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Big Apple Circus – High-Flying Fun For The Whole Family

Big Apple Circus – High-Flying Fun For The Whole Family

I haven’t been to the circus since I was a little girl, but last Sunday, some friends and I

took our children to see Big Apple Circus’ new show Metamorphosis at Lincoln

Center in Manhattan. The kids are 2, 5 and 7 years old and I wasn’t sure how my little

one would be able to sit still for the 1hr and 50min duration of the show. To my

surprise he was completely captivated throughout and I have to say, Metamorphosis

was a smash hit for every age. We were lucky to have third row seats just off the

center of the ring but every seat in the house provided an excellent view.

The show began with the whole cast in colorful costumes jumping, flipping, dancing,

juggling, hula hooping into the ring to give the audience a sneak peak of what was to

come. It really set the mood and everyone was excited to see more. There were a great

variety of acts and the pace was just right, no performance was too long. Francesco,

the funny clown, entertained the audience between sets. I was happy he wasn’t in full

clown make-up, which can be scary for small children, and my son was delighted

every time he popped up somewhere in the stands.

One of the most jaw-dropping performances was the contortionist Dorjoo who folded

herself like a pretzel and slithered into a glass cube no bigger than 20”x20”. It turned

even buy diazepam online uk next day delivery more bizarre when another woman, Tato, squeezed herself into the same box

with her arms and legs wrapped around Dorjoo. It seemed like an impossible feat. My

son’s favorite was an areal act that took place in the solar system with a man and a

woman dangling and spinning high up in the ceiling alongside a swirling space ship.

Later, Tato came back with a hair-raising juggling-while-balancing act that kept us all

on the edge of our seats. The finale, an electrifying trapeze performance by the

Anaskin Troupe didn’t leave anyone disappointed. Dressed in multicolored glow in

the dark costumes they flew through the air flipping and spinning while the audience


I’m usually not a fan of animals in the circus but I have to admit there were a few

adorable animal acts in the show. There were horses, ponies, donkeys, lamas, camels,

goats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and an African porcupine. The acts were short and did not

involve any dangerous or difficult exercises that would require grueling training for

the furry critters. I was pleased to hear that the dogs are all rescues and the barnyard

animals come from a farm in upstate New York. The excitement in my son’s eyes as

they the pranced, jumped and skipped around the ring was priceless.

All in all, we were all impressed with Big Apple Circus, the kids in particular were

awestruck. It really is great fun for the whole family so don’t miss the opportunity to

go see the spectacular Metamorphosis!

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