The Best Universities in New Jersey

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The Best Universities in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to seventy-four institutions of higher learning, out of which thirty-two are public, 30 private not-for-profit, and twelve private for-profits. The Federal Government, State Government, higher education boards, and college boards all work together to make higher education in New Jersey valuable. 

 Students may choose to join a public or private university for their undergraduate and post-graduate education. There are many top universities spread across the entire state of New Jersey. 

The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey was founded in 1855 and enrolled about 6,500 undergraduates annually. The public college is ranked by the US Department of Education as a top college in several fields of study. It’s ranked number 43 out of 630 colleges as the best institution for criminal justice, number 59 out of 222 as best institutions for public health, and number 73 out of 676 top universities in the US.

The college uses different teaching approaches, among them interactive education, through students develop their imaginative capabilities and they always stay motivated during the learning process.

The university’s popular majors include psychology, nursing, business, English, biology, mathematics, special education, elementary education, and history. To join The College of New Jersey as a first-year undergraduate student, you apply online and pay an application fee of $75. The average net fee per annum is $23,950.

Princeton University

Princeton University is a private not-for-profit university and was founded in 1746. The medium-sized university admits around 9 thousand first-year undergraduate students. Princeton University’s admission rate is 10 percent meaning their selection criteria is very strict.

Their main areas of study include business and social sciences, arts and humanities, science and technology, language and culture, engineering, medicine, and health. Local and international undergraduate students pay $20,000 annually. The fee includes tuition only and other payments are made separately, including student room, food, and other related costs.

Use outside help to apply to university

Most universities in New Jersey offer top-quality education, although some are ranked higher than others. Several requirements must be fulfilled by students applying to join the universities. Students can seek help from Edu Birdie writing service to better their chances for admission in the top-ranked universities. The rate of admission in most of the highly ranked universities is below 40 percent, meaning students compete for limited positions. Those students that quality gets the best education opportunity to better their future.

Rutgers University 

 Rutgers University is known as a powerhouse of academics and research because it offers more than 100 majors and works with more than 175 research centers. According to the US Department of Education, Rutgers University is ranked number 27 out of 1,589 as the college with the greatest diversity. It’s also ranked number 26 out of 140 best colleges for agricultural sciences and 26 out of 630 best colleges for criminal justice. 

 Rutgers University’s admission rate is 61 percent of total applications and students pay an average fee of $16,873 annually. At least 71 percent of students receive financial aid and many others learn through scholarships from other institutions.

Stevens Institute of Technology 

 Stevens Institute of Technology is a small private college enrolling about 3,600 undergraduate students annually and has an acceptance rate of 40 percent. The institution’s most popular majors are computer science, mechanical engineering, and business. 

 At least 84 percent of students live within the college, with the rest commuting from their homes or rental apartments. Students pay an annual average fee of $40,770, although 99 percent of the students get financial aid. Applications for admission are charged $70 per applicant. 

 Montclair State University

 Montclair State University is known as the best public university in New Jersey, according to Forbes. The public institution was founded in 1908 and is home to more than 20 thousand students. The university offers close to 300 programs and accommodates a large of boarding students. Both local and international students can apply for admission at the university.

 Fees for local and international students is different. Boarding local students pay a total of $16,143 and commuter local students pay half the amount. International boarding students pay $34,373 while international commuter students pay $21,031. 


Higher education gives opportunities for hardworking students to lead a bright future life. Higher institutions of learning in New jersey are many but not all offer highly marketable degree programs. A lot of students complete to be admitted to the best universities, yet the rate of admission is low. Students who seek help applying for admission get better opportunities for admission. 

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