  take language risks,  feel proud of themselves, and communicate with Spanish speaking relatives.
I tailor my lessons to the needs, interests and learning styles of my students.  With kids I use objects, movement, songs, games to get them engaged.  For those who can write, I find it very effective to give them creative homework. I help them master all the areas of the language in a creative meaningful way.
For more information:
Carina Rubaja, M.Ed
Reviews: September 2015 
I enjoy learning spanish with Carina. She always gives me positive feedback when I speak correctly and always corrects my mistakes.MICHAEL S
 She is a great teacher who allows you to learn at your own pace yet encourages you to reach further and learn more. Sue Y. 
 She makes learning fun and interesting. She empowers me to overcome my fear to speak. Anabel L. 
Carina is a patient, thorough teacher who often goes above and beyond to answer my questions. Tara C.
 As a former teacher myself, I can see that Carina has very good pedagogical skills and she is passionate about her teaching. I highly recommend her! Claire J.