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Things To Do In The Winter In NYC With Kids

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Things To Do In The Winter In NYC With Kids

Winter is closing in on us at an unstoppable pace. And with it, once again we have plenty of happy holidays ahead of us. As beautiful as New York is, during winter it gets this fantastic glow that you can’t really see during the rest of the year. The reason why we love winter so much is that it’s a perfect time for a family to be together and bond. Still, those who probably love winter and the holidays the most are kids. Building a snowman, sledding, snowballing, these are all joyous activities that every kid awaits eagerly. However, if you are looking for a way to make this winter more special for your little ones, there are plenty of things to do with kids in winters in NYC. 

Before we tell you what are some great ways to spend a winter in the tri-state area with your children, you should understand that it all depends on what your kids like the most. For example, some kids find it more interesting to play in the snow, while others enjoy a kids’ show or ice-skating.

With that in mind, you should look at this article as a list of examples and ideas.

Best Sledding Hills in NYC:

We must start with a classic! Every kid in the world likes sledding. Children’s imagination runs wild, and when they are on sleds, they become rally drivers, astronauts traveling to space, and who knows what else! Let them experience the joy of winter with a small rush of adrenaline, while they go down the hill. To make things even better,  NYC is full of amazing sledding hills:

  • Cedar Hill and Pilgrim Hill, Central Park
  • Morningside Park
  • Inwood Hill Park
  • East River Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Owls Head Park
  • Fort Greene Park

All of these parks are simply amazing. Some hills are a bit steeper than others, but your kids will enjoy wherever you decide to take them. Even better, you can hit a different park each day, find your favorite one, and make some happy memories for your little ones. 

Ice skating:

Another ultimate fun activity for children is ice-skating. It is a bit more difficult than sledding, but it is an excellent exercise for them. While having fun, they will learn to keep their balance. Accompanied by winter music songs, ice-skating venues are joyous places to take your kids to during winters in NYC. Places like Lakeside Prospect Park, The Rink at Winter Village in Bryant Park, and City Ice Pavillion are everyone’s favorite places to go ice-skating in NYC.

Sports Activities: 

Many sports centers are open for children during the winter. While everyone has different interests, one activity is always fun to do – swimming! Signing your kid for swimming lessons during winter has many benefits. First of all, the prices are affordable since it’s off-season. Next, it strengthens their immune system. Finally, it is smart to teach your kids how to swim, as you never know when they will need the skill. Another skill you can add is skiing which is a great activity for the whole family.

Indoor Playgrounds: 

Even though nothing beats a fun day in the snow, you must understand that sometimes the weather just won’t allow you to go out. If your child’s favorite activities are in the snow, it can be hard to find indoor things to do with kids in winter in NYC. Nevertheless, there is no reason to despair! New York is full of the most interesting indoor playgrounds you will ever see. While your children are running, jumping, and sliding with other kids, you can sip hot tea and relax. Some of the best venues with indoor playgrounds in NYC are:

  • Recess Dumbo, Dumbo, ages 0-6
  • Twinkle Playspace, Williamsburg, ages 0-6

There is no reason why your day should be ruined by bad weather. Take your kids to an indoor playground and let the fun continue!

These are just some of my best picks, but there is plenty more to discover by yourself!

Christmas Events: 

If you missed some of the best Halloween events, have no fear, Christmas is near! Christmas events are perfect winter activities for your children. After all, it is the most fun and the most anticipated part of the year for everyone.

My best pick is Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. During winter, Bryant Park transforms into this beautiful, snowy village for kids of all ages. The ice-skating venue, family shops, sweet and savory cuisine eateries, and much more is what awaits you and your loved ones in this amazing place.

There are plenty more events to visit, like Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Bronx Zoo Holiday Light Show, GingerBread Lane or NYC Winter Lantern Festival.

New York is an amazing place for kids during winter!

As you can see, there are a plethora of fantastic winter events for kids during the winter in NYC. With that in mind, if planning a relocation to this exciting city, make sure to do it before all the fun starts! After all, the end of the year is the perfect time for a family to be together and celebrate! Turn the winter into a fun and happy memory for your little ones!

We hope we were able to show you some of the most amazing things to do with kids in winter in NYC! However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other activities to do, like cutting your own Christmas tree, going on a weekend getaway, catching Holliday Train Shows, or visiting some of the best winter museums for kids. You can even check out the best places to visit during the winter for families around this area article. There are always a ton of fun ways to enjoy the snow. 

Be creative and let your kids have some fun! Building happy memories is the most important part of their childhood!


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