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15 Things To Do With Your Family On A Snow Day

15 Things To Do With Your Family On A Snow Day

Uh oh! The snow has finally arrived! Spending your entire day asleep in bed always sounds like a good idea, but sometimes that may be difficult when you have little ones who are off from school running around or dying of boredom. Turn your snow day from snoring and boring to fun and exciting! We’ve created a list of 15 Things To Do With Your Family On A Snow Day!

1. Binge-watch a show or movie: 

There are plenty of family movies to watch on Hulu or Netflix. Pop some popcorn and get cozy under a warm blanket.

2. Warm-up by getting down: Turn up the music and dance in your pajamas! Your little one might even teach you a new move or two.

3. Build a fort right in your living room or bedroom: Get creative with the blankets, pillows and furniture in your house. Make sure your fort is stocked with lots of snacks!

4. Play a game: Test your vocabulary with Scrabble, challenge your mind with a memory game or run around playing duck duck goose! There are endless options for games that don’t require a television or controller. 

5. Clean the house: We know, we know! Cleaning the house is the last thing kids want to do but this is the perfect day for it! Clear out your closets, get rid of the clutter in those drawers. You might even come across some lost treasure!

6. Arts and crafts: We have tons of arts and crafts on our Pinterest board. Check them out or come up with your own!

7. Neighborhood playdate: Schedule a playdate with some of your neighbors. Make shifts so each family can have some quiet time during the day.

8. Bake: Make some yummy treats to get rid of the winter weather blues! What about some cookies or muffins. Go the extra mile and decorate them!

9. Have a photoshoot: Who said Halloween costumes are only good for October? Dig up old hats, wigs, outfits, and glasses and have a silly family photoshoot!

10. Call or visit the grandparents: We bet you’ll make happy everyone with this one!

11. Plan your next vacation: Days like these cause you to think about warmer weather. Browse through some travel sites and pick your next family getaway.

12. Shovel snow: This may not sound like the most fun activity, however, it’s an amazing workout! You can also lend a helping hand to your neighbors.

13. Warm bubble bath for the little ones: Poet Sylvia Plath once said, “there must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” A bath is relaxing and it allows your little one to get in a little more playtime before bed.

14. Read a book or write: Maybe getting some free reading or creative writing will help make the snow day more enjoyable. Also, who doesn’t like a good bedtime story?

15. Play with the snow: Snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights are all awesome things to enjoy on a snow day! Make sure to bundle up!

There are many great snow-related activities to take advantage of while enjoying quality time with your family and friends!


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