Ideas For Playing In The Snow

Brr! It’s cold out there! But we know that won’t stop your little ones from wanting to throw, jump and play in the snow! We’ve created a list of Ideas For Playing In The Snow. Make sure to bundle up before you go out!

1. Play snow tic tac toe: Get in touch with your competitive side! Use sticks to create the grids and pinecones, rocks or any other nicknames could be used as game pieces.

2. Make snow angels: This is an oldie but goodie! Get your camera and take some amazing pictures!

3. Sledding: Speeding down a hill on a sled in the snow is so much fun! No sled? No problem! Here are some DIY ideas to keep you in the action.

4. Snowball fights: Challenge your family and friends. It’s all fun and games until someone gets snow down their snow suit!

5. Build a snow fort: Protect yourself during the snowball battle with a DIY fort!

6. Bring Frosty to life: Build a snowman, or woman or family! Dress it up with a scarf and a corn cob pipe if you have one.

7. Bring the snow inside: It may look pretty outside, but sometimes that weather is too brutal. Fill a snow sensory bin with snow and let your kids have fun!

8. Have a winter wonderland scavenger hunt: Hide some things in the snow and give your littles ones clues on how to find them.

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because there’s snow on the ground! Check out some more fun ideas perfect for snow days!


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