Best Community Gardens and Green Spaces for Urban Farming in Jersey City

Written by Lisa Roberts

Best Community Gardens and Green Spaces for Urban Farming in Jersey City

Jersey City, renowned for its lively urban landscape, also has a thriving community of urban farmers and gardeners. Amidst the concrete jungle, a network of community gardens and green spaces provides families with opportunities to cultivate their patches of greenery. These spaces contribute to the city’s sustainability efforts and foster a sense of community and connection to nature. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best community gardens and green spaces for urban farming in Jersey City, each offering a unique environment for gardening enthusiasts.

On municipal-owned properties & part of the Adopt-A-Lot Prog:

Brunswick Community Garden

174-176 Brunswick Avenue

Brunswick Community Garden is a testament to urban farming in Jersey City. This busy garden, located at 178 Brunswick St, offers residents an oasis of greenery amidst the cityscape. With its lively atmosphere and diverse array of cultivated plants, it serves as a hub for community engagement and sustainable living. Gardeners tend to their plots passionately, growing everything from vegetables to flowers, fostering a sense of pride and connection to the land.

Families can engage in various activities at the Brunswick Community Garden, including planting vegetables, tending to crops, and learning sustainable gardening practices. Children can explore nature, while adults enjoy gardening together, fostering a sense of community. Families may also participate in workshops, exchanging knowledge and experiences with fellow gardeners. The garden provides a space for relaxation, picnics, and outdoor gatherings, strengthening family bonds amidst the beauty of nature. Also, families can contribute to local food security efforts by growing fresh produce to share with the community, promoting healthier lifestyles and environmental stewardship for future generations.

Children’s at City Hall

Greater Neighborhood

Nelson Mandela Mural Memorial

447 Martin Luther King Drive

Ogden’s End Community Garden

102 Ogden Ave

Ogden’s End is a 100% volunteer run. We couldn’t do it without our sponsors: the Riverview Neighborhood Association, Farms in the Heights, The City of Jersey City, SK Landscaping and Design, A.B. Cruz General Construction and Palisade Wine and Liquors.

Riverview Community Garden

285 Ogden Avenue
Riverview Community Garden is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that has been an integral part of the Jersey City Heights community since 1995. First, you need to become a member. Membership allows you to care for community areas (such as our food share, medicinal and pollinator plots), to have daily access to the garden, and to get involved with activities such as composting & beekeeping. For more details, click here.

On private properties:

A.N.G.E L.S. Garden in The Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery

435 Newark Ave
The Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery, founded in 1829, is a National Treasure and is the resting place of soldiers from the Revolutionary & Civil Wars, the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, WWI & II and Jersey City founders & legends.

Beacon at The Beacon

Healing Garden at the Margaret Anna Cusack Care Center

537 Pavonia Ave

Sgt. Anthony Garden

90-100 Palisade Ave
The community garden is one of the highlights of the Sgt Anthony Park. Added to the park in 2011, the community garden and dog run were on land that was unused and the city was not allowed to hand over to developers. Over the years the space has changed a lot, and it now includes, 10 organic vegetable plots, and a large area full of beautiful plants trees and shrubs. Keyed access to the community garden is included in the Sgt. Anthony Park Association membership, and access to the public is available whenever members are present.

Plots for vegetable growing are available each year for $40 (includes Sgt Anthony Park Neighborhood Association Membership). Our Head Gardener for the Community Garden is Norrice Raymaker. To find out if there is a plot available or if you would like to become a member and access the garden, please contact [email protected]

Where’s Waldo Community Garden

Waldo Ave At Alan Terrace, Jersey City

Please check their Facebook for more details.

Storms Avenue Community Garden

80 Storms Ave

There is a sign on the gate. Public Garden Hours: Feel free to visit when the gate is open. Due to the expected demolition and construction on a neighboring property, we may not have regularly scheduled hours this season. More details here.

Urban Quack JC Farm

153 Ogden Avenue

Living sustainable in the Heights of Jersey City. Fresh eggs, kombucha, seasonal vegetables, urban farm consulting. Farm visits for children and adults. More details here.


Canco Park

47 Dey St

Sustainable public urban pocket park green space venue in Jersey City, NJ’s Marion Warehouse District. Restored gardens are Certified Native Wildlife Habitats supporting many species of birds, butterflies, and insects. Educational and Arts Programming. Canco Park is 15,000 square feet of beautiful passive park with a rolling grass hill and a stand of white birch trees to sit under on a warm summer day. In the spring of 2018, the Canco Park Conservancy was formed in an effort to foster community and well-being in the park. The Conservancy has helped the park be in sync with nature by planting native species plants. The park has been recognized by the North American Butterfly Association & for the pollinator garden and the Audubon Society & the National Wildlife Federation for its native plantings and wildlife habitat restoration efforts. Please visit Canco Park for one of the programs happening here, or just come as you are and enjoy a piece of nature in this former industrial complex.

Salem-Lafayette Seniors Garden

Western Slope Garden

Hope Garden

4140 Ogden Ave

Bayside Crescent Pollinator Garden & Green Classroom in Bayside Park

99 Bayside Park Dr

Rutgers Cooperative Extension 4-H Learning Garden in Lincoln Park

Communipaw Ave, Marcy Ave At

4‑H is the youth development component of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, connecting youth and our community to Rutgers University (4-H Connects Kids with Rutgers). The 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens of the world.

Rose Avenue Urban Farm

Greenville JC’s first-ever urban farm is here to bring environmental impact and teach our youth sustainable produce. Check more details here.

The Communipaw Community Pocket Farm

Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County Pop-up Garden & Outdoor Learning Space

Arlington Avenue Community Garden

Hamilton Park Children’s Garden

McWilliams Place & 8th St
Tucked away within the scenic expanse of Hamilton Park, the Hamilton Park Community Garden offers a tranquil retreat for urban farmers and gardening enthusiasts alike. Situated amidst the hustle and bustle of Jersey City, this verdant sanctuary provides residents a respite from the urban landscape. Gardeners meticulously cultivate an impressive array of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. The garden’s serene ambiance encourages reflection and connection with nature, fostering a sense of well-being among visitors.
Families can embark on various distinctive activities tailored to their interests at Hamilton Park Community Garden. They might delve into the creative process of designing and cultivating themed garden plots, such as a “pizza garden” abundant with tomatoes and herbs, sparking culinary inspiration. Interactive cooking classes offer an opportunity for families to bond while utilizing the garden’s fresh produce in delicious recipes, fostering practical skills and a deeper connection to food sources. Engaging in a garden-themed scavenger hunt adds an element of excitement as families explore the diverse array of plants and insects inhabiting the garden’s ecosystem.

Lafayette Community Learning Garden 

312 Pacific Ave

Located within the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood, the Bergen-Lafayette Community Garden is a hub for urban farming and community engagement. Gardeners enthusiastically cultivate various crops, from hearty vegetables to fragrant herbs. Beyond its immediate surroundings, the Bergen-Lafayette Community Garden positively impacts the neighborhood, inspiring residents to embrace healthier lifestyles and foster a deeper appreciation for nature.
In this park, families can do all sorts of activities, like community mural projects and transforming garden walls into canvases that reflect the diverse culture and history of the neighborhood. Families can also engage in intergenerational gardening workshops, where elders pass down traditional planting techniques and wisdom to younger generations, preserving cultural heritage, also, for those with a culinary inclination, themed cooking competitions using garden-grown ingredients. It offers a fun and delicious way to showcase culinary skills while promoting healthy eating habits.

John De Salvo Playground Community Garden 

Pavonia Ave at Brunswick St

Under the Jersey City Adopt-A-Lot program, neighbors started a community flower garden. For more details, click here.

Storms Avenue Community Garden

80 Storms Avenue

The garden is accessible by a walkway next to 80 Storms Avenue, 07304. It is owned by the Jersey City Episcopal Community Development Corp and is operated by New City Kids and Bergen Communities United. Please check here for more details.

Tips for Relocating Your Garden

If you’re moving to Jersey City and want to bring your garden with you, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, you must assess your plants to make sure they are healthy. Otherwise, they will likely not survive the trip. Then, when it’s time to relocate your garden, dig a larger hole to avoid damaging the roots. Also, place your plants in sturdy pots for safe transportation. We highly recommend hiring professional movers specializing in fragile items to ensure they arrive safely at the new destination. Once they get there, carefully transplant them into the soil as soon as possible and care for them.

Urban Farming in Jersey City

In conclusion, the diverse community gardens and green spaces exemplify urban farming in Jersey City. These spaces are vital hubs for fostering community engagement, promoting environmental stewardship, and enhancing residents’ quality of life. Urban farmers and gardening enthusiasts have transformed these spaces into lively oases through cultivation and collaboration. Moreover, regular workshops, events, and educational initiatives further empower individuals to adopt greener lifestyles. As a result, they contribute to the collective effort toward a more sustainable future. In this age, keeping a healthy lifestyle is of great importance. Community gardens are the perfect way to maintain it. We certainly need to cultivate a culture that revolves around such gardens. They bring a lot of benefits for us and our families.

Updated April 9th 2024

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