Parenting Apps to Make Your Life Easier

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Parenting Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming too. As a new mom or dad, the daily grind – whatever form it takes in your world – can suddenly be tough. Everything from diaper changes to meals to doctor visits will keep you on your toes. Fortunately, we live in an age where we have access to all sorts of technological wonders that can simplify the journey of parenting and get comfortable in your new normal.

Information and tools abound in our day and age, but one thing to keep in mind is that no matter how much is out there, you can’t access it if you don’t have the right gadgetry. If your phone is older and lacks battery power or memory, it might be time to upgrade to something that does.

With the right phone in-hand, there is a wealth of wonderful parenting apps for regaining a somewhat normal life after having a baby. Here are the top four.


Naptime can be crucial for new moms and dads checking things off their to-do lists, whether it’s doing laundry, pumping baby’s next meal, or grabbing a bite to eat. With the Owlet app, you can keep careful watch over their sleeping baby from anywhere. You can review your baby’s oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleeping patterns on your phone from the bathroom or the produce aisle.

The patented SmartSock fits snugly onto your baby’s foot and reports real-time info straight to you, and saves the data so you can make related decisions. You can even use the HD camera interface to watch your little angel nap while you catch up on chores.

Baby Sparks

Healthy Children explains that babies go through several key stages as they develop, and staying on top of milestones can be both exciting and critical. The BabySparks app sends a curated list of eight to 10 age-appropriate activities to support all areas of your child’s development.

The amazing thing about this app is it adapts to your child’s unique development traits. The activities are designed to encourage successful achievements for your baby while bonding with you in meaningful ways. It’s easy to track your baby’s progress with clear and simple graphic reports. On top of all that, you have the comfort of knowing exactly where your baby is developmentally and how you can best help.

Baby Diary

The Baby Diary app is perfect for keeping abreast of all you have to do and all you have done, all in one place. You can monitor important info such as head circumference, weight, and length, so you never have to waste precious time looking for it. Whether you need to retrieve the information for your pediatrician or peace of mind, it’s a boon having it all at your fingertips.

Baby Connect

Whether you’re going back to work or just to the corner store, GoodTherapy explains taking time away from your new little one is hard for everyone. It’s a lifestyle adjustment organizationally, and even more, emotionally.

Separation anxiety can be crippling for both parents and baby. Smartphones are already our lifeline to so much in the world, they present a great opportunity for parents to stay connected with their little ones. With that in mind, Baby Connect is an app that lets parents and child-care providers stay in constant contact.

This app helps you share records, notes, and photos instantly all on a secure connection. You can even track important information about diaper changes, feedings, mood, and sleep. You can immediately check in whenever you feel the need, with real-time access to everything that’s happening. Whether your situation involves being apart for minutes or days, having the Baby Connect app on your iPhone or Android can alleviate your worries.

Just because you need your life to resemble some form of normalcy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a single moment of your baby’s life. In fact, there are a lot of apps designed to help you do just that. Install a few of these great tools and savor the journey!

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