How to Craft an Excellent Essay

How to Craft an Excellent Essay
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How to Craft an Excellent Essay

Writing an essay is more like a science project than art. It takes a lot of skills and experience to master essay writing. Fortunately for you, all those skills can be learned with a little bit of practice and dedication. Of course, the gift of essay writing won’t come to you overnight. You need more than just determination. A few useful tips and a solid strategy on writing won’t hurt either. Yet, eventually, you will be able to craft an excellent essay. So, if you are interested in perfecting the art of essay writing, this guide is for you. Here are the tips you better learn before approaching your next writing assignment. 

Plan Your Time

First and foremost, a good essay takes time. Yet, here’s where the first issue arrives. Many students don’t start their assignments by planning their time. It’s a mistake. Good time management skills are just as important here as all the other technicalities. Thus, you should always start with a writing plan. Know your deadlines. See how much available time you can dedicate to each project. Put the timing in your calendar and stick to your plan. Try to avoid procrastination and delays in your work. The more time you have on your hands, the more room for improvement you can have in the end.

Choose a Winning Topic

Quite often, it’s not all about your writing. The topic choice also plays a crucial role in the success of an essay. Unfortunately, many don’t pay much attention here. However, you can’t have an excellent essay without an excellent topic. It’s that simple. Hence, you should really think about things you want to cover in your work.

First of all, avoid anything too broad. Having a broad topic leaves too much room for ambiguity which doesn’t look good on a paper. Secondly, don’t go with too obvious, common, or heavily discussed topics. Instead, try to look for an unusual angle in familiar themes. Lastly, choose something you actually like and are interested in. This way, you will have better time writing which will show in a paper. 


Research is probably one of the most time-consuming, difficult, yet fascinating, and important parts of your essay work. You need to get it right. Overall, you should always look for only reliable and respected sources. The data or evidence that you use for the paper must be credible. Otherwise, your entire work is automatically a fail. Next, you should have a variety of sources to choose from. Thus, you educate yourself about the topic of your writing and create an independent, well-rounded opinion on the matter. 

Lastly, make sure to find the opinions as opposed to the ones in your essay. It’s important to know the critics of the ideas or theories that you are choosing for your work. Such research will help you to develop stronger arguments and address the major concerns. 

Outline and Structure 

So, you think with all that work done, it’s time to write, yes? Almost. Now, it’s time to outline. Many students tend to skip over this part. To them, it seems unnecessary or inconvenient. Well, an excellent essay must have a start somewhere, and it can’t be from the top of your head. You should have a clear plan for what you are about to say. That is what an outline is. This work will serve you as a map for all your thoughts. 

Overall, here you need to think of essay structure. Develop a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion. Then, break down the middle part into several paragraphs. Each of them must have the main idea, evidence, and brief conclusion on their own. 

Thus, when you start writing an essay, you can rely on the outline. It shows where your main arguments go and how to support them. In the end, having this work done beforehand will save you time and result in precise work. Thus, do it yourself or find specialists who can do it for you. Read papers owl review to see whether they can help with outlines. 


Once your essay is done, don’t rush to submit it. Of course, all writing works should go through proofreading first. It’s best if you can take a day of rest before moving on to reading the text you wrote. This way, you will have a fresher take on things and notice more errors or weaknesses. You can also send the paper to friends and family. Thus, you get to have an unbiased opinion about your work. Also, you may read some reviews and order a proofreading service there. It may cost you more, though. However, on the bright side, professionals won’t ever miss a thing. 

At this stage, you should perfect your work. Thus, you can’t afford to have any grammar or punctuation mistakes, inconsistencies, wrong citation styles, etc. You should see that everything looks uniform, comprehensive, and overall well-written. It’s your last chance to make this essay excellent. So, don’t rush it. Be careful. 

To Conclude

Writing an essay can be a challenging task. Yet, there are numerous ways you can build experience and confidence in the process. These tips will help you to find a more efficient approach and structure to your work. These rules are pretty simple to follow. Yet, learning them may take you a while. Don’t worry. It will come to you eventually. Hope this blog will help you in how to craft an excellent essay.

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