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How to Prepare Your New Jersey Home for Winter

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How to Prepare Your New Jersey Home for Winter

The season of short winter days and long nights is closer than we think. In a blink of an eye, we’ll have snow covering our roofs and the New Jersey streets, and low temperatures will change the living conditions. Winter will enter our homes, and if we are not ready, there may be some huge problems to deal with. That is why you should give your best to prepare your New Jersey home for winter.

Check your heating system- the first thing on the checklist when preparing your New Jersey home for winter 

It is not rare that people find out there is something wrong with their furnace only when the coldest day of the year comes. It is precisely then that something suddenly breaks down. And it happens with both new and old heating systems. That is why the best thing one can do is to check the furnace before the winter season starts. Even if everything seems good at first glance, there may always be some clogged filters or broken parts that can cost you a long weekend without heating. So, if you are about to move into your new NJ home, it would be wise to deal with the heating checks on time.

On the other hand, homes that often use fireplaces and chimneys should be especially careful. Dirty and clogged chimneys, and fireplaces that do not function well, can be a huge problem in winter. What’s more, if that is your primary heating solution, an annual check is a must.

Inspect the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

You cannot even imagine how many people actually start thinking about this issue only after they face a problem. However, when that happens, most of them are unable to react properly on time. And this goes especially When we talk about carbon monoxide problems.

That is why a regular check of the carbon monoxide and smoke monitors should be your top priority during winter. Don’t risk getting in real trouble only because you were careless.

Prepare the water pipes

You don’t want to get back from sledding one day only to find out your water pipes are frozen or broken. Exposure to freezing temperatures can be a severe problem during the winter period. Insulating the pipes in places like basements or unheated rooms is very important. When it comes to outdoor pipes, the best solution is shutting the water off during the winter period.

On the other hand, it is essential for all family members to know where they can find the main valve and how to turn it off in case of an emergency.

Check your roofs

Put this task among the top priorities when preparing your New Jersey home for winter. Since the winters in this state can be rather harsh, and with frequent storms, your roof would be first on the list to be tested. Any problem, even one that seems small, can turn to be serious when the wintertime comes.

Thus, if you soon decide to deal with decluttering your attic, do some additional checks on your roof. If it happens that you find out anything suspicious, fix it right away. On the other hand, if you need a place to store all the attic clutter, explore budget-friendly options for storage in the area to find a decent cheap storage solution. There are many decent yet cheap storage units in New Jersey that will work for you.

However, if you feel you are not able to detect the possible issues, hiring some professional help is useful. What’s more, this is the smartest solution, after all. Getting a professional to detect cracks or other structural issues means having someone who can also fix them immediately.

Deal with the gutters

The other potential roof-related problems are gutters. After the autumn season, they can be full of leaves and branches, and other small debris. Make sure you check them and clean everything thoroughly.

About the doors and windows

You never actually know if you have some problem with your doors and windows until the real low temperatures come. Since they are mostly the main culprits for heat loss, you need to check their condition and ensure they function well before winter. Drafts, bad sealant, and weatherstripping that should be replaced are only some of the problems you’ll meet. And after you are done with the front and back doors and all the windows of your New Jersey home, don’t forget to check the garage door too.

Make some use of the advanced technology

Nowadays, you simply don’t need to worry if you are away having fun and enjoying the winter charms. Nothing wrong will happen without you knowing that. Modern technology provides smart home systems that will inform you about any kind of emergency situation that may occur in your home while you are not there. You will know if there is a broken pipe, water is spreading all over your floor, or your furnace is not working properly. What’s more, nowadays, smart furnace systems allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely. Not only can you increase or lower the temperature, but the system can also learn and memorize your preferences.

The necessary winter inventory

Finally, we came to these small, and some would say unimportant things that every home should have ready and sound before the first flakes of snow fall on the ground. We’ll call them the necessary winter inventory:

  • Shovels and snow blowers– irreplaceable companions against the snowslides
  • Sand or other ice melt– to keep you safe from slipping and falling
  • Winter boots, hats, and gloves– for your own protection during the cold winter days

If you follow our little tips on how to prepare your New Jersey home for winter, we are sure you won’t fail. Just be wise, and start acting on time

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